American Standard Vs. Lennox: Which AC And Furnace To Choose?

Since American Standard and Lennox are both reliable companies that produce durable and high-quality air conditioners and furnace units. Investing in either one in particular can be a challenging decision. That's why we're here to assist you narrow down your choices. So kindly read below what our research has determined when comparing the two.

American Standard and Lennox are nearly equal in terms of quality and durability in their AC and furnace units. However, if you opt for the budget-type HVAC units, Lennox is a great option. Lennox is much easier to install, unlike American Standard. So that's another takeaway for you to consider.

Buying new HVAC systems requires several considerations before you make your purchase. By the end of this post, you'll surely learn about both brand's air conditioner and furnace unit features. We will also cover both brands' average unit cost and their best warranty offers. So stay tuned! With that said, let's dive in!

Modern air conditioning and heating units or heat pumps, used in homes and apartments without central air conditioning - American Standard Vs. Lennox Which AC And Furnace To Choose

American Standard And Lennox Historical Overviews

American Standard is a global icon in the HVAC business and other household products. In 1929, they took a shot at merging with the American Radiator Company and Standard Sanitary Manufacturing.

As a result, the two firms joined the venture, creating the American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Corporation. Throughout their successful decades, in 1967, the firm decided to change its name to "American Standard Corporation." Furthermore, in 1984, Trane become a subsidiary of American Standard; also a reputable HVAC producer.

On a similar timeframe, soon afterward, in 1895, Dave Lennox successfully produced the world's first ever riveted-steel furnace. Since 1952, Lennox has been creating cutting-edge air conditioners to bring comfort and energy-efficient AC units to residential setups.

Both Companies: Air Conditioner And Furnace Quality

A major consideration when selecting an air conditioner is its quality. American Standard air conditioners are reliable with Energy Star value. This can be good to add to your selection points, knowing that it passes the U.S. standard.

Energy Star aids both individuals and companies in cutting energy costs and protecting the environment through exceptional energy efficiency. American Standard air conditioners have a decent SEER level ranging from 14.5-22.

On the other hand, Lennox also offers their air conditioner products with an ENERGY STAR value. The company has a slight edge over American Standard in terms of its wide range of SEER offers.

You'll find the Lennox air conditioners SEER ratings varies from 13-28. A higher SEER rating of air conditioner units indicates how efficiently it operates.

Furnace Quality

You can determine the efficiency of the furnace unit by its annual fuel utilization efficiency or AFUE. The Federal Trade Commission or FTC mandates that new furnaces must show their AFUE value.

An AFUE of 90% indicates that 90% of the overall heating output is going in your house. However, the remaining 10% will exit in either your chimney or anywhere else.

Having said that, American Standard and Lennox serve their clients with many AFUE ratings in their furnaces. American Standard furnaces with a 97.3% AFUE rating are available on the market today.

In comparison, Lennox surprisingly has an extremely efficient furnace unit with a 99% AFUE value. Carefully choosing a furnace unit will benefit you, especially during cold months.

Both Companies: Best AC and Furnace Unit Features 

American Standard makes their air conditioner units have the latest technologies which you'll find in their closest rivals. Aside from using a variable speed type of compressor which allows it to run efficiently. You can also access and control your AC system wirelessly and remotely through the AccuLink™ Zoning Systems.

Man uses a mobile phone with smart home app in modern living room

It allows you to control and get rid of any bad odors inside your home with a simple touch on your thermostat. Besides, it also serves total protection to your household that is sensitive to allergies by using its allergy clean cycles.

In contrast, Lennox air conditioner features its coils with an aluminum base type of materials which suits best even the most severe weather conditions. Lennox presents their air conditioner model, the SL28XCV, with great features. This unit is part of both the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection and the Ultimate Comfort System™.

This brings together the finest of Lennox's products to produce consistently clean and high-quality air to your satisfaction. Moreover, this particular unit also has a variable-capacity type of compressor, which makes it start at a low speed. As a result, the air conditioner unit operates extremely quietly.

