Can You Mix PVC And Metal Pipes?

Metal pipes were historically widely used in household plumbing systems, but plastic pipes are now more prevalent.

If you wonder if you can mix PVC and metal pipes, you've come to the right place. We've researched this topic and have found the best answers to this query.

You can always combine PVC and metal pipes for your plumbing project. Ensure that you choose the correct fitting size for your thread. With proper installation, you can achieve a tight junction that won't leak.

The type of material used for piping has been a crucial consideration. This article will discuss PVC pipes, metal pipes, and if you can join PVC and metal pipes together. Continue reading to learn more about this topic.

high quality Galvanized steel pipe or Aluminum and chrome stainless pipes in stack waiting for shipment in warehouse, Can You Mix PVC And Metal Pipes?

Can You Mix PVC And Metal Pipes?

PVC to metal connections are present in irrigation systems. Plastic and metal piping couplings function nicely if the installer knows how to perform the process correctly.

Threaded connections are used to connect the PVC to the metal parts. Selecting a threaded fitting with the right size and design to make the transition between plastic and metal is necessary. 

Since plastic expands more readily than practically all metals, it poses a more significant challenge than metals. Thus, the diameters of the pipes and fittings differ. 

The female fitting extends as the male fitting contracts. This results in a solid, tight junction that won't leak. You don't need to worry about corrosion because the chemicals used to make these pipes do not interact.

Large metal pipes with a plastic sheath laid in a trench

PVC Pipes

PVC piping is a solid, affordable option for many plumbing repairs, also known as polyvinyl chloride pipe. PVC pipes are rigid and typically come in shades of white, cream, or grey.

They are helpful for exterior drainage, vent piping, and drain pipes. PVC allows for more effortless water movement, which could lessen the likelihood of frequent obstructions.

Due to its capacity to withstand high water pressure, PVC is frequently utilized for the main supply line entering your home. The PVC pipes used in outdoor plumbing systems are easy to work with and find.

PVC is simple to install and provides several joining options, including clamps, mechanical couplings, and solvent welding. 

PVC conduit pipes on a stack. Nice gray texture background for construction site

It is flexible and resistant to the chemicals used to unclog and clean drains. PVC outdoor lines can be buried. However, you must be attentive to this matter to avoid collapse.

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Bring out the safety goggles and gloves before you begin connecting PVC. Use a pipe cutter to cut your PVC pipe. Then, sand the sliced surface for a smooth finish.

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Before applying glue, arrange all the PVC pipe parts to ensure they fit smoothly. Cut to the required length to avoid adhering to the faulty connections, and mark and number the connections as necessary.

Due to the potential heat degradation of the plastic, PVC piping cannot be utilized for hot water lines or drinking water since it cannot tolerate high temperatures.

Heat can cause the material, like other plastics, to bend and melt. Also, PVC pipes come in small sizes, which can occasionally be a problem.

Metal Pipes

steel profile materials used in industry

In the past, galvanized metal pipes were the preferred material for plumbing systems in homes, and they are simple to locate and replace. They are accessible and economical solutions for buildings and other structures because of their widespread use and production procedures.

Steel offers exceptional strength, toughness, and endurance. When selecting pipes, the strength factor is crucial. Metal pipes are typically more robust than PVC pipes due to the substance. 

Steel can withstand pressure or shocks without breaking, allowing it to bend while maintaining its shape. Steel pipes would be ideal since building owners wouldn't worry about fixing plumbing issues like blockages and leaks.

Steel pipes are a fantastic option simply because they can withstand extreme heat without cracking. Also, steel pipes can be produced in various diameters and lengths, depending on the use.

With time, galvanized pipes corrode, reducing water flow and making your plumbing susceptible to leaking damaged pipes. Corroded pipes can allow lead to leak into the water, making it dangerous to drink. These pipes are incredibly heavy, which is a drawback, given their durability. They are challenging to work with as a result.

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How Do You Connect PVC And Metal Pipes?

UPVC CPVC Fittings for polypropylene pipes. Elements for pipelines

You can complete most plumbing and draining chores with either metal or plastic piping. Making the connection between PVC and metal pipes is relatively simple. Here are the steps on how you connect PVC and metal pipe:

Examine the Pipe

Examine the pipes to make sure they are in good operating condition. If not, you must remove or fix the pipe's broken sections. You may cut the pipe as straight as you can with a hacksaw.

Select Appropriate Thread

Couplings for tubing. thread on the couplings. Pumped compressor pipes for the oil well

Threaded connectors are required to connect metal and plastic pipes. Choose the correct fitting and design of thread for your pipes. It can cause leaks if you select the wrong size.

A female threaded connection, such as at a tee, elbow, or coupler, is the ideal location to switch over to new pipes.

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Use Thread Tape

Installing a water tap in the bathroom. Winding fum tape on the sleeve of the pipe for sealing

When working with galvanized pipes, use pipe threading tape as a leak prevention measure. Wrap the tape across the threads while transitioning from plastic to metal to seal the connection and simplify assembly.

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Apply Sealant

Before inserting the pipe into its proper fitting, it is typically a good idea to put a silicone-based sealer on the pipe because old galvanized pipes' surfaces can have corrosion imperfections. 

To tighten the connectors and create a reliable seal, place the coated threads next to one another. Combining the parts of the PVC-metal irrigation system joints is simpler.

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Connect The Pipes To The Coupling

Connect the metal pipe's female thread and the plastic pipe's male thread to the coupling. The female fitting extends as the male fitting contracts. This results in a solid, tight junction that won't leak.

Avoid overtightening the connectors, as this could cause damage and cause them to shatter. A pipe wrench is the best instrument to use when tightening the connector.

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When Should You Replace Your Pipes?

You may need to replace your pipe if the water from your faucet is already discolored or smells bad. This situation indicates corrosion in your pipes. Rust and mineral deposits develop as a result of older pipelines deteriorating.

Metals have 40 to 70 years before they deteriorate, while PVC has 50 to 70 years. PVC is resistant to rust and corrosion, so unless it sustains some unanticipated damage, it can last for a long time.

Also, if the pipelines in your home are already old, it is prone to leak, mold, and mildew.

Does SharkBite Work On PVC?

Push-to-connect plumbing fittings are called SharkBite fittings. Using SharkBite fittings during repairs makes switching between pipe types simple. SharkBite fittings are dependable, time-saving, and simple to install.

SharkBite is durable and compatible with PVC. They are also approved for installation both behind walls and on the ground. The good news is that you won't require glue, clamps, solder, or unions.

SharkBite fittings operate simply by pressing teeth onto pipes to create a rubber gasket that seals the connection. However, they are more expensive than standard connections.

When used with SharkBite tubing, the fittings are covered by a 25-year warranty from SharkBite.

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In Closing

high quality Galvanized steel pipe or Aluminum and chrome stainless pipes in stack waiting for shipment in warehouse

Choosing what material to employ is one of the first steps in navigating plumbing projects. Knowing which to utilize for particular plumbing systems is essential for a successful job.

Minor maintenance is needed to keep more robust pipes in good working order. Remember that your plumbing needs to be serviced by a qualified plumber.

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