How To Clean A Boneco Air Washer – Follow These Steps!

It's important to keep your air washer clean. A dirty humidifier can contain mold that will get sent out into your home. If you have an air washer, you may be wondering what to do. Don't worry! We've done the research and can tell you exactly how you should clean your Boneco Air Washer.

To clean your Boneco W200 or W300, you should:

  1. Unplug the unit.
  2. Remove the outer part of the air washer and the evaporator mat drum.
  3. Remove the Ionic Silver Stick.
  4. Rotate the drum to loosen it, then remove the evaporator mat.
  5. Clean the water base and drum in the dishwasher or by hand.
  6. Clean the evaporator mat in the washing machine or by hand. 
  7. The Boneco W300 also has a water tank that should be cleaned by hand.
  8. Remove the screen in front of the fan blades.
  9. Clean the blades with a damp cloth.
  10. Replace the screen.
  11. Replace the Ionic Silver Stick.
  12. Reassemble the unit.

If you have a Boneco W2055A/W2055D, the cleaning process is similar, but there are some crucial part differences. 

That's the basic steps to clean a Boneco washer, but there's more information to expand on. Keep reading to learn more about cleaning your Boneco air washers and what these devices are used for!

An air purifier in comfortable living room for filter and cleaning removing dust in home, How To Clean A Boneco Air Washer - Follow These Steps!

Cleaning the W200 or W300

Keeping a clean air washer is essential. Here are the steps to cleaning your Boneco W200 or W300 models.

1. Remove and Clean Outer Unit

The components of your air washer are easy to disassemble. To clean your device, first, begin by removing the upper piece. Wipe all visible components with a microfiber cloth.

2. Remove Ionic Silver Stick

The Ionic Silver Stick hinders microbial growth within your washer. These are located somewhere in the water base. You'll need to replace these approximately once a year.

3. Remove Evaporator Mat

Take the drum containing the evaporator mat out of the water base. Gently but firmly, twist the drum to expose the mat and remove it from the drum.

4. Wash the Evaporator Drum

You can put the evaporator drum and water base into the dishwasher or wash them by hand. If you use the dishwasher, make sure it won't exceed a temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Wash the Evaporator Mat

You can wash your evaporator mat either in the washing machine or by hand. Always be careful when reassembling the evaporator mat and drum. You want to avoid the edges of the mat flaring out.

6. Clean the Water Tank

The W300 also comes with a water tank. This piece should be washed by hand with a soft bristle brush.

7. Clean the Fan Blades

You can take off the screen in front of the fan blades for easier cleaning. Once the obstacle is removed, wipe the blades and surrounding area with a damp cloth.

8. Reassemble the Dishwasher

Now you can reassemble your washer. Replace the screen and Ionic Silver Stick. Then reattach the outer containing piece and water tank, if you have one.

Need to see it in action? Check out this helpful video!

Cleaning the W2055A/W2055D

Here are the main steps to clean your Boneco W2055A/W2055D:

  1. Unplug the device.
  2. Remove and wipe down the inside of the upper unit.
  3. Remove the screen in front of the fan blades and wipe it down with a damp cloth.
  4. Use EZCal to clean the water tank, base, and humidifier discs. Allow the pieces to soak for approximately one hour before cleaning with a soft brush or soft cloth.
  5. Empty the base and tank of the EZCal solution.
  6. Rinse the tank, base, and disc assembly with clean water.
  7. Reassemble your unit.

The Boneco W2055A is cleaned similarly to the W200 and W300 models. However, there are a few differences that we should highlight in detail.

1. Wiping Down Fans and Components

First, you should unplug and remove the outer piece of your washer unit. You can clean the shell with a microfiber cloth. You should also remove the screen and wipe the blades with a damp cloth.

2. Clean the Water Base, Tank, and Humidifier Plates

Boneco recommends using EZCal or EZCal PRO to clean the base, tank, and humidifier discs. Mix one packet of EZCal with 32 ounces of water. Then, pour the mixture over the humidifier discs and water base. You should also partially fill the water tank with the solution.

Allow the pieces to soak for an hour. You can scrub any stubborn areas with a soft-bristled cleaning brush. You should also disassemble the humidifier discs to clean them individually.

Empty the water base and tank of the EZCal solution. Finally, rinse all components with clean water.

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3. Reassemble the Washer

You can now reassemble your unit. Be cautious when putting the humidifier discs back together. These pieces have rotary locks that shouldn't be overtightened.

How Do you Clean a Boneco Evaporator Mat?

Your Boneco evaporator mat can easily be cleaned by hand or in the washing machine! You should ensure that your washing machine won't exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit as the mat can't withstand those high temperatures. You may use any commercially available detergents.

To clean your mat by hand, you'll need to submerge it in warm water and detergent thoroughly. Once the evaporator mat has been soaked, transfer it to clean, hand-warm water. It would be best if you rinsed the mat until it stops foaming.

How Do you Dlean a Boneco filter?

Boneco has an Allergy A501 filter available for its Air Purifier P400 and P500 models. A "replace filter" symbol will illuminate on your purifier when it's time to switch your filter.

To replace the filter, remove the front cover of your appliance. Remove the outer pre-filter and the old Allergy filter. You should clean your pre-filter now. You can do this by running it under water or using the low setting on a vacuum cleaner. Let your pre-filter dry completely.

Once your pre-filter is dry, you can insert a new filter. Unwrap your new Allergy filter and put it into the holder. Reattach the pre-filter and the screen. Finally, press the power button for five seconds to clear the filter symbol.

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How do I Descale my Boneco U700?

To descale your U700, you should follow these steps:

  1. Switch the unit off.
  2. Empty the water base and tank.
  3. Remove the HydroCell and demineralization cartridge.
  4. Mix one packet of EZCal and water. Pour the mixture into the tank and replace the water tank onto the base.
  5. Press the descaling symbol for three seconds. You can press the check button to adjust the time.
  6. Your unit will shut off once the cleaning is complete.
  7. Empty the water base and then fill the tank with tap water.
  8. You can clean any remaining residue with the included yellow brush.

What Does an Air Washer Do?

Indoor air purifier in bedroom

Air washers are a combination of humidifiers and purifiers. These devices use the water to wash the air and add humidity to it. The water acts as a natural filter. You can also add essential oils to it to add scent.

Check out "How Does An Air Washer Work?" for more detailed information!

How much does an air washer cost?

Air purifier in bedroom

The prices for air washers can vary depending on the size and brand you're looking at. You can find tabletop-style washers for around $40. Of course, those won't affect a large area.

Most air washers that are effective in a larger space will cost a minimum of $200. While size and features can increase the price, you shouldn't expect to pay more than $700 for any air washer.

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Boneco Air Washers are multi-functional appliances. Washers are capable of cleaning your air and adding humidity! To clean these helpful tools, consider using EZCal on your water tank and base. Multiple models even support dishwasher use for an even easier experience!

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  1. When cleaning the Boneco U700 with the A7417 cleaning solution
    1) The manual does say to remove the A250 from the water tank but it doesn’t say if I should put the lid that the A250 was attached to back on the water tank before putting it back on the base and starting the cleaning process.
    I assumed that I needed to put the lid back on the water tank without the A250 attached and run the cleaning cycle
    2) The manual also does not say to put the A7417 powder into hot water like it states on the A7417 package. Should I have heated the water before adding the A7417 powder ?

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