Do Dyson Humidifiers Have Filters?

It is so stressful to have dryness of the throat, cracked lips, or skin irritation just because your home is not well-ventilated. A humidifier helps hydrate your surroundings but can also cause discomfort if it does not have any filter. Dyson came up with ideal features for humidifiers that are designed best for your homes. We researched if Dyson provides a filter for their humidifiers to save you some time.

Say hello to a breath of fresh air! One of the features of a Dyson humidifier is the filter. This multifunctional device removes 99.95% of contaminants, such as dust, pollutants, or even gases – all because of its HEPA filter.

Aside from the filter, Dyson humidifiers have more features than you think! Dyson developed an effective method in making their products hygienic. Keep on reading if you want to gain more information about Dyson’s humidifiers.

A Dyson Humidifier at an appliance show room, Do Dyson Humidifiers Have Filters?

All about Dyson Filters

Maintaining the air that you breathe to stay clean and fresh is necessary. Dyson added HEPA filters in their humidifiers as a better solution for sanitizing and disinfecting the harmful particles present in your homes. It can also help you to be physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy. 

A white humidifier at a Dyson showroom

What is a HEPA Filter?

HEPA, a short-term for High-Efficiency Particulate Air, is an air filter efficiency standard that attests to the effectiveness of a filter. It is proven to remove 99.95% of contaminants down to 0.3 microns. This filter is designed to catch even the hardest particles.

The HEPA filter present in Dyson humidifiers is one of its significant features. This filter keeps away all pollutants like pet hair, allergens, or virus, existing inside your house. Dyson filters clean the water by eliminating bacteria before it goes into the air. '

How HEPA Filter Works

HEPA filters are made of glass-fiber materials. There are three ways how HEPA filters capture particles, depending on how big or small it is.

  1. Impact - this is for the large particles that are caught by the strands of the filter fiber.
  2. Interception - is for the smaller particles that try to go with the flow of the air and eventually get stuck in the filter fiber.
  3. Diffusion - this is for the smooth particles that randomly move when they are present in the air. They end up striking into the filter fiber and are now blocked from the airflow.

Maintaining Dyson Filters

One thing you should never do is wash the filter when you clean your humidifier. Avoid it at all costs! The filter used in all Dyson humidifiers is non-washable. The filters are the most sensitive component of the humidifier, thus, when washed, they can be damaged and will be less efficient.

So, when the humidifier is filled with water, and it does not have the same performance as before, you should change your filter and not wash it.

How Often Should You Replace a Dyson Filter

Cleaning the humidifier itself is different from a filter. For a humidifier, it is recommended to clean it every week to get better performance and avoid mold development.  Meanwhile, the HEPA filter can last for a longer time.

Therefore, when used for 12 hours every day, the filters can be replaced after 12 months so that you do not risk your humidifier from unwanted clogged pollutants and nasty odors.

It is also suggested to use the humidifier in auto mode so that it only filters the air if needed. The replacement will depend on how you use the humidifier.

Which Dyson humidifier is the best?

A humidifier at a Dyson showroom

Given the different types of humidifiers invented by the engineers of Dyson, it is kind of hard to choose which one is the best humidifier of all. To help you choose, below are the humidifiers of Dyson with their specific features.

1. Dyson AM10 Humidifier

This is the first humidifier produced by Dyson and has an air multiplier that filters the air surrounding you, creating a non-stop humidified airflow. A remote is used to control the airflow settings of this device. It automatically adjusts with the humidity and temperature of your room. You can read more about Dyson AM10 Humidifier features here.

Check out this Dyson AM10 Humidifier on Amazon.

2. Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool PH01

Almost the same as Dyson AM10 Humidifier, this model also includes an air multiplier. However, Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool got few changes. Its advanced filtration system, especially its real-time monitoring. It is installed with intelligent sensors. It can detect even the smallest particles through its activated carbon and fully sealed Glass HEPA filter.

Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool can easily detect temperature, humidity, and quality air. Another good thing with Dyson humidifiers is they can be accessed via the Dyson Link App. Using the link app will help you check the status of your humidifier effortlessly.

3. Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool Cryptomic PH02

This Dyson humidifier model is an upgraded version of the PH01 but includes an extra high-technology feature called Cryptomic technology. This device was developed to destroy formaldehyde and break it down into carbon dioxide and water. This can perform without any interruption, and there is no need to fill it up again immediately.

How do you know when you need a new Dyson filter?

With Dyson's advanced technology method, the humidifier will show a specific pattern on the device if it needs replacing. The Link app will also notify you if it is time to change the filter in your humidifier.

Usually, it takes a year before you change it since the filter is engineered to work for a long period, but this is based on a 12-hour usage of the device. Remember that the device will have an early signal of replacement if it is used more than 12 hours per day.

Replacing a Humidifier Filter

Follow these simple steps to replace the filter on your Dyson humidifier:

  • Make sure that the humidifier is unplugged
  • Let it cool down first
  • Remove the filter unit
  • Separate the filter from the casing
  • Throw the old filter away
  • Install the new filter
  • Put back the filter unit
  • Clean the sensor hatch
  • Reset the filter indicator

After doing this, a loading pattern will appear on the display, and the humidifier will go back to its normal mode.

What VOCs does Dyson detect?

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are the different chemicals that can be found in the materials or products that you use to conserve your homes, such as air fresheners or mosquito repellents. These include formaldehyde and benzene, odors, or fumes.

What Type of Water Should I Use in a Humidifier?

The best and the most recommended type of water to use in a humidifier is distilled water. This kind of water has been treated to take away bacteria and other harmful particles that can ruin your humidifier.

As y0u know, distilled water comes from boiling water. The dissolved minerals are separated from the water as it evaporates. After that, it becomes a liquified vapor - which is called distilled water.

Why is Distilled Water Recommended?

  • It makes your humidifier clean even after using it for a long time
  • It lessens the risk of growing molds in your filter
  • It boosts the quality of air in your home, removing the white dust your humidifier makes

Water To Avoid for Humidifiers

Tap Water

While it is fine to use this for your humidifiers, tap water is not recommended! This is because tap water includes minerals that can harm the performance of your device. Tap water can cause brittles in the internal part of your humidifier. Also, it can create white dust due to the minerals.

Bottled Water

Many producers of bottled water claim that their water is pure since it came from spring. Although bottled water is indeed filtered, the water still has minerals that can affect the quality of your air.

However, do not worry if you cannot find distilled water for some time. The two types of water stated above can be used temporarily as long as you keep track of it and clean it as often as possible.

In closing

A Dyson Humidifier at an appliance show room

It is now clear that Dyson, indeed, has filters in their humidifiers. Note that filters are necessary for a humidifier and that you should always check on it if it needs changing.

Filters are supposed to enhance the air quality that you breathe and not cause you another problem. Make sure that the filters are always clean so that their performance will not deteriorate. After all, everybody wants what's best for our health and comfort.

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