How To Clean An Armstrong Air Conditioner

Your Armstrong air conditioner plays a significant role in what turns your house into a haven of relaxation. Cleaning it regularly helps maintain your Armstrong AC unit at its highest efficiency.

Now you're wondering how to clean my Armstrong AC unit? Wonder no more! We've done in-depth research, and here's what we've found.

Cleaning your Armstrong air conditioning indoor and outdoor components will ensure your AC unit operates efficiently.

Cleaning The Indoor Unit:

  1. Shut OFF the AC unit's power.
  2. Open the AC unit's access panel.
  3. Clean your AC evaporator coils.
  4. Clean its drain pan.
  5. Once done, close the access panel.

Cleaning The Outdoor Unit:

  1. Turn OFF the outdoor unit's power supply.
  2. Remove the AC grille.
  3. Clean its coils and fins.
  4. Clear any debris surrounding your outdoor unit.

That sounds easy enough! Keep reading as we dive deeper into cleaning your Armstrong AC's other parts. We'll also cover how to troubleshoot the AC unit accordingly to the issues occurring. With that said, let's discuss it below.

Dirty air conditioning unit covered in leaves during autumn, How To Clean An Armstrong Air Conditioner

How To Clean An Armstrong Air Conditioner

One of the things you can do to extend the life of your air conditioner is to clean it when it needs to. As a homeowner, there are many simple things that you may complete without spending a lot of time or energy.

You may prolong the useful life of your air conditioner by following the instructions in the owner's manual with a little proactive effort. Before accessing your unit, be sure to switch off the electricity.

Cleaning The Evaporator Coils

Armstrong has two types of coil cleaning methods. In type 1, you can use a soft brush to clean the coil of dust if you have one. This dust is the form of any particles inside your home.

If you used a HEPA filter, you might need a vacuum cleaner for better dust removal. In addition, with an accelerator gun, you can easily and properly clean the unit's drain pan.

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In contrast, a type 2 coil cleaning method is when you cannot clean the coils using the type 1 method. A chemical coil cleaner, which you can purchase at your nearest hardware store, is the ideal cleaning alternative.

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This chemical cleaner is best to cleanse and wash by a steam cleaning machine. Moreover, regularly cleaning its evaporator coils helps improve your HVAC system's power efficiency and airflow by around 30%.

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Cleaning The Outdoor Unit

Make sure there are no obstructions, like leaves or plant growth, within 2 - 3 feet of your unit.

To allow for free air movement, trim back overgrown grass and remove anything from around or on top of your air conditioner.

Ac coil in a white canvas

How Do You Clean The Armstrong AC Filter?

The procedure for filter cleaning differs depending on the unit, but the processes for cleaning filters are typically the same.

Furthermore, if your filter is unclean, it increases stress, leading to damage and early unit breakdown. A clean filter constantly and efficiently circulates and cools the air throughout your home.

To clean your AC unit's air filter, you'll have to:

  1. Turn OFF the AC unit.
  2. Vacuum your AC filter and remove any visible remaining debris.
  3. Add a soft detergent to a bucket or tub and soak the filter for about 5 minutes.
  4. Carefully spray and rinse both sides of the filter.
  5. Ensure to dry your air filter before reinserting it back into its panel.
  6. Put the power ON again.

How Do I Replace The Armstrong AC Filter?

home air filter showing the dirt and particle cause bacteria inflection and sickness

It's a good idea to replace your filter because it's a simple task that may have a massive impact on how your air conditioner operates in the future.

Replacing your AC filter is a quick and simple procedure; you'll perform the following steps below:

  1. Switch OFF the AC unit's power.
  2. Find the AC unit's air filter.
  3. Take the filter out.
  4. Reinsert the new air filter accordingly to the point of the arrow.
  5. Switch the power back to ON.

A clogged air filter can increase your power usage as high as 5% - 15%. Moreover, replace or clean your AC filter every 30 or 60 days during peak season.

Doing so will ensure your home runs at its best energy efficiency.

Removing filter of an ac by a professional

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Armstrong Troubleshooting Checklist

Your system can operate at its peak performance with routine servicing and maintenance from your qualified Armstrong air conditioner specialist.

However, issues can occur with any equipment before you consult your HVAC dealer. Follow this troubleshooting checklist to see if you can fix the problem before hiring an HVAC technician.

Your Home Isn't Cooling

When your home isn't cooling enough or not receiving cool air at all, this may be due to the following reason:

Trip Breaker

Find the location of your breaker panel. Usually, you'll see it on the nearby interior walls. Check the circuit breaker panel to ensure the circuits are ON.

Also, ensure the disconnect switch, which is essentially close to the heat pump unit or air conditioner, is in the ON position. In this case, you'll need to reset the breaker.

The Thermostat Is OFF

Inspect your thermostat whether it is ON or adequately set. Setting the thermostat to its correct setup will determine your home's overall cooling comfort level.

Thermostat peing adjust by a man touching the screen by a hand

AC Unit Never Turns OFF

This is due to your thermostat isn't correctly set up. Readjust your thermostat to reduce the energy your heating and cooling system must use depending on the weather.

This will also result in your AC unit not being overworked.

Clogged Air Filter

Check your furnace unit or air handler's filter if it is full of dust and debris. If so, change its filter regularly to avoid clogging and keep running your AC unit smoothly.

Coils Have Frozen Up

Generally, you can look under your indoor unit to see if there is any water damage. Also, search for an icy surface in your indoor coil casing.

To test whether it will defrost, you can switch OFF your thermostat for one to three hours.

Examine the furnace or air handler filter unit clogged with dust and dirt. Check it. Change the filter if necessary. Don't forget to replace your filter about once a month.

Blocked Ductwork

If the blower is working, check your indoor unit to see or hear it. After that, observe the airflow at various vents throughout your home.

In addition, ensuring your ductwork is clean enhances a healthy environment. Especially in commercial ductwork systems, Armstrong states it can reduce the power bills by around 30%.

It can also prolong the life of the HVAC unit.

Realigning Fins

Using your garden hose on a low spray setting, spray the fins from the inside out to clear out any dust and debris that has built up. Avoid applying excessive pressure as this could harm the delicate fins.

You can buy and use a fin comb from your nearest hardware store to realign the fins. However, you can also carefully reposition the fins with a butter knife.

Furthermore, if any of these issues continue after troubleshooting your HVAC unit, please contact your HVAC dealer if you're having trouble fixing it as soon as possible.

When Should You Perform Preventive Maintenance On An Air Conditioner?

If you acquired an additional service contract from your AC dealer or registered your AC system for an extended warranty.

  • Consider having routine maintenance for your home's heating/cooling system in the spring/fall.
  • Your AC unit is subject to routine maintenance yearly before summer.
  • Before the winter season, you'll need a schedule servicing once a year.

To Wrap Up

Dirty air conditioning unit covered in leaves during autumn

Cleaning your Armstrong air conditioner keeps your unit in the best shape and operates at its highest efficiency. Throughout this article, we've discussed how to clean your Armstrong AC outdoor unit.

You've also learned how to clean your AC's coils and fins. In addition, we also explain how to clean and replace your Armstrong filters.

We are very much delighted to share with you all of this significant knowledge. We hope this will help you care for and maintain your AC unit during its service life.

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