Amana Vs. Trane: Which AC To Choose?

Knowing what brand is best to buy for your home or workplace in terms of AC is essential. So is it Trane or Amana? We have researched information regarding the Amana and Trane air conditioner and which of these two is better.

Choose a product that can be utilized for an extended period when deciding what is ideal for your air conditioner. Although Amana AC’s units are slightly more durable than Trane AC’s, the latter’s air conditioners are very trustworthy.

An air conditioner generally keeps your place cool. If you want more information about these two brands, continue reading!

photo-of-a-two-type-of-aircon-amana-ac-and-trane-ac-collide-pictures, Amana Vs Trane: Which AC To Choose?

Amana Air Conditioner: Overview

The Amana Air Control Center is powerful, clean, and quieter than other air conditioning brands because of the noise-reduction feature and the fan included. Its Two-Stage Scroll Compressor proves it is much better than the most excellent energy-efficiency window air conditioner.

And one of the best features of Amana is the warranty. It is noteworthy considering the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating of the other Amana air conditioner units is up to 24.5.

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Although Amana AC systems are among the best in the business, installation costs are higher than equipment costs. Despite the high installation expenses, Amana is durable and has an outstanding guarantee.

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Special Features

Here are the features of Amana AC that may help you decide in its favor.

Energy Efficiency

The Two-Stage Compressor regulates power usage, which is why the Amana air conditioner uses less power than most air conditioners.


Amana products utilize filters ranging from MERV8 to MERV15, similar to Carrier Central air conditioners. MERV’s series is excellent for catching dust pollens, animal dander, and other large particles. However, tiny particles might still get through your filtration system because they are not genuine HEPA filters.


Inverter-driven compressors in AC and heat pumps are used in Amana Central Air Conditioners. Because Daikin owns it, it is known for being top-of-the-line developing energy-efficient compressors.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Amana AC

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These are some advantages and disadvantages of the Amana air conditioner.


  • The Amana air conditioner has the best warranty because it has a lifetime warranty on the compressor and heat exchanger.
  • The other units of the Amana air conditioner provide you with a SEER rating of 13 to 18 for optimal energy efficiency.
  • Units from the Amana AC brand are highly durable.


According to customer feedback:

  • Numerous issues could arise due to poor installation.
  • The coils and refrigerant are prone to leak or degrade after a few years.

Amana AC Models

The Amana AC models are AVXC20, ASXC18, ASXC7, ASXC16, ASXH5, ASX16, ASX14, ASXH4, and ASX13.

Amana AC Warranty

A lifetime warranty is offered on Amana AC compressors. Some of the parts are covered by a five or ten-year limited warranty. However, you will be eligible for further enhanced warranty coverage when registering your new Amana air conditioner.

Under regular use and maintenance, Amana will offer a 10-year parts limited warranty that covers replacement parts, other faulty parts, workmanship, or materials.

Trane Air Conditioner: Overview

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The Trane AC is a high-quality and long-lasting air conditioner. Their entire product line consists of high-efficiency cooling systems that will lower your utility costs and might be qualified for refunds.

They evaluate every system to ensure it can withstand even the worst conditions and use strong materials and high-performing propriety parts. 

Also, Trane AC has developed a few new parts, such as compressor sound insulators. They feature reduced noise, quite-running fans with a blade-down design, and the Climatuff Compressor.

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Special Features

The most profound features of Trane AC are:


Your home becomes healthier and more eco-friendly thanks to clean air. It is because the air conditioner uses a prefilter to remove 99.98% of airborne pollutants, viruses, allergies, and other particles.

Additionally, testing has shown that CleanEffects is efficient in purifying the air in your house. The Trane brand is the only one that utilizes this system, making it a unique feature.

ComfortLink  II

ComfortLink II has two features: the communicative control board that enables components to communicate and a smart thermostat.

Because it delivers information to the thermostat, this technology offers a communication system that can enhance the performance and efficiency of the AC. To ensure that your home is at the perfect degree of comfort, you can adjust the thermostat’s temperature settings.

Spine Fin™ Coil

The Trane AC brand has a high SEER because of its spin fin coil. The coil is an essential factor of an air conditioner since it affects the unit’s overall performance. Additionally, compared to conventional coils, it has better heat-exchanging capabilities and is more corrosion-resistant due to the material and design.

Climatuff Compressor

The Climatuff Compressor is highly efficient, quiet, and of good quality. Every single one of Trane’s heat pumps and air conditioners uses this unique compressor. An air conditioner’s compressor modifies the refrigerant’s pressure and temperature and transfers cool air to your home.


With TruComfort, you can control your temperature, get better humidity, get rid of hot and cold patches, and reduce noise. With its variable-speed compressor, TruComfort can run for extended periods at lower speeds and automatically make minor cooling modifications.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Trane AC

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The following advantages and disadvantages of the Trane air conditioner make it stand out.


  • Trane AC has a high SEER rating which ranges from 14 to 25. The usual rating of SEER is 13. It helps you save money because of how efficient it is in terms of energy.
  • Trane air conditioners come with extensive warranties.
  • The units are durable and authentic, giving you comfort while saving money.
  • There are a lot of different sizes and designs available.
  • Trane’s entire product line is efficient and effective. Large or small interior spaces can alter the temperature of the environment.


  • The Trane brand is not recommended for those on a limited budget because of its price.
  • A professional installer is required to install Trane AC in large apartments or commercial buildings; this could be pretty expensive per installation.
  • Trane AC components are difficult to replace, so it is an issue if you damage them.

AC Models Of Trane

Trane AC models consist of XV20i TruComfort, XV18 TruComfort, XL 18i, XL 16i, XR17, XR16, XR16 Low Profile, XR14, and XR13.

Trane AC Warranty

The air handlers, compressor, outside coil, and internal functioning parts are all covered by the Trane AC warranty. Outdoor coils and interior working parts are covered for ten years under the Registered Limited Warranty, compared to only five years under the Base Limited Warranty.

Trance AC also offers an optional extended warranty, which covers labor charges in addition to additional parts coverage. It also provides beneficial services, including routine maintenance, emergency assistance, and system servicing. You can purchase the warranty in increments of five, ten, or twelve years.

What Is A Good Seer Rating?

You can use the SEER rating to estimate your energy consumption. You might find this helpful while deciding which air conditioners to buy.

The standard for most central air conditioners was to have a minimum SEER rating of 10, which was later increased to 13. The minimum SEER rating standard has been increased to 14 in the south and southwest.

How Many Seers Do I Need?

There must be at least 13 SEER in the US. The central air conditioner should have a 14 SEER Energy Star rating. By upgrading from SEER 9 to SEER 14, you will use 35% less energy.

If your monthly cooling costs are high, a SEER 14-rated air conditioner can lower those costs. You can reduce your utility bill from $100 to $35 per month.

In Closing


Trane and Amana are both excellent quality air conditioners. Choosing one with a better warranty and good SEER rating is crucial. We hope the article helped you make an informed decision.

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