American Standard AC Says Waiting – Why And What To Do?

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The American Standard AC is one of the most efficient and durable air conditioners offering its users the best experience. If you would like to know why your American Standard AC  says "waiting" and what to do about it, you have come to the right place. We asked HVAC experts for answers and here's their reply.

The American Standard AC's "Wait" message indicates that the HVAC system is not yet activated. This protects the compressor in the HVAC system from damage. If everything is in order, "Wait" should disappear in a little while, then your AC will operate normally once more. But if it takes longer than that, you need to contact a technician.

Before learning what to do after seeing the "Wait" message in your AC, you should first learn why this message appears. Continue reading for a more in-depth explanation. 

A white colored mini split ac system mounted on a wall, American Standard AC Says Waiting - Why And What To Do?

Why Does My American Standard AC say 'Wait?'

When it displays the message "Wait," this is because it is waiting to turn on the HVAC system. Most frequently, this is done to safeguard the compressor in the HVAC system. The compressor is in charge of moving the refrigerant throughout your system and aiding in the cooling of the air entering your home.

Changing the air conditioning level using a remote

Your compressor needs some time to start up if your air conditioner was off all morning and is only kicking on when the sun comes up in the afternoon. It is a safety element that guards against abrupt machinery cycling. Too much pressure could harm the system's components, especially the compressor if it responds to the call too rapidly.

Despite being inconvenient, it is ideal that your HVAC system doesn't turn on right away when you direct it. The wait message you get in this type of situation is really advantageous to you and your device.

What To Do When My American Standard AC Says 'Wait?'

A thermostat is a tool used to regulate the HVAC system in a building. A thermostat basically instructs the HVAC system when to begin heating or cooling space and when to stop. The compressor, meanwhile, is among the most crucial components of an HVAC system. 

The wait feature on a thermostat is intended to maintain the HVAC system compressor's correct operation. A few minutes are required for an HVAC system to adjust after being turned back on. An HVAC system could sustain harm if the compressor inside of it is turned on too soon. This practice is known as "short cycling."

If the wait sign is still visible after several minutes, there might be an issue with the thermostat's ability to receive the required voltage. In that situation, additional troubleshooting could be necessary. To determine whether the applied voltage is within the permitted range, a voltmeter can be used.

Additionally, make sure there aren't any faulty or shorted cables. Sometimes the issue can be resolved by just turning off the HVAC system at the breaker, waiting a few minutes, and then turning it back on.

How Long Should The Thermostat Say Wait?

Yes, a thermostat can get your system ready in about five minutes or fewer while safeguarding it against serious problems like short cycling.

Short cycling can be avoided by waiting a few minutes for the compressor to turn on once the HVAC system is turned on. Because of this, the wait feature is frequently used. The wait option on the majority of thermostats will prevent the HVAC compressor from operating for five minutes.

This is very typical, and the issue ought to be resolved right away. Simply leave it alone, and your system will quickly begin operating on its own.

Why Does My Thermostat Say 'Waiting For Equipment?'

The delay mode prevents the equipment from turning on too quickly and is why a thermostat's "waiting for equipment" statement is a safety feature. This typically occurs when a quick temperature change causes the system to turn back on after it has been off for three to five minutes.

The "waiting for equipment" notice will appear on your thermostat if the system requires a little more time to set itself up for efficient heating or cooling. The delay serves as a safeguard against device failure.

If the thermostat had just shut the system off when a quick temperature change activated the device once more, a message like this might appear.

Why is My American Standard AC Not Working?

Technician changing the air condioner air filter

No matter how well-maintained your air conditioner is, there is a small possibility that it could suddenly stop working. Any mechanical device can malfunction, but these malfunctions frequently have a cause. Here's how to handle an unexpected failure of your air conditioner.

Examine The Thermostat 

Typically, you should check the thermostat first when an air conditioner suddenly stops operating. To see if the thermostat is on, check it. You can also try adjusting the thermostat's setting to see if that turns on the air conditioning.

