Can You Run Your AC When It’s Raining? [Inc. Window AC]

Air conditioners make the air in a room comfortable and humidity-free. Plus, they keep you cool when the weather is warm. But, did you wonder if you can run your AC when it's raining? We did the research to find out and have some interesting answers to share.

Air conditioners can continue running, even when it's raining. It is safe to run an AC, provided water doesn't get to any electronic elements. However, do not allow your AC unit to sit in floodwater.

How do you keep floodwater from damaging your air conditioner? Continue reading for the answer, and learn other related information.

Window air conditioner unit in window in brick building with green grass and leaves on ground, Can You Run Your AC When It's Raining? [Inc. Window AC]

Using Your AC During The Rainy Season

You can run any air conditioner when it's raining. It's advantageous to use an air conditioner when it's raining to reduce the humidity in the room. However, make sure to protect your outdoor AC unit adequately.

Although falling rain doesn't affect your AC unit, floodwaters might. The electronic elements in an outdoor AC are waterproof. But, when a unit is submerged in floodwater, it causes irreparable damage.

What Could Affect A Window AC

White air conditioning part of a split system hanging on a brick wall of a building covered in snow and icicles in winter in Russia.

It's not easy for outdoor window air conditioners. These units are durable, but eventually, time and severe weather can take a toll. Other things that could affect a window AC are:

A window air conditioner in a barred cage with snow on a brick urban building in New York City


The condition ofan outdoor unit will deteriorate over time, and the metal elements can get corroded.


Debris, dirt, and broken branches can get into an outdoor air conditioner unit and damage it during a storm.

Excess Water

Localities with heavy, long rains and severe storms can damage an outdoor unit. Excess water in the AC unit can cause mold and mildew, which are health hazards.

Ice & Snow

To prolong the life of your window air conditioner unit, cover it during the cold months. Snow and ice can damage an outdoor unit faster. 

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How To Take Care Of An Air Conditioner

Air conditioner service indoors. Air conditioner cleaning technician He opened the front cover and took out the filters and washed it. He in uniform wearing rubber and mask.

Your air conditioner needs proper care. Schedule air conditioner maintenance when you are not using it. Although, the maintenance schedule will depend mostly on your locality.

Use these tips to ensure that your air conditioner remains in tip-top shape. These steps are also helpful for maintaining a window air conditioner too!

  • Turn off the power supply if the AC compressor unit is not in use. The power should be off when conducting any maintenance on the unit.
  • Cover the air conditioner to avoid debris or snow damaging the coils. Be careful with the wrapping to prevent mice, rats, and other critters from turning your AC into a nest.
  • Clean any debris and dust from the air conditioner's condenser coil. Dirt gets trapped when the air is sucked in. Remove or dismantle it and hose it down gently with water. You can use a chemical cleaner, but ensure that it does not corrode the coils.
  • Check for any components that might need changing or replacing. Fans, coils, connectors, air filters, broken wires, capacitors, or other electric components need to be working for the AC to function optimally.

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  • Look to see if the insulation on your pipes is intact. It will help prolong the life of the compressor in the AC unit.
  • Make sure that your AC unit is level. Do not move it suddenly to avoid breaking or bending the pipes. 
  • Clean the drain pans that collect residue water. When the drain pans are clean, mold and mildew won't get into your home or lungs.

Look at the following videos on how to maintain air conditioners.

How Long Do Air Conditioners Last

Most air conditioners will  last an average of 10 to 15 years with proper care. Depending on the size, maintenance, and type of air conditioner, some can last up to 25 years!

However, many window air conditioners get replaced after 8 years. Before you dump your window air conditioner, troubleshoot it to see if you can milk another year or two out of it.

How To Troubleshoot A Window Air Conditioner

A simple window air conditioning unit seen from the outside on a brick urban residential building

For your window AC to have a longer lifespan, you need to take care of it. But, how do you know if the window air conditioner has outlived its welcome?

You should:

  1. Check how the window conditioner fits inside the window. An ill-fitted window air conditioner can overwork and not live long.
  2. Look at the location of the window conditioner. It is best to place a window air conditioner on a shaded wall, away from the sun. This will help it last longer.
  3. Storage is another critical factor that will help you squeeze more juice out of the air conditioner.
  4. Maintenance of any appliance is vital. Clean your air conditioner to enjoy optimal cooling and comfort.

These factors will help you use your window air conditioner for a year or two longer.  

How Do You Know It's Time To Change Your Air Conditioner

An air conditioning unit sticking out a window.

You know it's time to change your window air conditioner when it's:

  • Blowing warm air
  • Leaking 
  • Smells nasty
  • Making strange sounds
  • No air is flowing 

You'll notice these things in a window air conditioner that has seen better days, but not in a new one. Therefore, choose a window air conditioner that is ideal for your location.

Types Of Window Air Conditioners

Outdoor window air conditioning units on an old New York City brick apartment building with green plants along a sidewalk

Evolution is a wonderful thing. Window air conditioners are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. And also, they are efficient for small rooms and apartments at an affordable cost.

Whichever window air conditioner you choose, understand your basic needs and the features the AC must have. Do not overlook the aesthetics of an air conditioner. Minimalism is a popular trend, and some window ACs will compliment your decor.

The most popular window air conditioners in the market are:

Portable Window Air Conditioners

These portable air conditioning units can be large enough to cool two to three rooms and are energy efficient. You can control these devices digitally using a smartphone. They can double as fans and humidifiers.

You can plug this unit into a standard outlet with the vent out of the window. Because the whole unit is indoors, it remains clean.

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Hanging Window Air Conditioners

The Hanging U-shaped window AC lets you close your window! The sleek, elegant look will fit into any modern decor.

The Hanging U-shaped window AC doesn't need screws to mount on the window ledge. Using a smartphone, you can control the temperature of the unit.

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How To Use An AC Safely

Use any appliance with caution, even if it is familiar. To avoid any unexplainable accidents, follow these safety tips.

Regular Maintenance

Leave nothing to fate or chance. Fine-tune your air conditioner regularly and schedule maintenance.

Keen Eye And Ear

Listen out for any strange noises and never switch on the AC if you suspect anything. Always contact a professional if you don't understand what is going on with your unit.

User Guide

The manual is the unit's bible. Read it religiously and adhere to every safety precaution mentioned.

Replace AC Components

Air conditioners can be a health hazard when not kept clean. Clean out and replace drain pans and air filters often.

Power Sources

Remember to disconnect the air conditioner when cleaning or servicing it. Pay attention to the thermostats as well.

Can You Disguise An Air Conditioner

A old window unit air conditioner still being used by people whom don't have central air.

Yes, you can! Not all appliances are pretty. So, it's understandable if you want to hide a monstrous apparatus. Ensure you disguise the air conditioner properly to avoid damage or reduce its efficiency.

Use the following tactics to hide an air conditioner that is an eyesore.

  • Potted plants
  • Creative and protective boxes
  • Cultivated bushes
  • Sheds
  • Planters
  • Storage area
  • Decorative garden ornaments

These methods are not excessive and will protect the AC from the elements.

Final Thoughts

A window air conditioning unit outside an old brick apartment building above a garden with yellow sunflowers during summer

You can run your AC in rainy weather without a problem. But never let it sit in floodwater. Use a protective covering for your AC when not in use.

Ensure that you maintain your AC and adhere to safety precautions. Be selective when purchasing an air conditioner to suit your basic needs.

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