Bryant AC Fan Not Spinning – Why And What To Do?

Like any other electrical equipment, Bryant air conditioners are no exception to failure. Especially during a sudden power shortage or shutdown. Your Bryant air conditioner's fan will most likely not spin once the power supply has returned.

Why did this occur, and what's the right thing to do to fix this issue? Well, rest assured! We've got you covered because we've already researched this topic and have plenty of great information.

In general, there are many reasons why your Bryant air conditioning fan is not spinning. However, the common reason why this issue occurs is because of a faulty capacitor or the breaker trip-off.

It's necessary to replace the capacitor and check the breaker for your Bryant AC fan to work again.

Before you contact your Bryant service contractor, why not try to fix it yourself first? Keep reading as we've shared below the easy steps to fix this problem. With that said, let's dive right in!

An exterior view of an HVAC unit installed on this new home, Bryant AC Fan Not Spinning - Why And What To Do?

Why Is My Bryant AC Not Turning On?

Your Bryant AC may not be operating correctly for several reasons, and any of these parts might be the cause:

  • Air filter
  • Capacitor
  • Thermistor
  • Thermostat
  • Compressor
  • Condenser coils
  • Main control board
  • Temperature control board

According to Bryant, the first thing you should do is to ensure your thermostat is set to a "cool" setup. Also, ensure your outdoor condensing unit is on as well.

Moreover, you should also inspect both the circuit breaker box and its disconnect switch.

How Do I Replace My Bryant Air Conditioner's Capacitor?

Hand holding the capacitor run

A faulty capacitor is one possible cause of your air conditioner fan not spinning. The capacitor is a tiny, cylindrical component that fuels the motor of your air conditioner's unit.

It is in charge of turning on the air conditioner unit and adding more power to keep it operating.

To properly replace your AC's capacitor:

  1. Switch OFF the air conditioner unit's power.
  2. Open your AC's outdoor unit using a screw to access the capacitor.
  3. Take a moment to make a sign on the capacitor wires before removing them.
  4. Discharge the capacitor, then gently remove it from the panel.
  5. Bring your faulty capacitor to your nearest hardware store and buy the same model.
  6. Securely install your new capacitor.
  7. Ensure to connect all wires using your sign earlier.
  8. Turn ON again the air conditioner's power supply.

NOTE: We recommend having a professional do this for you unless you're experienced in AC systems.

How Do You Reset A Tripped Breaker?

 Resetting a tripped breaker in residential house

A circuit breaker is a safety switch that prevents your home's electrical system from overloads and short circuits. This is essential to protect your home's air conditioner or other appliances from overheating damage.

In addition, when your air conditioning system won't start, this could be due to your breaker tripping off. The internal spring-loaded system of a circuit breaker detects the event and switches off instantly.

Follow the easy steps below to reset your circuit breaker:

  1. Switch OFF or plug OFF all devices connecting to the tripped breaker.
  2. Find the breaker's panel, usually attached to the outdoor unit's walls.
  3. Locate the handle of the tripped breaker inside the panel; generally, it's in the middle portion.
  4. Flip its handle to the OFF position.
  5. Flip the handle to its ON position; an audible click sound should happen.
  6. A click sound must be loud, an indication that the breaker is ON.
  7. Before turning ON your air conditioner, test the breaker first by turning ON the light fixture.

How Do I Troubleshoot A Bryant AC That's Not Cooling?

When you've found that the Bryant air conditioner parts are working, but your Bryant air conditioner is still not cooling, the air conditioner needs troubleshooting. Doing so will help you assess the condition of your AC unit that isn't cooling.

Bad Capacitor

Air conditioner capacitor

This device is necessary to keep the compressor running. You must replace it if it has already burned out. You can check it with a multimeter to find out its physical condition.

Dirty Air Filter

Cleaning the filter

This will hinder the AC's ability to chill the air inside the unit since it won't be able to flow smoothly. This can also lead your evaporator coils to ice up.

Clean your Bryant air filter every 90 or 60 days if you have a pet in your house. Ensure to remove any debris that is present in the filter.

Moreover, it could also be time for it to replace the filter. Thus regular checkup is essential.

Check out this air filter on Amazon.

Defective Thermistor

A thermistor is a sensor that measures the temperature of the air. It is linked to the air conditioner's control panel. Even a temperature change will not affect its value if it is faulty.

Furthermore, you'll have to use a multimeter to verify whether the thermistor has continuity or none. If the reading shows zero, your thermistor is broken and needs a replacement.

Check out this multimeter on Amazon.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Your air conditioner coils are responsible for the cycles of reducing the heat of refrigerant and then exhausting it outside. However, if these coils become dirty, their efficiency to dispel hot air and blow cool air inside is reduced.

You should clean your condenser coil to keep the unit working properly. Failure to do so will make the unit running much harder to match cooling demand.

Faulty Main Control Board And Temperature Control Board

Your air conditioner might not work if you have a broken primary control circuit. These components are in charge of controlling the electric power that your AC unit requires to operate.

You found the main control circuit or temperature control board defective; you must change this component for your AC to work again.

Since these problems are frequently misdiagnosed, it is crucial to have a certified technician inspect your Bryant air conditioner.

NOTE: Most of these troubleshooting techniques require proper electrical knowledge. We strongly suggest not to perform this job, if you don't have appropriate electrical knowledge!

How Do You Reset A Bryant Thermostat?

You can reset the Bryant thermostat easily. The procedures may differ depending on the thermostat model, but they are essentially the same.

However, you should unlock the Bryant keypad before moving to the resetting procedure.

To unlock the keypad, you'll have to:

  1. Open the thermostat panel door.
  2. Tap and press the UP and DOWN keys altogether for about 5 minutes.
  3. A padlock symbol indicates that you've successfully unlocked the keypad.

Once the keypad is unlocked:

  1. Turn off your air conditioner using the thermostat.
  2. Find the air conditioner circuit breaker by going to the panel box where the breakers are housed.
  3. Switch back ON the AC's circuit breaker.
  4. Allow the thermostat to rest for around 30 seconds before turning it ON.

NOTE: This resetting procedure's unlocking process will last only 2 minutes. Failing to unlock the keypad within the specified time frame will cause the thermostat to activate again in locked mode.

How To Reset A Bryant AC Split Unit

Woman turning on air conditioner

The only way to fix your malfunctioning Bryant air conditioner unit is to reset it immediately. Sad to say, Bryant doesn't have a convenient reset key on their air conditioner unit, in contrast to their competitor.

Instead, you can reset your Bryant air conditioner unit directly to its associated breaker. In addition, just let rest the AC unit for a moment before operating it again.

How Long Does It Take For An AC Unit To Reset?

Experts advise turning off your air conditioning for 30 minutes. This should allow the AC to reboot its system and address internal problems.

Resetting your air conditioner repeatedly is also not advised.

It is essential to call your reliable air conditioner service specialist to examine your equipment if it still doesn't function properly after the reset.

To Finish

The only way to prevent your Bryant air conditioner system from getting further damage when malfunctioning is to reset it. A simple resetting method leads to your air conditioner unit functioning effectively again.

Throughout this post, we've learned what causes your Bryant air conditioner's fan not to spin. You also know how to reset your Bryant AC unit. We also shared how you troubleshoot your air conditioner.

We hope you use this knowledge to your benefit in caring for your air conditioner unit.

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