What Are The Dimensions Of A Wall-Hung Toilet?

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When it comes to toilets, choosing the right option can be difficult if you don’t know the important details such as the dimensions. Do you need to know the size of a wall-hung toilet? We've done extensive research on this topic to provide you with an answer.

The dimensions of a typical wall-hung toilet are 14" to 19" high, 13" to 19" wide, and 20" to 24" deep.

We'll go into great detail about a wall-hung toilet's dimensions in this article. Additionally, we'll provide some well-known wall-hung toilets for comparison along with their dimensions. Continue reading for more interesting ideas.

What Are The Dimensions Of A Wall-Hung Toilet?

toilet and detail of a corner shower bidet with wall mount shower attachment - What Are The Dimensions Of A Wall-Hung Toilet

When selecting a new toilet, the dimensions are always the top priority. 

Wall-hung toilets come in a wide range of sizes and can be as big or small as you want your toilet to be. Therefore, look at the measurements below to get an idea of how to set up these toilets.


An average wall-hung toilet should be between 14” and 19” off the ground measured from the rim of the bowl to the floor to accommodate the standard sitting height. However, this is not a firm guideline. 

For a variety of reasons, your home might require a taller or lower toilet. As long as it is suitably attached to the frame, this is entirely okay. Though you still need to be able to access it, be careful not to place it too high.

Finding out the comfortable sitting height of individuals who will use the toilet frequently is a good idea because it's always necessary to consider the needs of your household. Everyone who uses your toilet will be able to do so comfortably. 

Measuring how high your body is off the ground when you feel most comfortable sitting down will help you determine your ideal sitting height.


The distance between the left and right sides of a toilet is its width. The width of various wall-hung toilet brands obviously differs from model to model. But typically they are just between 13” and 19” or less than 20" wide.


Measure the distance from the toilet's front rim to the back of the toilet. Similar to other dimensions, there is no set value for this because it depends on the particular wall-hung toilet model. They are usually around 20” to 24” deep.

Weight Limit

The standard recommendation for wall-hung toilet weight is 500lbs. Statistics indicate that the typical American male weighs about 197lbs., while the typical American female weighs about 163lbs

Therefore, the wall-mounted toilet's minimum weight capability of 500lbs. is more than sufficient for everyday household use. Furthermore, there are no rules defining the typical minimum weight restriction that floor-mounted toilets can support. 

However, the weight restriction for most floor-mounted toilets is often around 1,000lbs. Wall-mounted toilets can often support just about half as much weight as ordinary toilets. 

Residential toilets with this type of design are limited in weight-bearing capacity so as to not unduly strain the wall they are mounted to.

Wall Thickness

Workers are installing a wall-hung toilet on the wall.

A wall-hung toilet can be harmed by its surroundings, just like any installation. You must create the frame precisely to the specifications and mount the toilet on a wall that is sturdy enough.

A wall-hung toilet must have walls that are at least 6” thick. This is done to ensure that there is an adequate wall to serve as your toilet's anchor. If the wall were thinner, you may seriously harm your house, your toilet, and even yourself.

The minimal thickness is 6”, but the ideal thickness is 10”. This is in order to have more force available to be applied against the toilet. Despite the fact that most modern structures now have 10” walls, it is still crucial to measure your wall's thickness before attempting to install a wall-hung toilet.

It is not advisable to install a wall-hung toilet in a wall where the temperature is likely to drop below freezing because this could cause the toilet to freeze inside, which could cause it to crack.

Dimensions Of Some Of The Best Wall-Hung Toilets 

White toilet hanging on a white wall

There are varying dimensions for various wall-hung toilet models. So to give you an idea, below are some of the best wall-hung toilet models along with their dimensions.

Swiss Madison Wall-Hung Toilet

  • Height: 15.5”
  • Width: 14.5”
  • Depth: 21.75”

This wall-mounted toilet offers up to 1.3 gallons per flush (GPF). The porcelain toilet has a quick-release seat made by Slymm. The seat features a sleek finish and roughly 50lbs. of weight. You have the option of matte black, matte white, or glossy white.

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TOTO Aquia Wall-Hung Toilet

  • Height: 17.5”
  • Width: 14.17”
  • Depth: 21.06”

Use either 0.9 or 1.6 GPF with this dual-flushing system. The bowl is composed of SanaGloss ceramic glaze, which makes it mold and stain resistant. It is not only simple to clean but also resistant to temperature changes without cracking. 

