10 Great Furnaces That Are Compatible With Google Nest

You can control a furnace with a Google Nest thermostat. This allows you to adjust the temperature of your home right from your phone. In this article, we will explain which furnaces are compatible with Google Nest, including 10 great brand recommendations.

Some great furnaces that are compatible with Google Nest include:

  1. Goodman Furnace Model GMVM 97
  2. Heil Ion
  3. Heil QuietComfort Deluxe
  4. Ruud Achiever Plus 
  5. Rheem Prestige
  6. Affinity Series By York
  7. Bryant Evolution
  8. Carrier Infinity
  9. S9 Model By Trane
  10. M1200 Model By Maytag

We will go on to explain a few insights into each furnace model. Read on for this information, as well as how you can figure out if your current HVAC system is compatible with Nest.

A Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd generation integrates with smart home technologies, 10 Great Furnaces That Are Compatible With Google Nest

Great Furnaces That Are Compatible With Google Nest

Google Nest works with all common fuel categories that a furnace will use. These fuel types include natural gas, electricity, and oil. Perhaps you are looking to buy a Google Nest thermostat and are questioning the compatibility.

Woman regulating heating temperature with phone

On the other hand, maybe you are in the market for a new furnace and want to ensure the compatibility. Either way, this list will be of some help. Let's take a closer look at each furnace model.

1. Goodman Furnace Model GMVM97

This furnace has been designed for multi-position installation. The insulated heat exchanger and blower section allow for ideal noise reduction. This modulating gas furnace is efficient and Energy Star qualified.

Have a look at this model here on Amazon.

2. Heil Ion

The Ion series has been labeled the premium furnaces within the Heil brand. These units operate at lower stages to save energy and still deliver just as much comfort. Heil furnaces are reliable and come with a 10-year warranty.

3. Heil QuietComfort Deluxe

Get enhanced levels of temperature control and comfort with the Heil QuietComfort Deluxe. Additionally, this model is compatible with most humidifiers and air purifiers. You can have peace of mind by using the Google Nest with this unit's temperature limit control.

4. Ruud Achiever Plus

Enjoy a low-speed furnace with the Ruud Achiever Plus. A unique characteristic of this unit is the water management system. This system will automatically shut off your furnace if it detects a blocked drain.

5. Rheem Prestige

This option is quiet and efficient. Rheem Prestige units come with one of the most reliable ignition systems. Save energy and money with the patented heat exchange design, allowing for an efficient and economically safe use of fuel.

6. Affinity Series By York

The Affinity Series includes furnaces that can be used with natural gas or propane. You can get peace of mind with the integrated self-diagnostic control module within these models. Additionally, these furnaces have been equipped with reinforced cabinets and gasket doors.

7. Bryant Evolution

The Evolution gas furnace by Bryant keeps your home warm in the Winter and controls humidity in the Summer. Having an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of 98%, you can enjoy plenty of savings with this unit as well.

8. Carrier Infinity

These units operate at a low, steady capacity, allowing for a fine-tuned temperature control. Furthermore, this running capacity decreases the occurrence of gold spots in your home. The Infinity unit constantly adjusts for outside temperatures and humidity.

9. S9 Model By Trane

The S9 Furnace by Trane has been made to fit into just about any home. This stainless-steel furnace includes advanced air filtration, adding to the comfort and cleanliness of your home.

10. M1200 Model By Maytag

Last, we will talk about the high-efficiency furnace by Maytag. The M1200 model is an affordable and dependable furnace. Additionally, you can enjoy a 12-year warranty with this purchase.

How Do I Know If My HVAC System Is Compatible With Nest?

Google Nest is compatible with the largest range of home comfort systems. These systems go beyond furnaces, including air conditioning units and heat pumps. These Nests have been designed to work with both new and older units.

Even with this broad reach, there are some units that are incompatible. So, how can you know for sure that your HVAC system will be compatible with Nest before you commit to the purchase?

Google Nest has a help page published that includes "Nest Thermostat Compatibility" section. This guide gives you step-by-step instructions on how to check the compatibility of your unit.

Keep in mind, there are different types of Google Nest thermostats. Some reach a broader audience when it comes to compatibility versus others. The Nest Learning Thermostat has the largest range, working with 95% of systems.

You can see the Nest Learning Thermostat here on Amazon.

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Does Nest Work With A Two-Stage Furnace?

Multi-stage HVAC systems aids in the movement towards energy efficiency. The different stages will give you more control over your unit compared to single-stage devices. Single-stage devices are either on or off, with really no room to adjust intensity.

The newer generation of Nest Thermostats works with two-stage and three-stage furnaces, as well as two-stage cooling units. Many of the units in our list are a two-stage design.

You can check to see how many stages your current system has by checking the wires in the thermostat.

Look for the W wires. If there is only one, you have a single-stage unit. Do you also see a W2 and W3 wire? This means you have a multi-stage device. You can also check for Y cables.

Thermstat wiring setup during installation

Similar to the W wires, if there is only one Y cable, you have a single-stage unit, and multiple cables indicate a multi-stage device.

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Is Nest Compatible With Variable Speed Furnaces?

Nest is compatible with variable speed furnaces. Your furnace may have a single-speed fan or have multi-stage fans with different speeds, similar to the function of a ceiling fan.

The compatibility does change a bit based on what model of Google Nest thermostat you have. For example, the Nest Learning Thermostats are compatible with furnaces that have up to three speeds.

Digital thermostat heating and cooling automation system

On the other hand, Nest Thermostat E is only compatible with single-speed furnaces.  You can still use this type of nest with a multi-speed unit, but the fans will be restricted to running at a single speed.

Sometimes, units will have more than one fan wire. In these cases, installation of your Google Nest Thermostat can be a bit more tricky. If you notice multiple fan wires, contact a Nest professional to install your new thermostat.

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What Is A Nest Power Connector, And Do I Need One?

Generally, a Nest Thermostat gets enough power from your system's wires to operate. However, in some cases, the thermostat may require a common wire or "C wire," also known as a Nest Power Connector.

The main function of this common wire is to provide constant power to your Nest Thermostat. The wire does not control heating or cooling functions.

You only need this wire if you have specific models of Google Nest thermostats that require the wire to be compatible with your HVAC system. As you use your Google Home app to set up your thermostat, it will let you know if you require the wire or not.

Thermostat that is being installed on this drywall for a new renovation

The compatibility checker we mentioned earlier can give you this answer as well.

If you have an issue with your Nest Thermostat's battery dying often or quickly, a power connector or C wire can resolve this issue. Additionally, this wire can help with other power issues such as:

  • Fan turning on and off
  • Entire system switching on and off without notice
  • Display not coming on
  • Thermostat randomly disconnecting from Wi-Fi
  • Heating or cooling is always on

When these issues come up, you can try troubleshooting and checking for error codes. C wires can help correct these problems by providing a consistent flow of power to your device.

 In Summary

Google Nest is compatible with most systems, especially newer ones. Compatibility increases when you are using a newer generation Nest Thermostat. We hope you found this article insightful when it comes to matching up your HVAC unit with Nest, and maybe you found a furnace that suits your every need.

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