Daikin Vs. Rheem Furnace: Which Brand To Choose?

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Examining the furnaces from Daikin and Rheem isn't an easy task because these two big furnace brands are both reputable. That's why we're here to assist you in making your decision since we've researched the reviews. Feel free to read the findings we've found below!

If the price isn't an issue for you, then go for a Daikin furnace unit. They serve their furnace equipment with top-notch quality and features.

In contrast, Rheem's furnace products are significantly more affordable. If you opt for a cost-effective furnace unit without degrading its product integrity, then Rheem is also a good alternative.

That was straightforward, was it? We'll Don't skip to another page because there's so much information waiting for you to uncover below. We will walk you through both brand's key features and other vital information. Without further ado, let's jump in!

A person changing an clean air filter on a high efficiency furnace - daikin furnace and rheem furnace - Daikin Vs. Rheem Furnace Which Brand To Choose

Daikin And Rheem At A Glance

In 1924, Akira Yamada founded Daikin Industries Ltd. as Osaka Kinzoku Kogyosho LP. In 1953, polychlorotrifluoroethylene, also known as "Daiflon," was developed. In 1963, the business decided to change its name to Daikin Kogyo Co Ltd, which ultimately results in the development of Neoflon.

As time passed by, in 1982, the company adopted Daikin Industries Ltd. as its new company name. However, in 2004, Daikin began venturing its AC appliances into North America's market. Later in 2006, Daikin purchased McQuay International, also a company that produces good HVAC products situated in Minnesota.

Furthermore, in the same year, in November 2006, Daikin acquired OYL Industries, as well. Throughout Daikin's century of existence, they've expanded successfully, as Goodman became their subsidiary as well in 2012.

Meanwhile, Rheem has a solid track record across numerous industries and not only for HVAC products. The founding year of the corporation was 1925, when brothers Richard and Donald Rheem in Emeryville, California, came up with the concept. Given that Rheem has been around for almost a century, engaging in several industries.

As a result, Rheem is the sole business offering industrial refrigeration products at the moment. Among the many product categories offered by Rheem are water heaters, commercial heating, pool & spa heaters, and HVAC units. Rheem is also the leading manufacturer of water heating equipment in the region of North America.

Daikin And Rheem: Furnace Quality

A homeowner always considers its quality when investing in a furnace unit. This is instinctively great, knowing that we want to have a furnace that could last for longer years.

You would certainly agree that Daikin furnace brand models are indeed robust. Daikin uses tubular stainless steel to achieve greater structural protection. Besides, all of Daikin's furnaces are also ENERGY STAR® approved. Like the DC97MC0804CN furnace, the unit is one of Daikin's excellent machines.

Rheem, on the other hand, goes above your expectation to give you the best furnace products that meet your heating desire. All of Rheem's HVAC equipment is rated ENERGY STAR®, which is proof of their achievement over the past almost 100 years.

Daikin And Rheem Notable Features

Your home will have pleasant indoor comfort thanks to a Daikin gas furnace. Daikin is the heating solution that provides the highest energy efficiency levels and cost savings. Its furnaces' blower motor features variable and multi-speed capability that eliminates the "cold air blow" of single-speed furnaces.

On top of that, the Daikin One+ smart thermostat is Daikin's unique invention that offers seamless thermal control for your house. It is centrally linked to a cloud app. Additionally, this comprehensive system for regulating temperature, humidity, and air quality in your home can work perfectly in your furnace.

In contrast, Rheem furnaces also have clever designs and are full of various advance features aside from EcoNet®. Its PlusOne Ignition System is probably its most outstanding furnace technology. This feature is Rheem's genuine creation; it is said to be nine times more effective than their competitor's igniter!

What's more, it also highlights a drain sensor water management system. Once this sensor detects a water leak in its system, it shuts off instantly the furnace unit.

Daikin And Rheem: Noise Control Assurance

As the first Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) heat pump for residential installation with gas furnace connection, Daikin VRV LIFE systems lead the industry with this revolutionary technology.

