Coleman AC Freezing Up – Why And What To Do?

The Coleman air conditioners have a solid reputation for producing elegant and durable air conditioner units. However, like any other known air conditioner brand, a Coleman air conditioner sadly isn't immune to issues.

Particularly when the air conditioner is freezing up, maybe your first reaction is why this is happening, or perhaps you don't know what to do. Wonder no more because we have the answers below!

In general, there are plenty of reasons why this specific problem occurs. However, a Coleman air conditioner is freezing because its system lacks freon, a dirty filter, or a defective blower fan.

Check your Coleman air conditioner system for freon leaks or clean its filter regularly to fix this issue. Additionally, examine your surrounding outdoor unit and ensure the airflow isn't hindered.

Continue reading! As we are going to tackle more about why this problem occurs. You can also expect us to share some relevant solutions to this problem. That said, let's start the discussion below!

Exterior central air conditioner - Coleman AC Freezing Up - Why And What To Do

What Causes A Coleman Air Conditioner To Freeze Up?

When your air conditioner is freezing up, you will know it even though you can't visibly see the ice. You can tell whether your air conditioner is freezing by simply placing your hand over an air supply register.

If you notice that there's feeling little to no airflow, then most likely, your air conditioner freezes up. Ensure to shut off the entire power supply of your air conditioner system before you begin inspecting the potential causes.


Follow us below to know what causes this issue:

Improper Airflow

Insufficient ventilation, such as broken air ducts, is one of the leading causes of a frozen air conditioning system. Condensation may occur in your air conditioner system if warm air struggles to reach the evaporator coils.

The condensation can turn into ice since the compressor will keep running.

Sealing your air duct system will prevent leakage. Therefore if there are no leaks, you will achieve optimal airflow and avoid icing your AC unit.

Freon Leakage


Your air conditioning system might begin to freeze if it loses refrigerant or has low refrigerant levels. As a result, its system cannot function properly due to insufficient refrigerant.

Because this problem requires a complex solution, we suggest calling your Coleman service provider and letting them fix this issue.

Faulty Blower Fan

The coil will freeze up due to inadequate airflow caused by a faulty blower fan. Your complete heating and cooling system may have problems if your blower fan isn't receiving sufficient airflow.

Following the Coleman direction about proper clearance on your outdoor unit will prevent serious problems from showing. According to them, it is best to free your outdoor unit from any nearby obstruction for at least two feet.

Clogged Drain Line


The air conditioning system reduces the inside temperature in your house by transporting heat from inside to outside. The drip tray can start to overflow if there is a blockage in your condensate drain line.

This will cause the evaporator coil to freeze because of excessive exposure to cold air moisture within its system.

Checking it regularly will help you fix this issue and prevent it from happening again.

Dirty Filter


Ice will inevitably form on the evaporator coil when there is a blockage in the airflow. Changing your air filter will prevent freezing your air conditioning system's parts.

Eventually, your air filter could get dirty and disrupt normal airflow if you don't clean or replace it. Replace your Coleman air filters monthly to reduce airflow blockage and energy waste.

Check out this Coleman filter on Amazon.

How Do You Replace A Coleman AC Filter?

Replacing or cleaning your Coleman's air conditioner filter will help the indoor air quality stay high. Moreover, it also boosts its ability to catch dust, allergens, and other air contaminants in your home.

Kindly use our easy replacing guide below to replace your system air filter correctly:

  1. First, shut OFF the air conditioner unit's power source.
  2. Find and inspect both the air return duct and indoor unit.
  3. Take out the grille on the air return duct and the access panel in the indoor unit.
  4. Gently slide the old dirty filter to remove it.
  5. Ensure you buy the appropriate filter and replace the old one.
  6. Securely reinstall your new filter accordingly to where the arrow sign is pointing.
  7. Now reattach the grille or access panel.
  8. Switch back ON again the AC unit's power source.

For instance, if the air conditioner's filter only requires a cleaning service, you'll have to:

  1. Again, shut OFF first the AC unit's power supply.
  2. Use fresh water and a soft cleaning agent, then wipe any remaining dirt in the filter.
  3. Thoroughly rinse the filter and ensure it is dry and clean before reinstalling it.
  4. Turn ON the power supply again.

See this air filter and coil cleaner on Amazon.

NOTE: You'll need to do this more in the winter versus the rest of the year.

Can You Pour Hot Water On A Frozen AC Unit?

The conditioner covered with icicles on a yellow wall

Generally, one way to de-froze your freezing air conditioner unit is to pour hot water on it. It's safe as long as the water isn't that too hot.

Also, ensure that you don't directly pour the hot water on live electrical components.

Though this method is unusual, some homeowners still do it for rare occasions. However, you might not have to because Coleman has an advanced Demand Defrost cycle feature.

This will allow the heat pump system to handle the de-freezing process efficiently while maintaining your comfort.

How To Safely Defrost Your Air Conditioner Unit

Knowing how to safely defrost your air conditioner unit will prevent you from getting severe injuries. You can naturally defrost your air conditioner unit by turning OFF its breaker and waiting for it to defrost.

In addition, don't ever use your hands or a sharp tool to attempt to remove the ice. Otherwise, you risk hurting yourself or destroying the air conditioner components.

Speaking of safe, Remember that your Coleman has the defrost cycle features; utilize it wisely to avoid unnecessary injuries.

How Long Does It Take For An Air Conditioner To Defrost?

frozen air conditioning unit

Your only option when your air conditioner freezes up is to defrost the air conditioner unit. However, how long will it take to thaw the AC unit anyway? This is crucial since the AC system is essential, especially during winter.

On average, defrosting your air conditioner would take around 2 to 24 hours. However, you should consider other significant factors affecting its thawing process.

This includes the size of your unit, how serious the ice accumulation in the system is, and outside temperature.

Why Is It Important To Maintain An AC Unit?

Your air conditioner is constantly serving you the comfort you desire. Maintaining it regularly will prevent its cooling system from getting dirty.

Besides, a dirty cooling system can cause you headaches and respiratory issues.

Keeping your Coleman air conditioner unit in its fullest condition will offer you a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, the summer season might offer a warmer and higher temperature but can also mean greater energy costs.

Regularly maintaining your air conditioner is one strategy to save energy bills. Doing so can lower your energy usage by about 5% to 15%. Additionally, proper maintenance can help your air conditioner last longer.

How Long Will A Coleman Air Conditioner Unit Last?

Usually, an air conditioner will last 15 to 20 years. The lifespan of your air conditioner will vary on several factors. This includes the amount of usage, proper maintenance, weather, and so on.

Just like any other home equipment, regular use can speed up equipment system failure, especially if routine maintenance is ignored. It's always been a great idea to exert little effort than spending on a whole cooling system.

To Wrap Up

The key to keeping your Coleman air conditioner unit functioning efficiently and properly is to maintain it regularly. Especially its air filter, as this is the most notorious culprit of the AC system that goes freezing up.

Throughout this post, we've covered various causes why your Coleman air conditioner ices up. You also know how to prevent this issue in your AC unit's other components.

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