How To Clean A Dyson HEPA Filter

One of the most common misconceptions about vacuums is that they do not lose their suction power, but that is completely wrong because, just like other machines, vacuums need maintenance and proper care, too. We've researched how to properly care for a Dyson HEPA filter to help you keep your vacuum running smoothly. 

It is highly recommended to follow these simple steps when cleaning your Dyson HEPA filter at least once a month to prevent machine malfunction. Cleaning a Dyson HEPA Filter is not time-consuming nor complicated. Here are the easy steps to do it:

  1. Remove the filter from the machine.
  2. Get rid of the dust that has built up inside the filter.
  3. Wash the filter with tap water.
  4. Give it a gentle squeeze.
  5. Shake it to get rid of excess water and let it air-dry for at least 24 hours.
  6. After making sure the filter is dry, put it back into the machine.

For a more detailed step-by-step guide, continue reading this post to make sure you're cleaning your Dyson HEPA Filter in the right way.

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How To Clean A Dyson HEPA Filter

For a vacuum to maintain a good suction performance, cleaning its filter regularly is very important. If not done, it can lead to a machine malfunction, poor filtration power, or worse, the burden of buying a brand-new vacuum.

That's why it is very important to clean the filter at least once a month if you use your Dyson regularly. In this article, we have broken down simple, proven, and effective ways to clean your Dyson HEPA Filter at home.

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Step 1

Remove the filter from the machine. Twist the top of the Dyson in a counterclockwise direction until it loosens. Once done, you can carefully pull it out to give it a wash.

Step 2

Get rid of the dust that has built up inside the filter. Gently tap the filter on the sink until the clogged dust comes off. Make sure not to damage the filter due to extreme tapping.

Step 3

Wash the filter with tap water. Put it under running water. It is not recommended to use detergent when rinsing the filter. Gentle, lukewarm tap water is enough to eliminate all the dirt that clogged the filter.

Step 4

Give it a gentle squeeze. To ensure you get rid of all the dirt, you can gently squeeze the filter to get rid of clogs. All the dirt left will come off, but make sure you do not squeeze too hard so you will not damage the filter

Step 5

Shake it to get rid of excess water and let it air-dry for at least 24 hours. Once the filter is clean, you can shake the water off before you put it in an area with proper airflow. It is important to let it air-dry for at least 24 hours to get rid of all the water left in the filter.

Do not put the filter back into the machine when it's still wet. Excess water can cause a short circuit in the vacuum's motor that will soon lead to a machine malfunction.

Step 6

After making sure the filter is dry, put it back into the machine. Twist it clockwise in a gentle way until the filter is securely in. Turn the vacuum on to see the machine's performance. You can compare the suction power of the machine before and after cleaning the filter.

How often do you need to change the HEPA filter in Dyson?

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Despite regular cleaning, it is still recommended to change your Dyson HEPA Filter every 12 months to maintain the machine's full suction power and cleaning efficiency.

A Dyson HEPA Filter is designed to filtrate tiny particles of dirt, such as dust. The filtration system prevents tiny particles or debris from reaching the machine's motor system.

When unfiltered debris reaches the crucial parts of the vacuum, mainly the motor system, the machine might malfunction. That's why, without proper care and regular replacement, a clogged filter can affect the machine's performance, especially the machine's battery life and suction performance.

Over time, you might just end up buying yourself a new one. Good thing is that replacing the HEPA filter is easy. You can read the following tips and steps on how you can easily replace the HEPA filter in your Dyson:

Replacing a Dyson HEPA Filter

  1. When buying a new HEPA filter, make sure it suits your Dyson vacuum cleaner.
  2. Once you already have your new filter, unscrew the old one and dispose of the filter properly.
  3. Put the new one in the Dyson by twisting it clockwise until secure.

Depending on how often you are using your Dyson, in some cases, you might need to replace the filter after less than 12 months of use, so it is advisable to keep your machine and the filter regularly checked.

How do you remove the HEPA filter on a Dyson?

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Every machine needs proper handling for it to work for a longer period of time. Reckless handling of its parts can cause future problems and cost-related issues, so make sure you follow the steps in this post.

To properly remove the HEPA filter on a Dyson, follow these simple steps:

  1. Unplug the unit and turn it off. Avoid removing the filter when the machine is on or plugged in to prevent malfunction and accidents.
  2. Carefully twist the top in a counterclockwise motion. Do not use force when pulling the filter out. Continue twisting the cap counterclockwise until it loosens.
  3. Once the filter loosens, carefully pull it out of the machine. Set the unit aside in a safe area.

How do I know if my Dyson air purifier needs a new filter?

A close up view of Dyson cordless vacuum HEPA filter head on a wooden floor

Air purifiers are becoming more and more essential nowadays. It gets rid of gas and odors around the area that may cause us health problems. This is why ensuring your Dyson air purifier's filter is in good condition is very important.

Without maintaining the air purifier's filtration system, the machine might be unable to filter the harmful microscopic particles in the air.

Dyson air purifier is designed to have a filter indication display feature that is set to indicate when you already need to replace the unit's filter. A full bar will appear on the display screen when it's time to replace the filter.

You can also use the purifier's setting in your Dyson app to check for the filter life of your Dyson air purifier.


Keeping your Dyson HEPA filter clean is essential to a properly functioning vacuum. However, in time your filter will need replacement. Keeping a mindful watch on the filter's condition ensures your Dyson maintains its suction power. 

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