Can You Paint Garage Door Insulation?

An impeccably painted garage door contributes to the general aesthetic value of your house. If your garage door has started to show signs of dilapidation and you’re wondering if a fresh coat of paint can revive it, you are right! Do you have an insulated garage door and wonder if you can paint the insulation, also? We’ve researched for you, and this is the answer:

Yes, you can paint your garage door insulation. Garage door insulation is often made from foam. Some kinds of insulation have panels over the foam. For both types, you need to use acrylic or latex paint.   

Read on to learn more about painting garage door insulation, the cost of painting your garage door professionally, and the length of time a painted door will last. We will also discuss the best paint to use for your insulated garage door and your garage interior.

Picking The Right Paint For Garage Door Insulation

Garage door insulation can be painted, provided you use the right kind of paint. The insulation is usually made from polystyrene layers or more widely known as "Styrofoam," and the best kind of paints to use are acrylic or latex paint.

You may have insulation that is covered with panels. The best paint for the panels is still acrylic or latex paint.

Oil-based paints cannot be used on garage door insulation. It is important to remember this as oil-based paint will disintegrate the insulation.

When picking the kind of acrylic or latex paint to use for your foam insulation, a good choice would be flat paint. If you want some gloss for your end result, choose semi-gloss paint.

Using high-gloss paint isn’t recommended because foam insulation has a coarse texture, and this kind of paint will only call attention to surface irregularities.

You can choose to have your insulated garage door painted by professionals or DIY

Painting the garage door

How Much Does It Cost To Professionally Paint A Garage Door?

Getting your garage door painted professionally will cost you betwee $1 to $4 for every square foot. The total cost will depend on factors like your choice of paint, labor costs, and door size. The total amount you might spend on painting your garage door can be anywhere from $100 to $700.

Let’s do the math:

  • A gallon of paint costs anywhere between $25 to $50. Of course, paint manufactured by designer brands will cost more, starting at $100 per gallon.
  • Labor will be between $20 to $50 per hour. Add to that about $55 to $165 spent on paintbrushes, rollers, buckets, and cleaning materials.

If you’re painting a garage door from a shade that’s darker to a lighter shade, you will need one or two more layers of paint which adds to the total cost. 

With that, we can project an expense of $100 to $230 for a single-car garage door. For a two-car garage door, costs could be up to $500, and, for a three-car garage door, it could be up to $700.

The cost of painting your garage door will also depend on the current condition of your door. Costs will be higher if it has peeling paint and rotted or corroded areas as compared to a garage door that just needs a fresh layer of paint.

How Long Will A Painted Garage Door Last?

Teenage Boy Spray Painting Garage Door

When the painting job is done properly, the garage door's finish can last 5 to 10 years. When we say properly done, we mean the right kind of paint was used over a cleaned surface. A good primer should be used if the surface needs it, especially if recommended for correct paint application.

What Is The Best Paint For The Inside Of A Garage?

painter man working for repairing and painting the garage door

Most of us have garages that are utilized not only for housing our cars. They’re also often a workspace for small DIY projects or a storage area that holds our tools, sports equipment, and the like. For these reasons, it’s a good idea to paint your garage interior too.

Interior latex is the best paint for the inside of your garage. This applies to both the walls and the ceiling. Application of a good latex primer is needed if you have unpainted and unfinished walls. 

Latex paint is water-based, and it has minimal odor. It also dries quickly and has low volatile organic compounds, making it the best choice for interiors over other paint varieties. You can also check with your local hardware if they have paint varieties that are primer-and-paint-in-one to save you time if you choose to paint your garage as a DIY project.

Semi-gloss paint is highly recommended for your garage interior. It gives you a surface that’s easy to wipe or scrub clean while giving your walls an adequate touch of sheen.

Does A Painted Garage Add Value?

Traditional two car wooden garage

Generally, a new coat of paint in any room or part of your house significantly adds more value to your property. A newly painted garage, including your garage door, is an effective way to update your home.

Specifically, a finished garage will add resale value to your home. This includes painted interiors and exteriors, finished floors and ceilings, and sufficient insulation. Experts in real estate have projected a possible added value of $10,000 to your home’s property value with a finished garage.

Research has also shown that painting the interior of your home, including your garage, can potentially yield a 107% ROI. That said, if you want to increase your home's value for future selling, painting your garage inside and outside will help add value.

In Summary

Garage door at a huge building, Can You Paint Garage Door Insulation?

You can paint garage door insulation using acrylic or latex paint. Oil-based paints should be avoided because they will cause the insulation to disintegrate. Flat paint or semi-gloss paint would be the best choice for insulation that have coarse surfaces.

Finally, a painted garage door can last for 5-10 years and adds value to your home, making it a good decision to paint your garage door.

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