Carrier Thermostat Vs Nest – Which To Choose


Below are some side-by-side comparisons between the Ecobe and the Nest. We have listed the top criteria that consumers should consider when choosing what thermostat to go for. Let's get started.

Learning Home Smart Thermostat On The Concrete Wall


The designs are beautiful for both smart thermostat products, and both would easily blend in on your walls. The Ecobee is a 4 x 4-inch device that takes on the traditional look of a thermostat with rounded corners. As for the Nest, it is round, measures 2.08 inches, and has a modern look. 

The Ecobee's temperature indoor setting can be seen from far away thanks to its large font and screen. It also becomes brighter as you get closer to it. Its 3.5-inch touchscreen looks sleek even if it is made of cheaper materials than Nest. You can also adjust the temperature by swiping up and down as you would on a smartphone.

The interface of the Nest is user friendly and comes in a 24-bit color LCD. The display turns blue when it is cooling and orange when heating, a warning of what the thermostat is doing.

However, it is not a touchscreen but comes with a wheel navigator (like in a computer mouse) to go through the menu. This might not be convenient, but you don't need to change any commands after the setup.

Ecobee has an intelligent sensor that detects if another person is in the room and automatically adjusts the temperature. Voice control is available using Amazon's Alexa. You can make temperature changes and weather updates with voice control, play music, and make hands-free phone calls.

The follow-me mode of Ecobee allows you to know of any movements in your home and know which rooms are in use. When it detects movement, the temperature is automatically adjusted to balance.

Nest can read temperature, humidity, proximity, motion, and ambient light, as well as learn your patterns of use and program itself. It can be set to change the temperature when you are in the house, away, or asleep. However, it needs the Google Home App to control your home's temperature. 

In terms of ease of use, this app better than the actual thermostat. It also tells you how much energy you have used for an hour, week, and month. 

The versatility of both Ecobee and Nest allows connectivity to most types of home heating and cooling systems. These products have been tested to be compatible with any 24-volt HVAC.

For connectivity, Ecobee can work seamlessly with any smart home platform. Aside from Alexa, you can use Apple Home Kits and Google Assistant. Also, the system can be controlled using any smart device like Apple or Android.

Ecobee's installation will only take 45 minutes or less using the brand's mobile app or the manual. However, it needs power to work, so C-wire is required. Without a C-wire, Ecobee provides a power extended kit with a smart thermostat. This kit requires you to open the HVAC and install it using a step-by-step tutorial. 

Nest is easily installed by following the Google Home app's step-by-step instructions. The installation will only take 20-30 minutes. Also, it does not need continuous power, as it has built-in 2 AAA batteries.


Ecobee and Nest are premium products that offer smart connectivity to your HVAC system with the use of WiFi and smart gadgets. 

Ecobee's smart thermostat with voice control is $219. This year, other versions came out, like the Ecobee enhanced work with Alexa at $189. But if you add Siri capability, a built-in air quality monitor, and a smart sensor, the price goes up to $250.

On the other hand, the Nest stainless steel exterior is only $199. However, the price can go up to $235 for a black version.

Energy Saving

The Ecobee constantly analyzes use patterns, allowing the smart thermostat to adjust accordingly. This translates to 23% energy savings in annual costs. Electricity savings are qualified for rebates from your local utility company. 

a modern residential programmable heating and cooling thermostat mounted on a wall

When should I replace my thermostat?

Elderly senior presses the button to turn down the thermostat

Most smart thermostats can last up to 10 years. However, constant use can lead to wear and tear, especially on the display screen. You may need to replace the device before the 10-year mark.
The Ecobee has a limited 3-year warranty and runs on electricity. In comparison, the Nest will have a warranty of 2-5 years depending on if you have a Thermostat E (four years) or a Nest Learning Thermostat (five years).

How does a smart thermostat save you money?

Electrician Installing New Programmable Thermostat

Saving money through the smart thermostat happens when the device is programmed to heat and cool the home to as much as it needs. Smart thermostats can adapt and program themselves to expend just the right amount of energy. You can also set a timer when it turns on and off.

This device also monitors when maintenance is needed for the HVAC. If regularly maintained, it will be more efficient and use less energy.

A thermostat controls your cooling and heating system at home. Sixty-eight degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal thermostat setting to provide a great balance of comfort. At this temperature, your HVAC systems also achieve energy efficiency.

In conclusion

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