Jennifer Ross

Jennifer Ross

How Does An Air Washer Work?

Air purifier in comfortable living room with house plant on the wooden floor. How Does An Air Washer Work

Everyone is familiar with the function of air purifiers and humidifiers, but the hybrid capacity of an air washer might leave some a bit mystified. How can a single appliance humidify the air while also removing the pollutants? It’s an…

Is A Chimney Cap Necessary?

Decorative chimney cap, white background. light gray chimney

If you recently purchased a home with a chimney or are having one installed, you’re probably just understanding all the parts that go into a well-functioning fireplace. There are many pieces at work that allow you to enjoy your chimney…

Are Ceiling Fans a Fire Hazard?

Old style wood ceiling fans with white glass lamps, Are Ceiling Fans a Fire Hazard?

The safety of your family and yourself is always at the forefront of your mind. Your home should be the safest place of all for loved ones. When researching low-cost ways to cool your home, a ceiling fan has likely…