Maya Dela Cruz

Maya Dela Cruz

Can Drylok Be Tinted?

men's hand painted white roller on the wall of the building, Can Drylok Be Tinted?

Drylok is a brand of waterproofing and sealing for masonry. The product comes in different tints, though the selection is limited. You may be wondering if you can tint Drylok on your own. Based on our research, we will answer…

Why Is My Dyson Fan Beeping?

black color bladeless purifying tower fan is on the floor of the living room to create fresh air ambient in the summer - Why Is My Dyson Fan Beeping

With Dyson appliances making the rounds in stores and on the internet, you might own a Dyson unit yourself. If you have one of those futuristic bladeless Dyson fans, you might feel at a loss when it suddenly starts beeping.…