ACiQ Vs. Mr. Cool – Which To Choose?

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An air conditioner significantly improves the room temperature and works by providing comfort. But which should you choose between ACiQ and Mr. Cool air conditioners? What should you know about the quality of an AC unit and what are the features to look for? Keep calm! We did sensible research to answer your question.

Both brands are capable of enhancing the room temperature. But there are other factors that affect quality, performance, and technical matters. For an in-depth comparison of the two, you can refer to the following factors:

  1. Operating Temperature
  2. Energy Consumption
  3. Features
  4. Smart Control
  5. Warranty
  6. Price

A comparison between ACiQ and Mr. Cool air conditioner, ACiQ Vs. Mr. Cool - Which To Choose?

ACiQ vs. Mr. Cool: Which to Choose?

It's a tough decision to choose between ACiQ and Mr. Cool air conditioners. We'll show you the breakdown of their differences so that you'll have critical insights on what to use.

If we're going to put them to their generic purposes, both of them are capable of enhancing the room temperature into a more comfortable air circulation. It's important to distinguish further how they differ in performance and quality.

It's unwise to compare two AC units of different levels of technology. For instance, it's unfair to compare ACiQ's oldest model to Mr. Cool's newest model and vice versa.

That's why we're choosing to compare the "single zone" units of both brands. See the comparison below.

The following information is based on ACiQ's and Mr. Cool's manuals.

1. Operating Temperature

An ACiQ unit can run from 62 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit at room temperature in cool mode, while Mr. Cool has a temperature range of 62.2 to 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit. You can see that they're very similar in cooling capacity.

On the other hand, both of them have a heating capacity of around 32–86 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that both are responsive to the hot and cold airflow, and they can automatically adjust the system to balance the room temperature.

2. Energy Consumption

It's important to be aware of how much energy an air conditioner consumes. This is measured by SEER, short for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which identifies the amount of energy consumed versus the cost of use for a year.

The United States Department of Energy requires AC manufacturers to produce units with a SEER rating of at least 13. So, you'd better check the SEER rating of any AC unit you have.

ACiQ has a SEER rating of 20, while most of Mr. Cool's units have a value of 23. The higher SEER values tend to be more efficient than the lower ones. Thus, we can see that ACiQ is more efficient than Mr. Cool when it comes to SEER rating.

3. Features

Features are important in terms of the AC's technical performance. Basic features such as remote and programmable settings are common in most modern AC units. See below some similar features of ACiQ and Mr. Cool.

Automatic Restart

This feature activates when an AC unit suddenly turns off due to a power outage or electrical malfunction. Once the power goes back on, the unit will turn on automatically without changing the previous settings.

Modes of Operation

Both brands have basic modes of operation, such as cool, dry, and auto. They also have a sleep mode, which is ideal to use during the night for a more comfortable sleep.

In sleep mode, the temperature will reduce by 2° F per hour for two hours. The next six hours will be to maintain the temperature. In total, sleep mode works for eight hours before it shuts down.

Refrigerant Leakage Detection

Not all AC units have this feature. But ACiQ and Mr. Cool can detect a leaking refrigerant by displaying "EC" or "ELOC." The LED light may also blink to indicate the leakage. With this feature, you'll be able to resolve the problem earlier.

You can use a manual leak detector in case this feature has an error in detecting refrigerant leakages.

See this refrigerant leak detector on Amazon.

Louver Angle Memory

A louver is the part of the AC that redirects the airflow in the desired direction. You can manually swing the louver or control it with a remote.

When you turn the AC off, the system will remember the last position of the louver. So when you turn the AC on again, the louver will automatically adjust itself.

4. Smart Control

Smart home system on mobile phone

Both brands have a smart control feature, which allows you to control the unit at the convenience of your mobile phone.

With regards to ACiQ's smart control, it offers smooth access to the AC's functions through the EZ Connect program. You can inquire with ACiQ about how to use this feature.

However, Mr. Cool has an app that you can install on your smart phone. You just have to check for compatibility to run the system. Follow the steps below to set up the app:

  1. Install the app and create an account.
  2. Tap the "add device" button to select the AC unit.
  3. Follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.
  4. Go back to the home screen, and tap the wifi. Wait for the AC unit to appear on the list of wifi devices, then connect it to the network.
  5. Rename the AC unit, and you can now navigate its functions.

You can watch a video here for the demonstration:

5. Warranty

Best quality assurance with golden five stars for guarantee product

A product warranty is an agreement to cover the cost of services and defective parts of a product. ACiQ offers a standard warranty of five years for parts and seven years for the compressor.

If you register your unit within 90 days from the time of purchase, the warranty for the compressor will be extended to 12 years.

On the other hand, Mr. Cool offers a warranty of five years for parts, seven years for the compressor, and one year for the remote.

Both brands will require you to register your unit for the warranty. They may differ in inclusion, so it's better to check the warranty with them.

6. Price

Hand drawing value price scale business concept

ACiQ can range in price from $1,100 to $3,600 per unit, depending on model and inclusions, while Mr. Cool ranges from around $1,700 to $2,800 per unit, The given price range may differ by manufacturer and the shipping cost of the product.

Also, the hourly wage of an HVAC professional can cost anywhere from $15-$38 for the installation of an AC unit. So, consider estimating your budget for buying an AC unit without sacrificing quality.

Why Choose ACiQ?

Air conditioning system installation embedded on wall of building

It's important to know from the brand itself why you would choose them over other competitors. ACiQ aims for the error-free and highest specifications per product category.

The improvement of units they make enables flexible technology to fit your HVAC needs and preferences. ACiQ also promises a clean, energy-efficient, and silent AC unit. ACiQ works to achieve a high-standard technology to sustain your air conditioning demands.

Why Choose Mr. Cool?

Air conditioning unit mounted on exterior wall of building

On the other hand, Mr. Cool delivers a smart, innovative, and reliable product line. Mr. Cool stays up-to-date by providing modern solutions for a comfortable environment and convenient technology.

Mr. Cool works to expand their product line, aiming for an eco-friendly HVAC system. With their resourceful innovations, Mr. Cool never stops growing their products and services.

Other Factors to Consider

Of course, you can judge a product by your own experiences with using it. You can easily determine which one succeeds and which one fails in terms of quality and performance.

However, there are more factors you can consider when choosing an AC unit. See the following list:


When we say legality, we refer to the certification and permits by the local authorities. Check if an AC manufacturer complies with the standards of the law, such as the right to manufacture and distribute the products.

It's OK to be critical in this matter, regardless of what brand you prefer.

Availability and Location

Some units may not be available at the time of your purchase. Or maybe the unit cannot be delivered to your area. Is the AC unit you want available for shipping to your location? How far are you from the manufacturer?

It's important to answer these questions, so that you can decide if you will switch to another brand that can provide the unit for you.


We're glad that you continued reading. We learned the differences between ACiQ and Mr. Cool, and you gained an idea of which one to choose.

We then compared the quality and performance of the two based on specifications. Also, we shared with you what these brands are aiming to satisfy your needs.

Finally, we included other factors to consider when choosing an AC unit. Remember to have a critical insights, and choose the best AC unit for your home.

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