Can A Lasko Heater Be Used As A Fan? [Yes! Some Models Can! Here’s What You Need To Know!]

There are heaters today that have both heating and cooling functions. You can turn on the fan to cool your surroundings or switch on the heater to provide warmth. Is a Lasko heater able to do this, and which models can? We have researched to provide the answer you need.

Yes, some Lasko models can heat or cool your area. These models include the following:

  • Ceramic bathroom heater with fan (Model CD08210)
  • High-velocity fan and heater in one (Model FHV801)
  • Remote control heater with fan (Model FH500)
  • Fan and heater remote-controlled (Model FH515)

Continue reading as we provide information on some Lasko heater models that can cool your home using a fan. We have provided the advantages of using these heaters, including the Lasko brand. 

Lasko Fan Heater Models That Can Be Used As A Fan

There are many dual heaters today that can heat or cool your room. You switch on the heater to warm your surroundings or turn on the fan to enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere.  An example of such a heater is Lasko. Here are a few models to consider:

Ceramic Bathroom Heater With Fan (Model CD08210)

This ceramic Lasko model CD08210 is excellent for warming a cold bathroom. It has a cooling function to cool your bathroom during the hot season. It has an appliance leakage current interrupter (ALCI) safety plug to prevent a potential electrical shock.

Don’t forget that water is a good conductor of electricity, and you will use this appliance in your bathroom.

High-Velocity Fan And Heater In One (Model FHV801)

You can find this white-black Lasko fan heater on Amazon.

The Lasko FHV801 is a space heater that also features a fan. This model has four speeds, ranging from low to high velocity. The highest speed is excellent for both cooling and ventilating your space. The heating mode also has four speeds, the most increased turbo heat, and can heat your room quickly. 

The auto-eco thermostat is a feature that saves on energy while keeping the environment at room temperature. They can spin or oscillate evenly, distributing heat or cool air in your room. 

The best part may be that it has a remote so that you can control it from any corner of your room. It has an auto-off timer that you can set for up to 8 hours. The carry handles help you carry it from one room to another without much hassle.   

It has a thermal shut-off system that automatically turns off your heater if the temperature passes the safety limit. Furthermore, it has a cool touch to prevent accidental burns when one touches the exterior.  

Remote Control Heater With Fan (Model FH500)

Check out this Lasko oscillating tower fan heater on Amazon.

Designed with a small base, the Lasko FH500 is towering at three feet. To cool your space, you can have up to four speeds: super-low, low, medium, and high. This unit has three settings for a warmer room: low, medium, and high.   

Installed in your appliance is an auto-eco automatic thermostat that heats a room, using very little energy. It oscillates, has a timer, and you can control your unit using a digital remote. 

Your Lasko can continue running optimally if you regularly clean the filter.  

Fan And Heater Remote Controlled - Model FH515

This fan heater FH515 has similar features to that of FH500, including the upper half with four cool settings. The lower half has three heating speeds. It is remote-controlled with a cool-touch exterior. 

To protect you from too much heat, it has an overheat automatic feature that switches off your heater when the temperatures exceed the safe limit. In addition, it has a tip-over safety that turns off the appliance when it accidentally falls over. 

Advantages Of Heaters With Fans

Heaters with fans are popular heating devices because they give you the comfort you need while helping you save energy bills. They are portable and can be easily moved from room to room. These are some advantages of heaters with fans, including the Lasko heater. Other advantages include:

tower fan with heater blowing hot air. Can A Lasko Heater Be Used As A Fan

Low Initial And Long-Term Costs

These heaters with fans are available with carrying handles, making them portable. They are lightweight and easy to carry around. The best part is that you can use it to heat or cool your surroundings as you need it. These are some of the features that make this type of heater affordable. 

In addition, they heat a room quickly but also use little electricity, lowering your energy bills. As a result, the initial and long-term running costs are low. 

Safety Features Included

A fan heater can be dangerous. A fire can start if objects are too close to it while heating a room. There are safety measures to observe, but many of the latest heaters with fans have safety features. 

The Lasko is one such heater, and that’s why it’s recommended to purchase newer models that have these safety features:

  1. Tip-over protection - If you, your children, or your pets accidentally tip the appliance over, it will automatically shut down. 
  2. Overheat protection – If, for some reason, the temperatures in your appliance go beyond the safety levels and the inside gets too hot, it will automatically shut down.
  3. Cool-touch housing – The exterior of your heater is cool. Therefore, you can touch it without it burning you.  

Less Noisy

These dual heaters have very little noise coming out of them. A quiet one with no sound is what you most likely need, and this type of heater with a fan will only produce an unobtrusive, low-humming sound. 

The low sounds are manageable. It can even counteract other noises, such as voices outside your bedroom or cars moving outside. So, in essence, it won’t distract you as you sleep. However, remember it’s not a good idea to sleep with the heater on.

However, Lasko heaters have timers where you can designate a time for it to shut off or on, which is an advantage.

Handy Appliance

A Lasko heater with a fan is easy and convenient to use. Features like the remote allow you to control your heater without getting up. The timer will shut off at the time you've set. Most models oscillate to heat or cool a room evenly.

The carrying handle helps you to carry it from room to room, depending on where you want to be at any particular moment. 

Why You Should Not Sleep With Your Heater On

Have a look at this Lasko oscillating 3-speed heater on Amazon.

As earlier mentioned, it is not a good idea to sleep with your heater on for various reasons as follows:

Dry Skin And Nasal Airways

Leaving your fan on throughout the night can make your skin dry. The nasal airways can equally dry out, causing the production of excess mucous. As a result, you can wake up not feeling unwell.

Make Allergies Worse

If you have any allergies, they can be made worse by keeping your heater on throughout the night. 

Sore And Stiff Muscles

If you use your heater with a fan to cool your room at night, you might wake up with stiff muscles. Your muscles will feel sore, tense, and cramped, making you uncomfortable, such as a stiff neck. 

Electronic tower fan blowing warm air. Can A Lasko Heater Be Used As A Fan [Yes! Some Models Can! Here's What You Need To Know!]

In Closing

Heaters with fans are popular because they are cheap to buy and use, including the Lasko brand. They can heat or cool your space. Switch to the mode you want.

The latest models are better than the older ones because many have new features. New safety features make your appliance safer, or convenient features like the carry handle make moving it around easier. These heaters have several advantages, making them a favorite in many homes.

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