Focusing on single-family applications, the new VRV LIFE systems provide answers to some space and noise-sensitive installation issues. Furnaces with this system can run with a minimal sound rate of about 57 dB value.

While the Rheem Gas furnace from the company's Classic Plus series is surprisingly quiet as well. It is one of the quietest furnaces available on the market because of its airflow modification into its heat exchanger. Due to this, it significantly decreases operation noise by 20%.

Both Companies Furnaces AFUE Ratings

The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating of furnaces is a measurement of their energy efficiency. This only measures seasonal fuel economy. It excludes the electrical power necessary to run pumps, fans, and controllers. Also, bear in mind, that the efficiency of the furnaces' equipment increases with the AFUE rating.

Since a higher AFUE value determines how efficient your furnace is, consider evaluating Daikin's DC97MC furnace unit. You won't regret including this appliance in your selection lineup. As this furnace has a 97% AFUE value, which is relatively great, besides it also meets the standard rating of 90%-98%.

By contrast, Rheem has so many furnace models with an AFUE rating average ranging from 80%-96%. This will certainly add to your reviews, knowing that you can properly choose equipment that suits your needs.

Daikin And Rheem: Furnaces Collection Series

Since the Daikin brand has several furnace units, we decided to create a list and focus only on their premium top-five class. These furnaces employ a 9-speed ECM motor, variable speed blower, two-stage gas valve, and more. 

Here are Daikin's five most reliable furnace collections:

  • Daikin DM97MC 
  • Daikin DC97MC
  • Daikin DM96TN 
  • Daikin DC96TN 
  • Daikin DM96VC 

While Rheem, furnaces are available in three categories series of collections. This machine uses a single and two-stage motor speed as well as an ECM motor, etc. Regarding both brands' product portfolio collections, Rheem has an upper hand over Daikin. As Rheem's every series associates at least more than 10 furnace models.

Follow this product lineup of Rheem below:

  • Classic Series
  • Classic Plus Series
  • Prestige Series

Daikin's Furnace Unit Cost And Installation Cost

Daikin Vs. Rheem Furnace Which Brand To Choose

Always remember that Daikin's furnaces unit and average installation charges will depend on your market or installer's expertise. As a complement to Daikin's excellent service and products authentic designs, you might spend much more money to get their high-quality furnace units.

This is the price tag of Daikin's every unit, along with installation costs:

  • Daikin DM97MC unit = $2,650-$4,500
  • Daikin DC97MC unit = $2,465-$4,280
  • Daikin DM96VC unit = $2,295-$3,950
  • Daikin DM80VC unit = $1,635-$3,100
  • Daikin DD80VC unit = $1,635-$3,100

Rheem's Furnace Unit With Installation Cost

Gas Furnace

The model of the furnace will always affect how much a Rheem furnace brand will cost. Rheem sells their furnaces with a wide range of selection and specification that matches your liking.

The cost of the company's furnaces ranges from $813-$1,576 per unit. You will also have to pay an additional installation fee, which ranges from $2,490-$3,589.

Best Warranty Coverage By Both Brands

Daikin protects its clients with three types of warranties. As long as you register your furnace online within 60 days. You will be eligible and qualify for the following warranty offers:

  • Lifetime limited warranty protection for your heat exchanger.
  • Also, a 12-year parts limited warranty is waiting for you once you comply with the registration policy.
  • And 12-year unit replacement limited warranty.

Note: Daikin clients residing in California and Quebec no longer need to register their furnace units online.

Meanwhile, the warranty period for Rheem's furnaces and heat pump parts is only 10 years. Rheem does not pay any labor costs or expenses for unit servicing or for disassembling and reinstalling components.

An exception to this is you must have a servicing agreement filed up to Rheem. Otherwise, you will shoulder all labor costs, including servicing labor charges.

To Wrap Things Up

A person changing an clean air filter on a high efficiency furnace

Making your big investment between Daikin and Rheem is already a win on your side. Keep in mind that choosing from reputable furnace providers is always a good idea.

This will guarantee that whichever furnaces brands you may select will work perfectly in your home. The key to selecting the right furnace appliance is to wisely choose which brands suits your heating demands.

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