How To Adjust The Humidity On A Carrier Furnace

Adjusting a carrier furnace's humidity can give your home desired warm airflow. Knowing how to do it will make the unit performs to its utmost level. But now you're wondering how to do it anyway? Well, wonder no more! We're here to help and teach you how to do it correctly!

To adjust the humidity on a carrier furnace, you'll need to:

  1. Open the door at the bottom of the 'Infinity Control.'
  2. Select the ADVANCE option.
  3. Double press the RIGHT button to show the HEATING HUMIDITY menu.
  4. Press the TEMP (+\-) menu to set your desired humidity setup.
  5. Press the HUMIDITY menu to gain access to the system controls.
    • OFF - System will shut off the ventilator dehumidification.
    • MANUAL - System will have total power based on your setup.
    • AUTO - System will adjust the heating based on the outside climate.
  6. Make your final choice with the TEMP (+-) key.
  7. Press ADVANCED to exit or close the door.

NOTE: Press (Yes) to save the changes and (No) return to default settings.

That was easy, was it? Keep reading as we touch on the other humidity setting features for your home and some other key points that might attract you. With that said, let's dive right in!

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What Is The Ideal Humidity For A House?

Checking the humidity in your home will help you see where you might be able to save energy.

Although every home is different, a humidity level of 30 to 40% usually is good for keeping your home warm and cozy in the winter without causing moisture on the windows.

But, in the summer, the percentage level can rise to 50-60%.

Keeping An Ideal Temperature

Set your thermostat between 72 and 78 degrees during summer. Also, your thermostat's "AUTO" option can help chill and dehumidify the air in your system regularly.

In contrast, during winter, it's best to set your thermostat at 68 degrees when you're at home and decrease it when you're away or sleeping. This can save you up to 10% on your energy bill while also allowing your system to dehumidify and recalibrate.

A person using a smart phone application cooling down the room temperature with a wireless smart thermostat on a white background.

Thermostat Wi-fi Control

It removes the need to change the temperature each day and night manually. You can set the thermostat to be warmer all day and cooler at night, taking into account seasonal climate changes.

Certain thermostats in the Infinity, Côr, and Comfort series can link to your PC or smartphone device and be controlled remotely. This feature allows you to set the heat or cooling to your preferred temperature and modify it shortly before you even get home.

To set Wi-fi on the thermostat, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap on the Thermostat MENU.
  2. Press SELECT when Wi-fi is flashing.
  3. Search your local network connection and tap SELECT.
  4. Continue pressing the arrows until the PASSWORD menu appears.
  5. Choose SELECT again until you gain access to change your password.
  6. Hit the SELECT button and make your desired password.
  7. Once you've done setting up, then tap the START button.

To manage, control, and monitor your Carrier thermostat, download the phone app compatible with your exact model.

See this Thermostat control on Amazon.

The Benefits Of Keeping A Good Temperature

A home with a proper humidity level can provide various advantages.

Here are a few benefits that your home can enjoy if you keep it at an optimal temperature:

  • Prevention of illnesses and viruses - Flu and the common cold can quickly spread in dry air.
  • Keep the dust-out - An ideal dry air level helps keep air pollens and dust mites exiting the air.
  • Prevent drying skin - Increased humidity can help avoid dry, itchy skin symptoms.
  • Keep furniture stability - You can avoid your furniture cracking and warping.

Why Is My Humidifier Not Raising Humidity?

If your unit's humidity rating does not improve, it might be due to the following issues:

  • The indoor air circulation is set too high.
  • Your outside and internal temperatures are vastly different.
  • The unit's location placing it near a door, window, or air vent helps boost air circulation.
  • Your home's insulation is poor, causing too long to reach the desired humidity level.

Solving this issue will help ensure the humidifier performs well and serve you with great comfort.

What Are Some Other Types Of Humidifiers?

In your home, you can use three various types of humidifiers.

These include:

  1. Reservoir humidifiers - Use a revolving drum-styled foam pad or related material to collect water from a float-controlled reservoir for evaporation.
  2. Flow-through humidifiers - This uses a plastic screen with a bit of water and continuously supplies the furnace while operating.
  3. Steam humidifiers - This humidifier is the most expensive yet the most efficient one. In addition, it also requires low maintenance since it is designed to generate steam heaters on its own.

How Long Does It Take A Humidifier To Increase Humidity?

It takes roughly 10-15 minutes for most humidifiers to warm up and begin dispensing moisture. That said, it can take up to 3-24 hours to entirely cleanse the air in the room and maintain a pleasant state.

When it comes to recycling the entire area, this all depends upon the ability of the machine and the size of the room.

What Else Can I Adjust On A Carrier Furnace?

Close up technician repairing Gas Furnace using digital tablet


One of the great features of Infinity carrier is that you can easily adjust the lighting contrast to read and see the screen easily. Also, you can turn off the light of the HEAT and COOL functions.

Follow these steps below to adjust it:

  1. Open the Infinity control door.
  2. Tap on the ADVANCED menu.
  3. Select the RIGHT button to let the LIGHTNING menu show up.
  4. Use the TIME (+\-) button to adjust the screen's contrast.
  5. Once you've done setting up, then press the DONE button.
  6. Close the Infinity control door.

NOTE: Tap (YES) to save your changes and (NO) return to the default setup.

Compressor's protection grid.

Fan Speed

One of the comforts served by carrier Infinity Control is you can custom-set your fan speed to your desired setup. Press the FAN button to change the fan speed to LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH, or AUTO.

The default setting on this feature is the OFF setup.

Press the HOLD button to bypass the program and keep the current indoor temperature setup for the time being. Press the HOLD button once again to return to your pre-programmed comfort routine.

NOTE: Ensure you turned on the programming to show the HOLD menu.

Air Ventilation

An air ventilator is ideal for forcing stale air to exit outside your home and exchanging it with outside fresh air. This feature allows you to change the air ventilation to four basic settings.

  • HIGH - To remove bad odor fast, set the air ventilation to a HIGH setting.
  • LOW - In mild climates with low humidity, this setting is advised for steady operation.
  • AUTO - The air ventilator rate will automatically be adjusted to desired indoor humidity settings.
  • DEHUM - If dehumidification is required, the system will trigger the fresh air ventilator.

Resetting Accessory Maintenance Indicator

You will require manually adjusting the percentage used indicator for a humidifier pad, air filter, or UV Lamp after being changed or cleaned.

  1. Tap and hold the LEFT key to access the ACCESSORY STATUS panel.
  2. With the SCROLL button, choose the accessory you desire to reset.
  3. Hit the RIGHT button to reset the chosen accessory successfully.
  4. Just tap the LEFT button to exit.

Keyboard Lock Out

These features will prevent any unplanned adjustment to your settings, so locking the Infinity control buttons helps you maintain the ideal airflow setup. Only the main screen can trigger keyboard lock-out.

However, to set this up, you've to be careful to press the "•" and FAN buttons for two seconds altogether. As a result, a visual lock sign will pop up, telling you that you've successfully locked out the keyboard.

Press the "•" and FAN buttons simultaneously for two seconds to unlock the control.

To Finish Up

A home high energy efficient furnace in a basement

Now that you know how to adjust the humidity on your carrier furnace and set lighting, fan speed, air ventilation, and other necessary functions that help boost the fresh air flow level and comfort of your home.

In addition, you've also learned how to link your thermostat to Wi-fi. We hope that this helpful knowledge will help you achieve your desired comfort and pleasure in setting up your furnace's features.

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