Amana Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On – What To Do?

Amana is famous for creating the most trustworthy Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners or PTAC. Although reliable,  we cannot avoid them having troubles and issues. Your Amana air conditioner won't turn on? No worries, we got you! We know what to do since we have already researched for troubleshooting tips.

Try the following if your Amana air conditioner won't turn on:

  1. There's a possibility that the air conditioner's controls are not set correctly. So, try activating the unit by switching the "smart cool," "high fan," "medium fan," "low fan," or the "energy saver" buttons. Adjust the target temperature by utilizing the up and down arrows.
  2. Ensure that your air conditioner is not connected via extension cords since this can disturb the power flow if the extension cord does not provide adequate power. So, it would help if you plug it directly into an outlet.
  3. If the second step doesn't work, check if the outlet is working correctly. Inspect your circuit breaker because you may have a tripped fuse or circuit breaker. To fix it, reset the circuit breaker or replace the fuse.

There are still some things you should check to see what causes your air conditioner not to turn on. And we highly suggest you keep reading to know further the details.

Air conditioner condenser unit sitting next to brick home with fence, Amana Air Conditioner Won't Turn On - What To Do?

How to Troubleshoot Your Amana Air Conditioning Unit

Closeup of Amana PTAC unit installed under a window, control panel door is open.

Amana air conditioners amaze most homeowners with their self-diagnosis feature. You can activate that anytime you want without utilizing any technical skills or tools.

It checks itself for issues and shows an error code if you start that feature. That code specifies the problem, and you will know if you should do a manual reset to make it work properly again.

How To Self-Diagnose Your Amana Air Conditioner

If you want to turn the self-diagnosis of your Amana air conditioner on, follow these steps:

  • Find where the "Up" and "Down" arrow buttons are situated on the air conditioner.
  • Hold the two buttons down at the same time.
  • Tap the "Cool" button twice as you hold the two buttons down.
  • Allow a few moments for the display to update.

You will know if the self-diagnostic test is correct if you see a red dot flickering in the screen's corner. 

If your Amana air conditioner is running, it usually has a temperature number on its screen. But if you run a self-diagnostic test, you will see just a "--" symbol. And on your unit's touchpad, you can see that green light on the bottom left side.

You have to let the air conditioner run a self-diagnosis for a few minutes. You'll know that the test is complete if you can already see the error code we are talking about earlier.

However, if the unit doesn't display an error code and the dashes are still there, that indicates that the system of your unit cannot detect the current issue. Thus, expect the unit to still not work correctly even after resetting it. We highly suggest you call an HVAC professional to help you out if this happens.

What Do Error Codes On Amana Air Conditioner Mean And How To Fix Them?

If you are a first-timer using an Amana air conditioner, you should check these error codes to know how to fix them. For your convenience in specifying the issues efficiently, we will categorize them into four error types:

1. Errors in Refrigeration

Refrigerant compressor on a small PTAC unit by Amana.

These codes will let you know if the air conditioner has issues with the cooling system or refrigerant. After running a self-diagnostic test, we suggest you immediately call an HVAC professional if your Amana air conditioner shows these errors.

C1, C3, and C4

If the unit's coils begin to freeze, it will show these codes. Even if you perform a manual reset to your air conditioner, that won't help in making your unit work properly.

Back view of a PTAC unit on a cart outside, compressor, coil and copper pipes seen.

Do not run the air conditioner if you have this issue since it will damage the compressor. But you can inspect and clean the air filters. Also, you should check if there are fan or blower issues. Most importantly, scan if the refrigerant levels are optimal.


Older AMANA PTAC electronic control board with all factory cables still intact.

This unique code shows an entire system's inadequate performance. It signifies that several components of your PTAC air conditioner are in a poor state.

So, you will need to inspect the condition of the unit's electrical wiring, compressor, and blower motor. It would be best to call an HVAC professional for this one since we are talking about the unit's overall performance.


"C7" means your Amana air conditioner is shutting the controls down for safety purposes. It is a continuation of the freeze warning. 

2. System Modes

Wide angle view of a new Amana brand PTAC unit outdoors on a cart.

These modes indicate problems with your Amana air conditioner's functioning framework. You can usually resolve these problems by adjusting some settings or the unit's position.


"FP" is an abbreviation of Freeze Protection. And this code shows on the screen if the environment's temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the PTAC's parts from deterioration and freezing. The only solution is to move the unit to a place with 43 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.


This unique code shows that your air conditioning unit is connected to a wired thermostat. And it would be best if you fix this since the unit must connect to a wireless system. You can adjust the settings to the correct mode to resolve this issue.

oP / nP

Did you know that an Amana PTAC can find out if there is an open door or window? "oP" or "nP" are the codes it shows to alert you of this, and to prevent wasting energy, the system will automatically cease operating. The solution is straightforward; you have to close the open door or window.


It implies that the air conditioner may be about to overheat. And the unit will reverse to Heat Sentinel mode to protect its vital components.


"Eo" means the service board of the unit has an incorrect format. To solve this quickly, you should perform a manual reset. The air conditioning unit will revert to its default settings to function normally again.


Emergency Hydronic is what "EH" stands for. It indicates that the air conditioning unit's compressor is not functioning, and the EHH switch is off.


It is an abbreviation for Load Shedding. And it is an indication that the compressor and the electric heat are off. Just turn the "LS" switch on to resolve this error.

3. Failures

These are the indications if a particular unit part is not working. The only way to resolve the faulty components is to replace them.


It implies a twofold issue. The wireless thermostat is not working, and the unit's indoor thermistor (black) may be fetching readings beyond its average range.


The thermostat is no longer functioning, although the indoor thermistor operates perfectly fine.


The wireless thermostat is functioning pretty well, but the indoor thermistor is not. 


The unit's indoor thermistor isn't operating correctly anymore.


The indoor discharge thermistor (yellow) fails because it's running outside its normal operating tolerance.


The unit's batteries are low.


It means the input voltage is excessively high, and things like this can damage your unit overly.


Because of the low incoming voltage, the unit activates the Brown Out Protection.

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4. Airflow Alerts

Airflow regulations govern the operation of an average air conditioner. You're dealing with airflow issues if you get any of the error codes below while troubleshooting your air conditioning unit.


This code implies that your Amana PTAC cannot work in its normal state. So, if you want to remove the code, you must ensure that the air filters of your air conditioner are clean.


"LC" denotes that your condenser fans are having more severe problems and that the outdoor thermistor (red) is not functioning well because of becoming too hot. However, it would be best to clean the condenser coils for this one.


It signifies that your Amana PTAC is incapable of cooling the room sufficiently. To correct it, scan the unit and check the seal around it, or clean the filter and close the vent door.


Remove any airflow obstructions from your unit because this means the outdoor coils are overheating.

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Wrapping Things Up

The process of troubleshooting your Amana air conditioner is far too simple. Who would've thought that solving an air conditioner problem may be as simple as performing a manual reset? All credit goes to its self-diagnosis feature and the codes that enable us to pinpoint the exact problem of the unit. 

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