Do Ecobee Thermostats Talk To Each Other?

Ecobee manufactures smart thermostats, light switches, temperature sensors, contact sensors, and smart cameras. As a homeowner, you may wonder if Ecobee smart thermostats talk to each other. Luckily, we have conducted some research for you, and here is what we found.

Ecobee thermostats can talk to each other, unlike conventional thermostats. They communicate to prevent wasting energy by cooling and heating different zones simultaneously

All Ecobee devices are known to be compatible. Keep reading to get detailed information about Ecobee thermostats and how they communicate with each other.

An Ecobee thermostat mounted in the living room wall, Do Ecobee Thermostats Talk To Each Other?

How Do Ecobee Thermostats Work?

Ecobee thermostats use remote sensors to monitor different rooms in your house. They analyze the temperature of one room to get the average temperature of all rooms in your home. It has a feature that changes to match your preference, which means that you can move from one room to another without feeling discomfort. 

This thermostat helps to lessen the feeling of cold or hot spaces in your house. If you have more sensors, the thermostat will perform more accurately.

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Do Ecobee Thermostats Talk To Each Other?

Ecobee thermostat set to 76 degrees Fahrenheit

Ecobee smart thermostats can talk to each other. This device uses remote sensors to monitor and analyze the house's temperature, as long as they are synced.

Room sensors use radio waves to communicate securely and efficiently with the Ecobee thermostat. All Ecobee thermostats are interconnected and are very much compatible with each other. 

To make them talk to each other, all you need is to sync them together. To do this, you must create an account linking your thermostat to an Ecobee interface developed for syncing purposes. 

When that is done, you can now sync the device by making use of the Ecobee data, thermostat locations, and others. However, you are more likely to encounter issues when you link your Ecobee devices. 

Once they are connected, they can use the same temperature settings. If the thermostats are installed in zones with different temperatures, it may be challenging to attain the required temperature.

Do I Need An Ecobee Thermostat For Each Zone?

Having more than one thermostat will depend on the zones in your house. If it is a two-story building, you will surely need two thermostats for each story to achieve a balanced temperature in your house and maintain a thermal atmosphere.

Setting it up is relatively easy and will help you have better control. If the house is full-fledged, there are some things you need to pay attention to, which include:

Type Of House

This is the first thing to consider before deciding if you need one Ecobee thermostat for each zone. There are different types of houses with different temperature control. The house type can be a single or multiple-story building. 

The Number Of Stories

You can use an HVAC system and wire it to your Ecobee thermostat if it is a single-story building. If you can't do this independently, you can contact a professional to help with that.

However, the number of thermostats you will need is different when it comes to a multiple-story building, e.g., a double-story house. It is recommended that you have two thermostats for this type of building.


Now that you know how many thermostats should be installed in a single house, it is also important to know the meaning of zoning. Zoning means dividing the floor into different rooms or zones. To maintain a stable temperature in each zone, you should use dampers.

This is because dampers, with the help of Ecobee sensors, can change their position to allow or stop the flow of the HVAC system into a room to achieve the targeted temperature. Doing this allows the damper to close when the targeted temperature has been achieved. 

How Do I Install Two Ecobee Thermostats?

An Ecobee thermostat mounted on the wall in the living room

Installing smart thermostats in your house is an excellent investment. Not only because you will be able to control room temperature from your phone, but it also reduces utility costs. 

It is possible to install multiple Ecobee thermostats in your house. All you need is to make the zones because having two Ecobee thermostats will not automatically create two zones. 

But if you have zones set up in your house, it would be easy to install two Ecobees and have them working together. Ensure that your remote sensors are paired with the Ecobee around the zone where you place them. 

This will be easier if you make use of the phone app. Also, you can visit the website and pair the two Ecobees as one group so they can share the same settings. 

Does The Ecobee Thermostat Have A Camera On It?

Ecobee thermostats do not have a camera. It would have been better if it had a camera because it could be used as a sensor for the smart thermostats and may even include humidity and temperature sensors that will give the thermostat more reading.

Can I Reset Ecobee Thermostat?

If you have a furnace in your house and it fails to start, your thermostat is the first place you should start troubleshooting. The brain of your air conditioning system is your thermostat, and performing a few resets could make it send the right signal to your AC to start working again. 

Just like every electronic device, a thermostat needs to be reset to get it working again. Reset is mostly needed when there is a power outage because it can prevent the thermostat from sending signals to your air conditioning system when it comes back on. Follow these steps to reset a thermostat:

  1. Check the breaker in your breaker box to know if it is flipped for AC, heater, or another device that is having issues.
  2. Flip the breaker to come on.
  3. Wait for about 30 minutes to ensure that it doesn't flip back.
  4. Leave your thermostat for some minutes so it can conclude starting back up.

What Should I Do If My Ecobee Thermostat Stops Working?

If you notice that your Ecobee isn't working, there are things you can do before consulting a professional. Here are some of them:

Check For Blown Fuse

If your Ecobee thermostat isn't working, you should open the panel on the furnace so you can see the control panel. This is where the thermostat wires are connected. Almost all the systems possess a purple three or orange five amp fuse.

Check to make sure the fuse is in good shape. If it is blown, make sure to have it replaced. The Ecobee should come back on after replacing the blown fuse.

Check For Tripped Float Switch

This often happens after rebooting amid a call for cooling and may lead to total loss of power. Check your foot switch, which is usually found at the furnace, to know if there is too much water or clogs stopping the water from going out. The Ecobee should come back on after addressing this problem.

Check For Tripped Circuit

You should also check your breaker box to make sure that the circuit that powers the furnace hasn't tripped. If it has, you should try turning it on so power can be restored to the furnace. After this, the Ecobee should come back on.

Check For Tripped Temperature Sensor

After this problem occurs, there is usually rebooting at the thermostat when there is a call for heat which may bring about a total loss of power.

How Long Does An Ecobee Thermostat Last?

The longevity of a system depends on how you maintain it and how frequently it is used. The Ecobee thermostats can last up to 12 years before needing a replacement.

Once the device has exhausted its lifespan, you should replace it. Replacing the device can help you cut costs on energy bills. Here is a sign that your thermostat needs to be replaced:

  • The air conditioner goes on and off on its own.
  • High electricity bill.
  • Wrong reading.
  • The thermostat does not respond to changes.

To Wrap Up

An Ecobee thermostat mounted in the living room wall

Since Ecobee devices are compatible, they can communicate with each other and don't waste energy. Depending on the zones, you can have more than one thermostat in your house.

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