Are Bissell Air Purifiers Made In The USA?

With allergens causing health issues in many homes, a good air purifier is a great investment to have. One of the most popular brands available on the market is Bissell, and a lot of consumers wonder if they are made in the USA. We are curious about this too, so we researched to find the answers for you.

Bissell Air Purifiers are designed in the USA, but they are not manufactured solely in the country. As an international company, Bissell also manufactures parts and products in several other countries like Mexico, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, as well as the USA. 

Knowing if your air purifier is made in the USA is important, particularly for servicing and other related matters. In this post, we'll discuss what other products Bissell has in their lineup. Keep reading this post because we will also list some of their best air purifiers and share if having one for your home is a worthwhile investment. 

white-air-purifier-living-room-fresh, Are Bissell Air Purifiers Made In The USA?

Are Bissell Air Purifiers Made In The USA?

To keep ourselves healthy, it is important to nourish our bodies with the best that life has to offer. Breathing in clean air is essential to keeping the body healthy. Unfortunately, with the amount of pollution and allergens in our modern environment, truly clean air can be difficult to find.

One of the best ways to guarantee clean air at home is to have an air purifier. There are quite a lot of air purifiers available on the market today, and one of the most well-known brands is Bissell. In 1876, Bissell started in Grand Rapids, Michigan and since then, they have established themselves in many homes around the world.

Bissell air purifiers are well-known for their powerful air filtration and sleek design. As this product is becomes popular in the market, people are often wondering where the brand manufactures its products. There has been a rising preference for USA-made products, which is why consumers often ask where they are made.

As a global brand, Bissell products are designed in the USA. However, they manufacture their product parts in various countries. Aside from the US, Bissell manufactures and services its products in other countries like Mexico, China, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Despite the fact that Bissell air purifiers are not made in the USA, their brand is committed to giving their consumers the best in air treatment with their products. Customer services and repair is still simple and easy with Bissell, should there be a need to service their products. 

What Air Purifiers Does Bissell Have?


Bissell has created air purifiers that clean the air for the entire home and for smaller spaces. The brand promises to improve the air quality at home by dust, pollen, dander, and other known allergens to provide the best air treatment options for the family. Because of this, Bissell has several air purifiers that suit different sizes of spaces.

Homes and large spaces

For families who prefer to have an air purifier for their large rooms, Bissell has a long list of air purifier products that will suit your space. Bissell's home air purifiers use HEPA filters to ensure that all allergens and dirt are filtered from the air.

These large room air purifiers are engineered to capture 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns or smaller, even in a big room. This is great if anybody in your family has respiratory or allergy issues that need quality, filtered air. Their air purifiers come with a 3-step filtration system and a powerful motor to ensure continuous clean air in your home.

Small, personal spaces

If you are looking to have an air purifier for your own personal space like your room or office, these small Bissell air purifiers are perfect. Just like their big brother counterparts, these smaller air purifiers use HEPA filters to ensure that the air in your room is clean and filtered.

Bissell's personal air purifiers are compact, but their filtering capabilities can match even the bigger air purifiers. They come with the same HEPA air purifier filter as the large space air purifiers, without the bulk. These purifiers are perfect for kids' rooms or nurseries to ensure that your little ones are breathing fresh and clean air all the time. 

Best Bissell Air Purifiers


If you are keen to check them out, Bissell's long list of air purifiers can be overwhelming to look at. For those who are looking for something more specific, we've narrowed down the list for you. 

Bissell air400

Get the Bissell air400 Air Purifier on Amazon.

Part of Bissell's professional list of air purifiers, the air400 will help purify and filter the air in large rooms. You can place this air purifier in large to medium rooms like living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, dens, kitchens, and basements. The air400 air purifier is AHAM-certified. It can filter the air in rooms as big as 485 sq. ft. and filter air 4.8 times per hour. The biggest space it can handle is 1,286 sq. ft., where it can filter air once per hour.

Bissell air320 Smart Air Purifier

Check out the Bissell air320 Smart Air Purifier on Amazon.

Listed as one of Bissell's premium air purifiers, the air320 Smart Air Purifier is a perfect addition to any modern home. This air purifier is CADR-rated to filter the air in spaces up to 366 sq. ft. This particular model of air purifier can also connect to wi-fi and it will pair with Bissell's Connect app. With this smart connection, you can use your mobile phone to control and check the purifier at any time.

Bissell air180

Grab the Bissell air180 Home Air Purifier on Amazon.

Perfect for medium to large rooms, the Bissell air180 is a little bit smaller than its other counterparts. However, it still packs a punch by having three air changes per hour in 457 sq. ft. of space. Aside from its great air filtering system, the air180 also reduces odor in the air with its integrated carbon filter. This purifier is also great for sleeping environments because its quiet motor won't disturb anyone's sleep.

Bissell MyAir HUB

See the Bissell MyAir HUB Air Purifier on Amazon.

One of the best choices for your own personal space, the Bissell MyAir HUB is small and compact. But even with this size, it can go head to head with the bigger, full-size air purifiers out there. Just like the bigger purifiers, the MyAir HUB is also AHAM-certified and it can filter the air in a 102 sq. ft. room with 4.8 changes per hour. This air purifier also comes with a USB port for quick bedtime charging and a nightlight to keep you company while you sleep.

Is Having An Air Purifier A Good Investment?


Truthfully, air purifiers do not come cheap. Ranging anywhere from $70 to $300, it is definitely an investment one needs to think about. For some people, the choice of having clean air is already worth it. However, some people might still be on the fence about having an air purifier for their homes.

If you're looking into having an air purifier, you're probably thinking if it's a good investment. Chances are, the answer is yes. Although these machines can be costly, the benefits will surely outweigh all the costs.

For families who have a member (or several) who has respiratory problems and allergies, an air purifier is a must for your home. Studies have shown that air purifiers significantly lower asthma attacks with cleaner air. If a member of your family also gets allergic reactions from allergens in the air, purified and filtered air will lessen their allergies as well.

Animal lovers and pet owners will also benefit from air purifiers. We all know that these beloved furballs are part of the family, but their shedding fur and dander can cause health issues. Air purifiers will help clean the air from pet-related allergens and your family will be happy to spend time with your furbaby without sneezing.

An air purifier is also great if your house tends to smell dirty because of odors that absorb into the furniture. Cigarette smoke, sweat from sports activities, or dirty diapers in the trash are smells that can linger even after you've cleaned the space. An air purifier will help get rid of these odors and replace them with fresh, clean-smelling air.

Final Thoughts


Although they are not completely manufactured in the USA, Bissell is a good brand for an air purifier. Many consumers swear by the quality of Bissell's products, especially their air purifiers. Keep your home's air clean and allergen-free by having one of these wonderful air purifiers to help keep your family healthy.

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