Bryant Vs. Trane Air Conditioners – Which To Choose?

The process of picking a high-performing air conditioner is as difficult as you might think. Especially if you're selecting from both notable and most reputable brands in the business, which are Bryant and Trane. In this topic, we are going to help you narrow down your selection based on what we've learned from our research. 

Bryant and Trane are both great options if you want durable and long-lasting air conditioner units. Though, Bryant has a slight edge in terms of affordable AC units. However, Trane offers favorable warranty coverage that might be good for you in the future.

Does that sound easy enough? Well, keep reading as we talk about in great detail below the relevant matters that might influence your decision. With that said, let's start exploring both AC brands below!

A comparison between bryant and trane air sonditioners, Bryant Vs. Trane Air Conditioners - Which To Choose?

Bryant And Trane Milestone Of Success

Both Bryant and Trane have been around for a long time to serve their valued clients with comfort. Now, we cannot begin comparing these two HVAC giant companies without first discussing their history and background.

Charles Bryant, who founded Bryant Heating & Cooling in 1904, has continuously improved the functionality and quality of his products. The company stands out in many ways by conducting ongoing testing and enhancement. However, in 1955 Carrier Corporation also a great company in the industry, purchased Bryant.

Contrarily, Trane's great journey began in 1885 at a family-run plumbing firm in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Their first innovative patent of steam heating comes from the idea of James Trane and his mechanical engineer son, Reuben. American Standard Companies, Inc. assumed control of Trane in 1984.

Trane air conditioner

The American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Brand became formed after four years. Ingersoll Rand acquired Trane in June 2008, accelerating its transformation into a multi-brand commercial producer that serves customers in several foreign markets.

Both Companies Product Quality

There's no doubt that Bryant is one of the producers of cutting-edge air conditioning products. Their Premier Series of air conditioner models have SEER ratings ranging from 13-26 and are all Energy Star certified. Furthermore, its coil has a paint that guards it against corrosive elements making it durable indeed.

Air conditioning system unit installed outside facade of the house

On the other hand, Trane air conditioner units also pass the standard of Energy Star certification. Besides, you can choose between Trane's wide range of AC units with a SEER value from 14.5-22. Though these SEER ratings are Trane's current best available after all the efficiency depends on your ductwork and the size of your room.

A new air conditioner unti was just installed outside a residential home

Notable Features

Bryant Preferred™, particularly the 126B model, is popular for its silent operation. It can be upsetting when an air conditioner makes a lot of noise while operating. This air conditioner eliminates that issue because this is one of their noiseless models with a 72dB sound level.

The Intelligent Evolution® Connex™ Control is another outstanding feature offered by Bryant. It can remotely sense the condition of the home's interior and exterior.

Surprisingly, Trane's TruComfort™ XV18, a variable speed AC unit, also has a noise level of 55-75dB. This feature helps you save around 44% on your power bills due to its ability to precisely adjust its speed according to your needs. Moreover, its CleanEffects® can filter out flawlessly the tiniest dust and other air contaminants in your house.

BTU Capacity

Your air conditioner's proper size will dictate your entire cooling system's effectiveness. Otherwise, improper size of air conditioner, regardless of the brand, can never be able to evenly cool your house.

Luckily, you'll find Bryant AC systems on the market with considerable BTU capacity varying from 24,000-60,000. In contrast, Trane manufactures a 17,000-60,000 BTU capacity, a fairly close value compared to their competitors.

AC Units Availability

Over the years, Bryant constantly strives to develop and upgrade their product line to meet your cooling or heating demand. Bryant now has a showcase of three AC series, starting from the Evolution™, Preferred™, and Legacy™.

The following are Bryant's greatest AC series available on the market today:

Evolution™ Series

  • model 186CNV
  • model 189BNV

Preferred™ Series

  • model 124ANS
  • model 126B
  • model 126CNA
  • model 126SAN
  • model 127A
  • model 127T

Legacy™ Line Series

  • model 105A
  • model 113A
  • model 114C
  • model 114CNC
  • model 115SAN
  • model 116B

Meanwhile, Trane, as one of the icons globally, also offers its user's a variety of dependable air conditioner models. These models have some vital latest features and qualities which you'll see in their closest rivals.