Best Furnace Features

As you might think, American Standard furnaces are very durable apart from being so quiet. It features their furnaces unit with heavy steel casing, which makes it last longer than other furnace units' rival brands.

American Standard Furnaces can precisely work together with the other vital HVAC system in your home via the Acculink™ technology. Furthermore, your home will receive heat equally because it uses a variable-speed fan.

Lennox company offers the market with the highest furnace AFUE ratings of 99%. Lennox assures their clients that their gas furnaces, like SLP98V, can run 10 times as quieter than their nearest competitors.

Product Availability

As we've talked about early on, the American Standard air conditioners and furnace units are amazing appliances. The company strives to continue producing a reliable and durable product series of models.

American Standard provides three different AC and furnaces models, including:

  • Silver Series
  • Gold Series
  • Platinum Series

Modern air conditioning and heating units or heat pumps, used in homes and apartments without central air conditioning

On the other hand, Lennox also has a widespread good product line in their company. Starting from their ultimate collection which is ideal in most residential setups, up to its mid-range and budget type series.

Here are Lennox's three distinctive HVAC products line:

  • Lennox Merit® Series
  • Lennox Elite® Series
  • Dave Lennox Signature® Collection

American Standard Average Unit Prices With Installation

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American Standard sells their products with a premium tier design and specifications. As a testament to their centuries of great service. You can expect their models to have expensive prices along with installation costs.

Silver Series

Even though these models are the company's lowest class of series, these are also equipped with some vital features which you'll find in their top-tier series. That's why its average cost, along with installation, is about $5,800-$8,000.

Gold Series

This is the American Standard's second greatest series with ground-breaking features within its system. Its average unit price with the installation cost may vary from $8,000-$12,800.

Platinum Series

As the company's top-of-the-line models, its average prices, including installation costs, may start at $8,000.

Lennox Average Unit Prices With Installation

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Meanwhile, Lennox significantly offers their products at surprisingly affordable unit prices, including installation. Regardless of models, AC unit and installation average prices can range from $3,775-$7,190.

With it comes to their furnaces unit and installation cost, the prices vary for each model of series:

Lennox Merit® Series

This furnace series is the Lennox entry-level for the user who wants a budget-friendly Lennox furnace unit. This series' average cost ranges from $3,500-$5,000 with installations.

Lennox Elite® Series

This mid-tier type of series is perfect for you if you like to buy an efficient, high-quality Lennox furnace. However, you may need to add an extra budget for this unit, as this cause between $4,500-$6,500, including installation.

Dave Lennox Signature® Collection

As the name suggests, this is the premium top-of-the-line model of furnaces you'll see in Lennox. Having this extremely efficient and reliable furnace can cause you around $6,500-$7,800+, along with its cost for installation.

Warranty Coverage

American Standard offers their valued users simple yet reasonable warranty coverage. If you manage to comply with the company's advisable registration period of 60 days upon installing your appliance.

You'll qualify to get a 10-year limited warranty if any defective parts are proven due to the manufacturer's faults. Failing to register your products within the specified time will render you'll get a 5-year limited warranty instead.

Compared to American Standard, Lennox covers their valued clients with no registration requirements with their basic limited warranty deals. Here are the Lennox basic limited warranty offers depending on your specific models:

Lennox Merit® Series products

  • A warranty coverage for 5 years of faulty components.
  • Another 5 years on compressor parts.

Lennox Elite® Series products

  • 5 years basic limited warranty on components.
  • 10 years on compressor.

Dave Lennox Signature® Collection products

  • 10 years of coverage in your defective components.
  • Also, 10 years on compressor parts.

For further details of your Lennox warranty deals and exclusion, kindly visit and read their full warranty terms.

To Wrap Up

Investing in air conditioner and furnace units is very crucial, and this cannot be overemphasized. Since both American Standard and Lennox are great and reputable HVAC producers. Deciding which is better between them is a very difficult task to undertake.

Regardless of brands, you should always refer to the best HVAC manufacturer in the business when making your major purchase. We hope that all of this vital information will help you narrow down your selection.

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