Brand New Window AC Not Cooling—What’s Wrong?

You recently bought a new window AC, but it’s not providing the space with the cold air that you desire. If you run into this scenario, you’re now wondering what could be wrong with that cooling unit. We researched some possible reasons for this concern, and here’s what we found.

A brand new window AC may not function properly if it encounters these issues:

  • Improper product handling during delivery
  • Damaged condenser coils
  • Ill-fitting filter
  • Wrong thermostat settings

The solutions to restore your AC’s cooling prowess often depend on its underlying issue. Continue reading as we talk about these concerns in greater detail. We’ll also tackle some possible solutions to help you fix your new AC.

window ac installed on bricked wall of a second floor building, Brand New Window AC Not Cooling—What's Wrong?

Why Is My Brand New Window AC Not Cooling?

A new air conditioner may not cool because of different reasons. Some possible causes of this issue are:

window ac in a room installed

Improper Product Handling During Delivery

This particular reason often happens upon purchasing the AC from an online retailer. The shipping company used by the seller might not practice proper packaging protocols that damaged your cooling unit upon its arrival.

Some of the concerns that could put air conditioners at risk of harm during shipment are:

  • The seller or delivery company used a small box to contain the AC.
  • The amount of cushioning material in the container isn’t enough to secure the product properly.
  • Mishandling the cooling system while it’s in transit (e.g., throwing the box).

It might be ideal for preparing yourself if you received a defective air conditioner after purchasing it online. Read the manufacturer or retailer's return policy to check how you can return the appliance if you received a faulty model.

Damaged Condenser Coils

The specific unit you purchased may already have faulty condenser coils. Keep in mind that this assembly is responsible for converting hot air from the outside into cold air. It also helps push the cold air into the connected space.

However, the condenser coils can be the victim of refrigerant leaks, preventing the air conditioner from blowing cold air. At this point, you may open your new AC and repair the damage yourself. Otherwise, return the unit for another model with a fully-functioning set of condenser coils.

Ill-Fitting Air Filter

Often, air conditioner sellers will check the components of these appliances by removing the parts before selling the system to their customers. But sometimes, some items, such as the air filter, didn't return to their bracket properly.

The result of this improper installation is a performance efficiency issue on the filter’s part, causing the new air conditioner to accumulate dirt and debris at a faster-than-usual rate. So it might not be long after buying the new AC that it’ll fail to supply the room with cold air.

Wrong Thermostat Settings

Your installed AC might have controls that independently work with the home’s thermostat. So if the setting in the thermostat doesn’t match the air conditioner, the appliance might not be blowing air at your preferred temperature. This concern generally happens if the room the air conditioner is trying to cool is quite humid.

Aside from not blowing cold air at all, your window AC might also run into an issue wherein it provides cool air, but it becomes warm after a certain running period. If so, read our post on what's wrong with a window AC if it blows cold then warm air to see some possible causes of this issue. 

How To Fix Brand New Window AC Not Cooling?

Window ac installed on a a building with concrete brick red wall

In this section, you’ll learn some repair methods you may want to try to help restore the cooling capabilities of your window AC.

Repair Condenser Coil Leak

Before continuing this task, it’s important to note that it can require extensive work to complete. If the air conditioner is still under a manufacturer or retailer’s warranty, it might be best to replace the defective unit with a working model.

However, if your new AC has a damaged condenser coil and you’d like to treat this operation as a DIY project, here are the steps to repair it:

What You’ll Need

  • Torch kit
  • Screwdriver
  • Welding machine
  • Silver solder

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Remove the window AC from its installation location and set it on a stable and level surface.
  2. Open the appliance’s outer shell by following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Locate the condenser coil and find the location of the damage.
  4. Remove a portion of the aluminum film with the torch.
  5. Push the melted aluminum aside with a screwdriver to expose the damaged portion of the condenser coil.
  6. Use a welding machine with a silver solder material to repair the damaged area.
  7. Reinstall the window AC’s outer shell and return the appliance to its original window setup.
  8. Turn on the window cooling unit to check if the problem persists.

If you don’t want to use a welding machine, you can also use an air conditioner sealant for this repair project. It should provide you with similar results, and it may not require you to use a soldering material to seal condenser coil damage like cracks and gaps.

Check out this air conditioner sealant on Amazon.

You can also watch the video below to see a visual representation of the steps mentioned above. Take note that that air conditioner in the video isn’t a window unit, but the process to repair the condenser coils should still be roughly similar:

You may also need to remove Freon from the air conditioner to complete this process. If so, read our post on how to remove the coolant from a window air conditioner for the steps to this procedure. 

Reinstall The Air Filter

Reinstallation of an ill-fitting air filter doesn’t usually require any special skills or tools. You only need to know how to access that component on your window AC by checking your product owner’s manual. Once you complete that initial phase, continue this process by following these steps:

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Remove the front panel to expose the air filter.
  2. Take out the filter from its built-in tab.
  3. Reinstall the air filter properly.

If the air filter already has damage despite the window AC being relatively new, you may need to replace it to ensure the cooling system works as intended.

Check out this replacement window AC filter on Amazon.

You can also watch the video below to learn additional details about the steps mentioned above. The person in this video also shows you how to clean a dirty filter if you need that information:

Tweak The Thermostat Settings

If you found out that your home’s thermostat is the reason why your window AC isn’t giving you cold air, you may need to adjust its settings. Start by setting the air conditioner to the ‘Auto’ mode through the thermostat. Wait for a few minutes before changing the mode to ‘Cool.’

Also, it’s recommended to start the thermostat’s setting for the window AC at 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Doing so should provide ample cooling to the space without the risk of increasing energy costs. If you need to increase the cooling power of your AC, decrease the temperature from the thermostat by 1-degree increments.

How Long Is The Warranty Of A Window AC?

warranty for a brand new window type ac

The length of a window AC’s warranty often depends on the manufacturer or retailer’s imposed guidelines. For instance, LG has a 5-year limited warranty that starts from the date of purchase. This appliance brand provides coverage for the labor fees and parts repairs and/or replacements of the offending appliance.

Goodman also offers a 5-year limited warranty for its appliances, including the company’s window air conditioners. However, this particular brand offers an extension to the base warranty to offer peace of mind to their customers.

How Often Should I Replace My Window Air Conditioner?

Window air conditioners typically last about 8 to 10 years before they need replacing. Some owners may decide to repair old and/or damaged parts to help them save money from buying a new cooling unit. But the repair costs might pile up, which makes replacing the old appliance to be a better choice than attempting multiple fixes on it.

How Much Does A New Window AC Cost?

Window ac fully installed on a newly constructed house

If you decide to replace your existing window AC, prepare to spend about $150 to $1,775. Take note that those costs may come with accessories and installation fees.

You may save some money by choosing to buy a base unit without additional accessories or features. Also, the amount of cash you can save can reduce further if you install the appliance by yourself instead of using professional services.

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Final Words

window ac installed on bricked wall of a second floor building

A brand new window AC may not work because of different reasons, such as shipping damages and faulty parts. If the underlying issue is relatively easy to fix, you have the option to fix the problem using DIY techniques. Otherwise, think about returning the window air conditioner to the manufacturer or seller to replace it with a working model.

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