These are Trane's best AC models you'll find in most HVAC stores available today:

  • model XR13
  • model XR14
  • model XR16
  • mode lXL16i
  • Low model XR16
  • model XR17
  • model XV18
  • model XL18i
  • model XV20i

AC Per Unit Price And Average Installation Cost

Despite Bryant air conditioners being premium tier products; the company offers reasonable inexpensive AC units. See our average Bryant Evolution series cost per unit and installation down below.

Bryant's Average Cost Per Unit

  • Bryant model 186B = $1,675
  • Bryant model 187B  = $1,800
  • Bryant model 189BNV = $2,190
  • Bryant model 180B  = $2,510

Bryant's Average Installation Cost

  • Bryant model 186B = $2,985
  • Bryant model 187B  = $3,250
  • Bryant model 189BNV  = $3,695
  • Bryant model 180B = $4,240

Note: These averages price per unit along with their installation, may change according to your dealer or market.

Meanwhile, you can expect to spend a little extra grand for Trane's cooling systems. As they make a variety of cooling and heating equipment in a bit pricey offer.

Trane's Average Cost Per Unit

  • Trane model XR14 = $2,250
  • Trane model XR16 = $2,452
  • Trane model XL16i = $2,650
  • Trane model XR17 = $2,850
  • Trane model XV18 = $3,215
  • Trane model XL18i = $3,550

Trane's Average Installation Cost

  • Trane model XR14 = $4,800 - $6,800
  • Trane model XR16  = $6,000 - $8,000
  • Trane model XL16i = $6,000 - $8,400
  • Trane model XR17 = $6,000 - $8,400
  • Trane model XV18 = $6,300 - $8,750
  • Trane model XL18i = $7,200 - $10,000

Note: Trane's per unit and installation cost will depend on each unit's tonnage size you want to install.

Air Conditioner's Longevity

Over time, even the most reliable air conditioner units from Bryant and Trane will surely degrade. After all, when it comes to durability, both brands are fairly even in this contest.

As Bryant air conditioner can last for 15 years, of course, this will always correspond with proper care and maintenance. However, in Trane's air conditioner unit, its service life can reach around 15-2o years.

Both Brands Warranty Offers

10 year warranty label

Bryant covers their customers with the finest warranty deals as long as you will follow their warranty guidelines:

  • You'll qualify to enjoy a 10-year parts warranty if you manage to register your appliance within 90 days.
  • If you fail to register your equipment within the said time frame, you will only get a warranty of five years.
  • Aside from your regular warranty, you should be ready to pay for extra $100 to $1,000 for labor and repairs.

Trane protects their client's appliances with the best warranty coverage you could ask for. However, you must comply first the Trane's 60 days registering period to be eligible for the limited warranty. A 10-year limited warranty is waiting for you only for a manufacturer of faulty parts but excluding the labor.

Note that there are additional warranties as well for models such as XL and XV for about 12 years. If you plan to sell your home, you can transfer your Limited Warranty claims to the new owner. All you have to do is submit the transfer within 90 days and pay the $99 one-time transfer charge.

Furthermore, you won't be eligible for a warranty transfer except if you register your Trane unit after August 1, 2011, which is another restriction. Any products whose registration is made before the specified date are void and not transferable.

What Are The Other Reliable AC Brands?

Always go with the most reputable and dependable names in the HVAC business when purchasing your air conditioner unit. Getting to know the most known HVAC producer brands helps you narrow down your choices.

The list below includes the current most reliable producers of air conditioner units, excluding Bryant And Trane:

  1. American Standard
  2. Amana
  3. Lennox
  4. Frigidaire
  5. Rheem
  6. Coleman
  7. Heil
  8. York
  9. Carrier

To Wrap Up

Investing in a new air conditioner unit can be both expensive and challenging. The comfort and quality of the indoor air in your entire home will depend on your decision. Pick wisely the AC manufacturers you wish to install depending on your house's requirements.

In this article, we've shared which companies make the best air conditioners with the best features. You also learned both brands' average unit pricing, including the installation costs. We hope that by using this information, you can choose the brands you desire based on your perspective and cooling demand.

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