Can You Use A Humidifier Without A Filter?

Humidifiers can be expensive, especially if you’d have to replace the filter every few months. Most people opt for portable bedside humidifiers that do not use filters to cut costs. But, is it at the cost of safety? Or maybe practicality and function? We did an in-depth research to help you decide where to cut costs and where not to in committing to a humidifier ecosystem.

Yes. Some humidifiers can be used without a filter as long as it has a system that purifies the water you use. Here are some of the characteristics of a humidifier without a filter:

  • Operate quietly (compared to humidifiers with filters)
  • Easier maintenance
  • More affordable option (Not always)

Now, you're wondering what are the differences between humidifiers with and without filters. Keep reading as we take a closer look -including at three types of name brand humidifiers.

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Conventional Filtered Humidifiers

Filtered humidifiers are the more conventional choice. Filters are excellent at making sure there are no harmful components that will be vaporized into the air. This makes filtered humidifiers a popular choice for people with a lot of allergies. The presence of a filter also means you no longer have to use distilled water.

More freedom in the water type used can however be sometimes offset by the hassle and cost of having to replace filters every now and then.

The downside does not end with additional costs for maintenance. It is also a hassle to clean the machine itself along with the filters. Also, filtered humidifiers can be significantly noisier. The appliance operates with a fan that can get a little bit of getting used to, if not annoying.

The white humidifier moistens dry air. Improving the comfort of living in the home, apartment. Improving the well-being of people.

What’s Different About Humidifiers Without Filters?

A humidifier without a filter is the newer addition to the family of appliances that helps balance air humidity in our homes. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types. Whichever you pick up depends on what you need.

Humidifiers without filters are not fan-operated like the conventional humidifier. It is perfect for when noise should be kept to a minimum.

Noise is usually tolerable in the living room and dining areas but there may be other rooms in the house that need complete silence. Non-filtered humidifiers would be your best companion for a good night sleep or for a focused study session.

The newer type of humidifier is also a popular choice because of the ease of maintenance. It’s a pain to change filters every other week. Depending on the brand and model you choose, it can be a bit more expensive than filtered humidifiers.

But, the cost is usually irrelevant because you no longer have the added long-term fees of filter changes.

Humidifiers without filters however do not come without disadvantages. Here are a few facts you should take into consideration:

  • Distilled or boiled water should be used. Hard water is not an option if you want to keep your humidifier in its tip-top shape.
  • Non-filtered humidifiers can also be significantly more expensive if you avail the extra features a conventional type will not normally have -such as timer function, humidity monitor, humidity control, and/or smart settings.

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Can you use a Vicks humidifier without a filter?

While a number of humidifiers can be used without a filter, a Vicks humidifier is not one of them.

We talked about two major types of humidifiers, filtered and unfiltered. However, there are more specific types to know. Check out: "9 Types Of Humidifiers And Dehumidifiers."

The Vicks humidifier is a type of evaporative cool mist humidifier. Humidifiers of this type absolutely need filters to make sure no debris or dirt pollutes the mist.

The good thing however is that there are new product lines of Vicks humidifiers that can be safely used filter-free. Just make sure to check the product label and check with the manufacturers.

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Can you use a Honeywell humidifier without a filter?

A Honeywell humidifier is an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier. You can definitely use it without a filter. Just make sure to keep the humidity level at an optimum point.

Common humidifier mistakes include setting unfiltered humidifiers at a moisture level higher than the identified safe for humans. Excess humidity can invite pathogens and make you very sick.

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Can you use an Equate humidifier without a filter?

No, an Equate humidifier cannot be used without a filter. Similar to the Vicks humidifier, the Equate type is an evaporative cool mist humidifier. If you do not wish to use filters, it is better to purchase ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers or warm mist humidifiers.

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Should you run a humidifier all night?

The simple answer, yes. Running a humidifier all night is not only safe but also recommended. It allows air to be constantly moistened, avoiding dry air to set in.

Moist air is also very helpful in getting deep and restful sleep. It keeps your throat, skin, and nose in ideal conditions and makes you feel healthy every time you wake up.

The real caveat here is that you can only do so if you keep it clean. Remember, a dirty humidifier will mist out dirty air and can do more harm than good. Here are a few tips you can follow to keep your humidifier clean and safe:

  • Empty the water container regularly and run it with a disinfectant.
  • Avoid letting your humidifier sit for a long time powered off. Stagnant water can encourage mold to form.
  • If you live in an area with a lot of dust, make sure to clear your device of dust regularly. It can clog your humidifier and affect its function.

Wondering about your humidifier's automatic settings? Check out: "Do Humidifiers Turn Off Automatically?"

Improving the comfort of living in the home, apartment. Improving the well-being of people.

Is sleeping with a humidifier good for you?

Sleeping with a humidifier on is great not only for a restful sleep. Moist air can help alleviate allergic symptoms especially for those who already have respiratory diseases.

It also helps combat swelling which is not just uncomfortable but is also detrimental to the body if not stopped early on. People who’ve slept with humidifiers also report less feeling of congestion, colds, and even fatigue.

However, it’s still not for everybody. If you cannot tolerate a high humidity environment, sleeping with a humidifier may disturb your sleep more than aid it. Make sure you check with your physician as well.

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In Conclusion

What we all have in common is that we want restful sleep and a healthy life. Humidifiers are not the all-in-one cure, but are definitely is beneficial.

If you’ve been meaning to purchase a non-filtered humidifier but had concerns, we hope this article helped convince you that humidifiers without filters are safe. Just remember to keep it clean and well-maintained to get the most out of it.


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