Click here to see this TOTO Aquia wall-hung toilet on Amazon.

KOHLER Veil Wall-Hung Toilet

  • Height: 13”
  • Width: 15.12”
  • Depth: 21”

The bowl of this one-piece, wall-hung toilet is small and elongated. The hardware of the wall-hung toilet bowl is completely hidden, giving it a seamless appearance. It is available in five different colors, so you can choose the color that best suits your decor.

In addition, the fact that this bowl is totally glazed makes cleaning and maintaining it simpler. You can choose a dual flush between 0.8 and 1.6 GPF, so you won't need to be concerned about water usage.

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Homary Wall-Hung Elongated Toilet Bowl

  • Height: 12.25”
  • Width: 14.5”
  • Depth: 21.25”

This toilet's sleek and seamless design was one of the first things that made many fall in love with it. Its bowl is elongated, which enhances its appearance and guarantees greater cleaning when flushing. 

The slow-close lid on this toilet is another wonderful feature. This function makes sure that if you rapidly close the lid, it will drop itself gradually rather than crashing down onto the bowl.

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American Standard Glenwall Wall-Hung Toilet

  • Height: 14”
  • Width: 19.5”
  • Depth: 29.5”

This toilet has a pressure-assisted flushing system, making it a particularly efficient toilet. In terms of general effectiveness and performance, it is comparable to a commercial-grade toilet. It also features a lovely extended shape that is quite elegant and suitable for any toilet design.

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Wall-Hung Toilet: Pros & Cons

toilet bowl and other furniture in wc toilet

Toilets have implications for aesthetics, cost, ergonomics, installation, and upkeep, just like any other fixture. 

Although floor-mounted toilets have historically been the norm, wall-hung toilets are a serious alternative to consider. Here is a quick discussion of the pros and cons of wall-hung toilets.


Cleanup Is Simple

A wall-hung toilet also has the major benefit of being much easier to clean than a regular toilet. If your bathroom has a floor-mounted toilet, you must clean the area around its base, its back, and the tank area as well.

However, the toilet bowl doesn't touch the floor with a wall-mounted toilet, making it much simpler to mop below it. Furthermore, you have one less thing to worry about because there isn't a tank to clean.

Therefore, to put it simply, cleaning wall-mounted toilets is significantly simpler because they have fewer crevices where dirt can collect.

Customized Height Is Possible

Regular toilets don't have a height adjustment feature. Toilets are available in comfort height types, which are a little taller, or regular height models. Beyond that, there isn't much you can do to alter the height of your toilet.

However, there are no such restrictions with a wall-hung toilet because you may place it as high or as low as you like, giving you more control over the toilet's height. For those with disabilities or limited mobility, its adjustable height may be a huge plus.

Aesthetic & High-Tech Features

Wall-hung models offer both a modern, sleek design and a traditional appearance. These high-tech toilets aren't just attractive but they're also cozy and simple to use. 

Wall-hung models make it considerably easier for children and elderly people to sit down than regular ones. Also, bidet toilet seats are still compatible with wall-hung toilets, allowing you to finish your bathroom with a high-tech addition.


More Expensive To Purchase

The primary drawback of wall-mounted toilets is the price. Although there are some less expensive types, you should expect to pay at least a few hundred dollars more for a wall-hung toilet than for a conventional one.

Difficult To Install

Wall hung toilet, renovated, new bathroom. Modern classic interior, neoclassic.

Even for a skilled plumber, installing a wall-hung toilet can be challenging. This is due to the requirement for a toilet frame and the need to either construct outward or into a wall. 

Some people may find this difficult and perhaps time-consuming installation intimidating. However, this is ideal for you if you want a more substantial DIY project and a modern toilet.

Has A Weight Restriction

The fact that a wall-mounted toilet can only support a certain amount of weight is one thing to take into account.

Since the lowest allowed weight in the US is 500lbs., this won't be a problem for the majority of people. However, this is something to keep in mind if someone that heavy or heavier needs to use the restroom.

Final Thoughts

toilet and detail of a corner shower bidet with wall mount shower attachment

We hope this article has served as a handy guide for you in planning to purchase a wall-hung toilet. There are a few crucial dimensions that you must ascertain beforehand to avoid receiving a toilet that you cannot install or that will not function as you had hoped.

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