Coleman AC Compressor Won’t Kick On – Why And What To Do?

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As a homeowner, you may have noticed that your Coleman AC compressor is not kicking on but are not sure of the cause and how to solve the problem. Fortunately, we have done some research for you, and here is what we found.

Problems like a blown fuse, low refrigerant, capacitor or relay failure, wiring issues, faulty valve, and clogged condenser coil can cause a Coleman AC compressor not to kick on. Here are some things you can do to tackle the problem:

  • Check for refrigerant leak.
  • Check the electrical wiring.
  • Unclog your condenser coil.
  • Check the valves.
  • Call an HVAC technician.

It is simple to troubleshoot a Coleman AC compressor and get it working again without a specialist's assistance. Keep reading to get detailed information on how to fix an AC compressor that is not kicking on.

Air condition outdoor unit compressor install outside the house, Coleman AC Compressor Won't Kick On - Why And What To Do?

Why Is My Coleman AC Compressor Not Kicking On?

There are several problems that can cause your Coleman AC compressor not to kick on. Here are some of them:

Air conditioning system installation embedded on wall of building

Low Refrigerant

In order to cool while also eliminating heat, the compressor works in conjunction with the refrigerant. The compressor won't turn on if the refrigerant levels go too low because of a leak or other problem. 

Blown Fuse

One of the problems that could cause your compressor to stop working is a blown fuse. The fuses in the air conditioner are there to safeguard the electrical parts from power surges. As a result, the air conditioner will stop functioning if the fuse blows, necessitating AC repair.

Fuse protection for air conditioner condensers helps prevent over-amperage exposure. Fuses are made to take a specific amount of amperage according to the highest amperage that the device is rated for.

The fuse will blow to prevent the condenser from overheating if more current flows through and will stop the unit from working.

Capacitor Or Relay Problem

Little electronic components like capacitors and relays are incorporated into the wiring of your Coleman air conditioner. They are necessary for the compressor to function.

The full voltage your compressor needs won't go the entire distance if a capacitor or relay malfunctions. Your compressor must receive all of the voltage in order to function.

Wiring Problem

Improper wiring is yet another problem that can occur with electrical systems such as your Coleman AC. The wiring connections may not be fitted properly if your compressor is not starting.

This indicates that something went wrong along the route, not that the compressor manufacturer crossed some wires. It's advised that you make sure the wiring is run properly if you recently installed the compressor.

Faulty Valve

One of several issues that could be causing your Coleman AC compressor to not work  is the expansion valve. The AC system won't function properly if the valve is stuck closed since it will restrict refrigerant flow to the evaporator core.

The evaporator core will flood if the valve is stuck open, which will stop the AC system from functioning properly.

Clogged Condenser Coil

The entire unit may stop working if there is a buildup of dirt and debris in the filters, condensers, or evaporators. The airflow can be so drastically reduced by a clogged filter and your evaporator coil may ice up and cease to work. 

The compressor becomes too hot due to a clogged condenser coil. The compressor will just switch off before it sustains any damage. In the worst case situation, ongoing overheating could seriously damage the compressor, necessitating replacement.

What To Do If Coleman AC Compressor Is Not Kicking On? 

Technician is checking a air conditioner, Worker wearing a disposable protective mask and gloves repairs the ac

Understanding how to resolve typical compressor problems is essential to maintaining your air conditioner since the cooling process cannot begin if the compressor won't turn on. While certain issues will need a professional's assistance, here are several things you can do on your own:

Check For Refrigerant Leaks

Since the compressor needs the refrigerant to function, it won't turn on if there is a leak or another problem that causes the refrigerant levels to go too low.

As a result, locate the refrigerant gauge and determine if it's at the recommended level to solve this problem, which is straightforward to do. 

Check The Electrical Wiring

Check that the AC compressor is receiving power if it won't turn on. Although it may seem obvious, power—or the lack of it—is one of the main causes of compressor issues. 

There is always a chance that a fuse or circuit breaker has blown. Check the wiring in your HVAC system, paying close attention to the wiring that links it to an outlet.

Unclog Your Condenser Coil

A Coleman AC unit may stop working if there is a buildup of dirt and debris in the filters, condensers, or evaporators. Cleaning this area should be a regular part of your maintenance schedule, whether or not this is the cause of your present compressor breakdown.

Condenser coils should be cleaned, filters should be changed or washed, and obstructions should not be present in the supply vents. If your compressor still won't turn on, an HVAC specialist might be needed.

Check The Valves

If the compressor refuses to start, it could be a valve-related problem. Check the valves for wear and tear. The refrigerant is carried through a series of valves, which can fail over time.

If a valve fails, the refrigerant will not be converted to a gas before reaching the compressor inlet. Fortunately, broken valves are simple to replace and usually solve the problem.

Call An HVAC Technician

If your compressor still does not turn on, it may be time to call in a professional. When your HVAC compressor does not turn on, a technician will test components like the capacitor, start relay, valves, and terminal connections to determine what to do:

How Long Does It Take For A Coleman AC Compressor To Turn On?

Mini-Split AC and Heat System hangged on a wall near the backyard

The average time Coleman air conditioner should take to turn on and cool a room to the appropriate temperature is approximately 10 to 30 minutes

However, this can be affected by a number of factors like the condition of the air conditioner, the preferred temperature, the size of the room, and even the weather outside.

Which Relay Controls The AC Compressor?

The air conditioning clutch relay controls the compressor. The compressor is engaged by this air conditioning clutch relay, which functions as a switch to transfer power from the interior AC controls to the compressor.

The compressor for the AC system won't have power without this relay, and the AC system won't work.

Does Coleman AC Compressor Have A Fuse?

Yes, cartridges that could contain fuses are included in the disconnect boxes of the Coleman AC. To prevent the condenser from being exposed to too much amperage, Coleman air conditioners use fuses.

An electrical current of 240 volts powers the Coleman air conditioning condensing unit. The compressor and condenser fan motor are then connected to this electricity via the disconnect box that contains fuses. The disconnect box makes it possible to turn off the air conditioner from outside.

How Do I Check My Coleman AC Compressor?

The causes of AC compressor failure are frequently avoidable issues. Follow these steps to examine your compressor:

  • Verify that the device has electricity.
  • Examine the potential relay.
  • Examine the starter capacitor.
  • Check the windings on the compressor.

Is There A Reset Button On Coleman AC Compressor?

Condenser cream color It is the part that is outside the house. various office buildings

Yes, a reset button, also known as a thermal cut-out, thermal overload, or safety switch, is present on Coleman AC compressors to automatically turn off the electricity when it overheats.

If the compressor starts to overheat, the reset button will prevent damage to the motor. Additionally, due to the system heating up, the air compressor continually trips the reset button

The reset button is normally positioned on the side or end of your compressor, although it can also be found inside the motor wiring.

To Wrap Up

Air condition outdoor unit compressor install outside the house

You should try to solve any issues with your Coleman AC compressor as soon as possible so it won't get worse.

If your Coleman AC compressor won't kick on, all you have to do is check for refrigerant leaks, then examine your wiring and valves to know the source of the problem. You can do this on your own or call a professional for help.

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