What Are The Best Dyson Fan Alternatives? [Inc. 4 Great Options]

You’re on the market, looking for other options besides Dyson fans. But what are the best bladeless fan choices to buy? We researched different Dyson alternatives, and here’s what we found!

If you’re not into buying a Dyson model, different bladeless fan options exist. Some ideal candidates to try instead of a Dyson include:

  1. ZICOOLER UML-018 Bladeless Fan
  2. U ULTTY SKJ-CR021 Bladeless Tower Fan
  3. Ocean Loong Combo Heater And Bladeless Fan
  4. Dreo Cruiser Pro T1 Tower Bladeless Fan

Note that each model in the above list has unique advantages and shortcomings. So continue reading as we discuss these Dyson fan alternatives in greater detail. Let's dive in!

What Are The Best Alternatives To A Dyson Fan?

modern design black color bladeless purifying tower fan is on the floor of the dinning room to create fresh cool air ambient in the summer

1. ZICOOLER UML-018 Bladeless Fan

The ZICOOLER bladeless fan is one of the most expensive options on the market. But you can justify its costs by looking at its different premium features.

For instance, it has eight wind speed settings, including sleep, natural, and normal wind. Fine-tuning these settings are convenient, thanks in part to the proprietary remote.

Still, the remote could use additional work from the manufacturer.

Some customers say that they had trouble applying settings to the bladeless fan remotely. The debris and other thick surfaces can easily block the signals sent from the remote.

Users of this bladeless fan can also set the timer (up to 8 hours). That way, you don’t have to worry about turning off the fan since it can do it automatically.

Plus, the product comes assembled and ready to use once you remove it from its packaging. Also, it doesn’t take up significant space, thanks to its 5.9-inch base.

Check out this product on Amazon.

2. U ULTTY SKJ-CR021 Bladeless Tower Fan

Joining the premium bladeless fan product category is this model from U ULTTY. With it, users can take advantage of its powerful, room-filling air-blowing prowess.

In particular, blown air from this bladeless fan can cover up to 320 square feet of enclosed space.

Plus, this model works silently. Its operational sound measures less than 32 decibels, less than average human whispering.

Turning on this bladeless tower fan’s oscillating feature allows it to swivel to a 90-degree angle. But take note that the air coming from this unit is more powerful within a 30-degree oscillating radius.

It also comes with a sleep mode, which reduces the airflow and sound from the unit. The fan can double as a white noise machine if this feature is active.

But remember that the sleep mode may reduce the product’s ability to blow air powerfully. So people living in locations with fairly hot climates may not find this feature unsatisfactory.

Check out this product on Amazon.

3. Ocean Loong Combo Heater And Bladeless Fan

This product may catch your attention if you’re looking for a bladeless fan to use in the summer and winter seasons.

You can also place it near wet clothes as a heater, particularly if you’re air-drying fabric. Its dehumidification feature provides sufficient heat that shouldn’t harm most, if not all, types of fabric.

This product also has a built-in smart thermostat. That way, you don’t have to inspect the fan’s temperature frequently. But you still must adjust the appliance’s settings to provide the correct and preferred temperature levels.

This product has an integrated H13 high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.

So it can help improve and maintain indoor air quality without putting unwanted health risks to individuals within the immediate vicinity.

Improving this fan’s aspect is another filter that adds an extra layer of protection against harmful airborne particles.

But remember that you’re going to buy and use a 2-in-1 product. So budget-conscious buyers should take note as this product can be pretty expensive.

Check out this product on Amazon.

4. Dreo Cruiser Pro T1 Tower Bladeless Fan

On the other side of the price spectrum, this bladeless tower fan may provide more value to its users than its price dictates.

Found at a fairly reasonable price point, this model’s quiet 34-decibel performance can help provide cold air without creating a racket.

This fan also has a built-in LED display. The text and numbers on the screen are reasonably easy to read, even when the product is across the room.

Plus, this smart model can connect to Amazon’s AI, Alexa. So you can say phrases or sentences like, "Alexa, turn on the fan." Doing so should allow the AI to operate the fan for you without you reaching for the remote or pressing the onboard controls.

But it's a good idea to place this bladeless fan in a place with a good Wi-Fi signal. Some users report that the fan’s Wi-Fi features can sometimes be finicky.

Signal losses can become frequent if the fan is in a location that doesn’t receive excellent signals from the connected router.

Check out this product on Amazon.

You may want to expand your choices by looking at additional options. So check out our post on the best fans that blow cold air so we can help you more with your purchasing decision.

How Do I Choose A Bladeless Fan?

Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan on store shelf.

Selecting the right Dyson fan alternative also means that you should think about certain factors. Doing so allows you to select the correct model that fits your preferences and specifications.

If you take the time to consider particular elements, you should be able to gain the most value out of your new bladeless fan.

Here are some factors to think about as you’re selecting your ideal bladeless fan:


Bladeless fans often fall under four different categories:

  • Desk: A space-saving choice for users that want to concentrate the fan's blown air on them.
  • Pedestal: Generally, this type is quite large, with massive blades to help supply even air distribution.
  • Ceiling: Provides little to no obstruction in a room’s floor space while providing sufficient indoor airflow.
  • Tower: Often equipped with additional features while maintaining a sleek profile.

Noise Performance

Many bladeless fans on the market have fairly silent operations. But some models are quieter than others.

Aim to select a fan that can function at around or below 35 decibels. Take note that a normal human conversation is approximately 45 to 60 decibels.

So fans operating with sound levels below 35 decibels emanate noises similar or equivalent to quiet whispering.

Air Supply Range

A bladeless fan should supply air about 16 to 23 feet from its main body. Quality bladeless fans can throw air at farther distances that exceed 23 feet.

A fan that can provide air in a range less than 16 feet may not be ideal for use unless it's a compact model.

Air Sanitization

Reliable bladeless fans have HEPA filters. Unlike the standard filter, HEPA models can help remove almost 100% of bacteria, dust, mold, pollen, and other airborne substances.

Some fans even have more than one filter to reduce the risks of potential issues blown to users further.

Are Bladeless Fans Better Than Traditional Electric Fans?

Modern electric fan on yellow table. Space for text

Generally, bladeless fans aren’t better than standard electric fans in all areas. However, bladeless models are more advantageous in certain aspects when compared to their traditional counterparts.

Some benefits that are often unique to bladeless fans are:

  • Powerful airflow
  • Far cooling and heating range
  • Inclusion of one or more HEPA filters
  • Remote functionality (with additional wireless features)

How Do You Clean A Bladeless Fan?

black color bladeless purifying tower fan is on the floor of the living room to create fresh air ambient in the summer

Take note that buying a top-of-the-line bladeless fan may not mean a lot if you’re not going to take good care of it. So ensure that you’re maintaining it by following these steps:

What You’ll Need

Fan inside Dyson shop in the historical Gum Department Store., What Are The Best Dyson Fan Alternatives? [Inc. 4 Great Options]

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Brush or tube vacuum head attachment
  • Clean cloth or towel

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Unplug the fan from its outlet and wait a few minutes to ensure it’s off.
  2. Disassemble the appliance.
  3. Wipe the fan’s circular surfaces with a clean and damp cloth or towel.
  4. Vacuum the bladeless fan with the help of a brush or tube head attachment.
  5. Reassemble the appliance and plug it into a wall outlet.

You can also watch the video below if you need a visual guide for this:

To Finish

Although Dyson is one of the known brands offering quality appliances, it’s not the only reliable company supplying praiseworthy bladeless fans.

Other options, such as those from ZICOOLER and Ocean Loong, can provide comparatively similar features and properties to their users.

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