Your AC system's placement can also have an impact. The thermostat may switch off the air conditioning to match the temperature it reads if the immediate vicinity of the thermostat seems cooler than the rest of the house. This might happen if your thermostat is placed close to a window or another source of cold air. 

You could also need to replace the batteries in your thermostat or clean it. Since your AC is completely under the control of the thermostat, you should leave it in good condition. 

Check Your Breakers

Breakers can be tripped by air conditioners. The AC will stop functioning when this happens. If a breaker tripped, check your circuit box. If you discover a tripped breaker, turn it back on before trying your air conditioner once more.

Electrical issues in the home may cause tripped breakers. A breaker may trip due to an AC unit for additional causes. For instance, an AC unit trying to utilize too much electricity at once or overheating will trip the breaker.

Look For Problems With Airflow

Clear airflow is necessary for your AC. You may have an airflow problem if you hear the AC turning on but don't get any conditioned air. Check to see if anything is obstructing airflow.

Your vents and grilles should come first. Moving anything obstructing them could resolve your issue. You could also want to clean or replace your filters. 

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Review Your Schedule of Maintenance

Wear and tear may occur if you haven't started or followed a maintenance routine. There are a number of causes for an abrupt AC failure. Numerous of those causes can be lessened by routine maintenance.

Where Is The Reset Button on an American Standard Furnace?

Reset buttons are present on every furnace. They are found inside the blower compartment and are often red or yellow. When a problem is discovered, frequently a hot or overheating furnace, the reset button is a safety mechanism that will shut down the furnace before it trips the circuit breaker.

How Do I Reset My American Standard AC?

The following are steps in resetting your American Standard AC:

Turn It Off

Before resetting the thermostat, switch off your air conditioner first. To locate the AC unit's shutoff button, see your owner's manual. Before turning off the AC unit, be sure the thermostat is in the off position. In order to continue working on your AC unit safely, this is a crucial step.

Find The Circuit Breaker

Locate your circuit breaker box next. Find and shut off the breaker that is connected to your air conditioning system. Circuit breakers are typically found in basements, closets, or crawl spaces.

Delay For 60 Seconds

Wait a full minute after shutting off the circuit breaker connected to the AC unit. Reconnect the AC unit's power after the timer has run out in 60 seconds. It can be a good idea to let everyone in your home know that you will be resetting breakers as a safety measure.

Switch it Back On

The air conditioner will automatically reset once one minute has passed. Restart your thermostat by going there and doing it carefully.

Set the appliance to the desired temperature and wait for the air to cool before assuming it is operating properly. An AC unit reset is frequently the answer to a circuit breaker trip. Once you figure it out, fixing it is simple. 

Why Is My Air Conditioner Running But Not Cooling The House?

A close up image of a mini split air conditioning unit

There are several possible reasons your AC is running and not cooling the house. We'll list the most common reasons. 

Incorrectly Set Thermostat

Check the thermostat settings if you notice that your home is getting a little hotter than usual. Make sure the atmosphere is "cool." Check the temperature setting again to be sure it hasn't been altered if the thermostat is set to chilly.

If the device is currently set to heat, constant fan, or off, switch it back to cooling mode (often simply called "on"). After the system has been running for a while, wait a while before checking to see if the registers are blowing cold air.

If it's cold, the issue is resolved! If not, the next step in troubleshooting is to check the air filter.

Unclean Filter

Your air conditioning system's indoor air handler unit may include an air filter inside or close by. Prior to the airborne particles reaching the air handler unit, the filter traps dirt, dust, and other airborne particles. It can assist in maintaining cleaner indoor air quality and more efficient operation of the system's internal components.

To Wrap Up

A white colored mini split ac system mounted on a wall

A non-functioning AC can be frustrating, especially during hot seasons. We trust that with the information above you can get your American standard AC to work again anytime you encounter the "Wait" message. 

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