Hint Jay Peloton

Hint Jay Peloton

York Vs. Rheem: Which AC To Choose?

A comparison between York and Rheem air conditioner, York Vs. Rheem: Which AC To Choose?

Choosing the best air conditioner from two great companies such as York and Rheem is very challenging. Given that these AC producers have been around for so long, each manufactures reliable and durable air conditioning units. So which is better…

Will Low Freon Damage A Compressor?

Dirty air conditioning condenser coils full of dirt and debris. Freon charging tools. Concept of home air conditioner repair, service, cleaning and maintenance. - Will Low Freon Damage A Compressor?

The refrigerant is an essential contributor to your AC’s heat exchange operation. However, you may wonder if low refrigerant will damage the AC compressor. Wonder no more! We found the answer through our in-depth research. Operating a compressor with insufficient…

Can You Cover Heatilator Vents?

Cozy home interior with fireplace, Heatilator ventilation designs

Your Heatilator fireplace vents are essential in keeping and regulating your house’s ideal warm air circulation. Though sometimes you might wonder whether you can cover its vents or perhaps it would cause a risk. Well, you’re a moment away from…