Viola Makumi

Viola Makumi

How To Clean A Bryant Air Conditioner

hand of technician service cleaning air conditioner by water spray. How To Clean A Bryant Air Conditioner

The good quality air in your home equals a clean air conditioner. If you own a Bryant air conditioner, are you curious about how to clean it without damaging anything? We’ve checked with the experts, who provided us with step-by-step…

How To Hang A Foam Board From Ceiling

Polystyrene insulation boards, How To Hang A Foam Board From Ceiling

Foam boards are often used for insulating ceilings. However, it’s not always clear how to hang them. No worries! We’ve checked with the experts, and they provided us with different installation methods. Foam boards can be hung from a ceiling…

Damp Basements Walls- What To Do?

collecting water which falls down and is extracted via a drainage system, Damp Basements Walls - What To Do?

Water is unavoidable in basement areas, and you’ll have to waterproof the walls and floors. Improperly waterproofed basements will have damp walls and floors. The question now is, what do you do about it? We researched, inquired from experts, and…

How Much Water Does A Humidifier Use?


Humidifiers have become a necessary attribute in homes, and the newer the model, the better it is. Some humidifiers are built into the central heating and air conditioning systems of the home for convenience. To add moisture into the air,…