Arcoaire Vs. Carrier – What Are The Differences?

Air conditioners are one of the biggest purchases for your home. Considering the investment, you want to make sure that you get your money’s worth. There’s nothing that could put us at ease than having our trust in our heating and cooling brands. However, with several emerging HVAC brands with similar specifications, it might be quite difficult to choose which to put our bet on. We've done the research to help you choose between an Arcoaire and Carrier AC.

Although both Carrier and Arcoaire operated under the United Technologies Corporation for decades, they maintained different units and offered different features. Carrier offers top-of-the-line technology in terms of efficiency and features in the HVAC world. However, their units also sell at a higher price. On the other hand, Arcoaire produces standard units at a more affordable price.

Now that you have an idea of the similarities and differences between the two HVAC brands, you may want to look deeper into the details of each and what makes them trusted brands over the year. This may help you choose the air conditioner you need to install.

A comparison between Arcoaire and Carrier, Arcoaire Vs. Carrier - What Are The Differences?

Arcoaire vs Carrier

While it is true that money can’t buy us happiness. Money gives us the freedom to choose a reliable HVAC brand that gives you peace of mind knowing it’ll perform durably and last long. Thus, it's important to consider an air conditioner an investment, not only for your house but also for yourself.

There are a lot of HVAC brands available in the market. Each offer different strengths and features for them to look like a good choice for the buyers. Carrier and Arcoaire are two of the most sought-after brands in air conditioning.

Company Overview

Oftentimes, this is one of the details that a buyer must check when buying any product. There are brands known for durability while others have less than stellar reputations.

Both Arcoaire and Carrier are known for being competitive HVAC brands, and their units look noticeably similar. You may point out a difference in paint color or some labels here and there but they undeniably, look the same.

For years, Carrier and Aircoaire have been under the United Technologies Corporation (UTC) umbrella. The International Comfort Products (ICP) manufactures Arcoaire. Aside from Arcoaire, it also produces several high-quality HVAC brands such as Heil, Tempstar, and Airquest. It has been around since 1980 until the acquisition of United Technology Corporation in 1999. UTC bought Carrier in around the same year until the announcement of the separation last 2020.

Which Makes Better Air Conditioners?

Carrier air conditioner unit at office

One of the factors anyone looks for in an air conditioner is its EER and SEER. Arcoire’s top tier AC, DuraComfort Deluxe Series reach up to 19 SEER. It offers quiet operation as low as 56 decibels and its models can be Wifi accessed with voice commands. 

Carrier’s flagship AC model is the 24VNA6 which offers up to 26 SEER. The Infinity 26 air conditioner with Greenspeed® Intelligence is the most advanced and next-gen technology. It is extremely quiet and operates in as low as 51 decibels.

With respect to the specifications of the top-of-the-line units of each brand, Arcoaire is no match to the leading HVAC company, Carrier. 

Which Makes Better Heat Pump System?

Air conditioning outside the building

Although not a well-known brand in the heating industry, Arcoaire produces quality heat pump systems. Their premium line offers 19 SEER and 11 HSPF. They are also compatible with a dual fuel set-up that uses a gas furnace as backup. Their models can also be enabled using Wifi access.

Carrier has consistently been the number one HVAC brand company for decades. Their heat pumps have been known to be both innovative and reliable. Their furnaces are fueled by gas and used oil. They have SEER ratings up to 24  and HSPF ratings up to 13.

Again, Carrier proves the right to be at the top company in HVAC. Their models are considered to be the best there is in the heating world. 

Price Comparison

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As the world’s leading HVAC brand, Carrier is significantly more expensive than Arcoaire. However, if budget isn’t exactly of a concern, Carrier makes several great options. Their air conditioning units cost as high as $8,335 while their heat pumps cost up to $7,050 including the installation.

If you're looking for a more economically friendly, Arcoaire is a decent buy. You could easily save a couple of bucks with their air conditioners going as low as $2,000 and heat pumps at around $5,500 with the installation cost. 

We all know that choosing the highest-efficiency units for our heating and cooling is the best for our homes. But keep in mind that you don’t need to go over and beyond just to afford the latest and most advanced technology available. You just need to be comfortable and trust the quality of the HVAC system.

Other Popular HVAC Brands Under The UTC Umbrella

Under the UTC umbrella are several HVAC brands with a good reputation and are excellent choices for residential and small industries. All these brands are guaranteed to perform at a high level and provide comfort for you and for your family.

Bryant Heating And Cooling System

Under the same umbrella, the United Technology Corporation, Bryant shares the same parts as Carrier and Arcoaire. It currently ranks as the No. 2 HVAC Brand of 2022 and offers competitive units at a lower price. Their furnaces deliver up to 98.3% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. Professionals claim it is a Carrier quality on a budget. What a great choice!


This brand has been around the heating system world for over 100 years. They began building gravity-type furnaces in 1914 and then later developed into the first-floor furnace. The brand has been a game changer in heating systems, pioneering zone heating and forced-air furnace installed in the closet.

After years in the business, Payne continues to produce a line of highly efficient air conditioners, gas furnaces, and heat pumps. Their premium line of heat pumps can be paired with gas furnaces and have 42 SEER and 15 HSPF ratings for variable-speed inverter compressors.

Day & Night

This brand is popular in small residential and light commercial markets. With its outstanding warranties, it has been a staple AC company that offers high-quality units at a moderate price. Since it is part of the International Comfort Products Corporation (ICP) operated by the carrier, some of its units may be identical to the mother brand. All that at a much lower price. What a steal, right?

Day & Night offers premium and economical models which lets the consumers choose which best suits them. Their highest-efficiency models offer up to 19 SEER with two-stage compressors.


Over the years, many homeowners have relied on WeatherMaker to keep their homes warm during the cold winters. This brand prides itself in its solid furnaces which are not only efficient but also built-to-last.

While WeatherMaker is under Carrier, they produce affordable alternatives to the top-of-the-line HVAC solutions of Carrier. Their most efficient model, PG96VTA 2-Stage Variable Speed Gas Furnace 96 ensures your homes stay comfortable amidst the long winter months.


Known for good warranties and hassle-free replacement offers, Comfortmaker has been making a name for itself in the HVAC industry. They are proof that purchasing a highly energy-efficient air conditioner doesn’t have to break the bank. Made by ICP, they produce highly efficient and competitive model units for a reasonable price. Their top-tier units have SEER up to 19 with a 10-year warranty on parts and compressors.


Often compared with Carrier, Tempstar is more straightforward with its prices, use, and performance. Although it is relatively new to the cooling and heating world, it claims to be a standard-tier brand for its durable and affordable units. Tempstar also launched their SmartSense™ Technology which claims to increase overall performance.

Wrapping It Up

Air condition outdoor unit compressor install outside the house
Air condition outdoor unit compressor install outside the house

Carrier, the world’s leading HVAC brand for over a century offers the most advanced technology there is in the heating and cooling world. However, their technology comes at a price. So, for those who are on a budget, Arcoaire is a more reasonable choice. They share the same manufacturer as Carrier so you will be getting standard Carrier quality at a cheaper price.

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