Does a Dyson Air Purifier Remove Pet Hair?

What could be more comforting than having an air purifier at home? Dyson, a UK-based company, has a variety of designs for air purifiers to remove dust, pet odor, and even pet hair. We all know that taking care of our playful pets is quite a challenge with their hair floating around the house. This article will let you know if the Dyson air purifiers are really effective.

Dyson air purifiers are absolutely the solution to your pet hair problems! Its well-designed features, such as the HEPA filter, traps pet hair that can harm you in the future if it stays longer inside your home.

There is no need to worry about your allergy because not only is it known for catching pet hair, it has also 99.95% efficacy in removing particles as tiny as 0.1 microns. Interested in owning one? Keep on reading to learn more about it!

A Dyson air purifier at a Dyson showroom, Does a Dyson Air Purifier Remove Pet Hair?

Are air purifiers worth it for having pets at home?

Yes, it is worth having! Owning a pet means that you are responsible for cleaning them, as well as the areas they’ve been through at home.

Pet hair is something that should be totally removed inside the house, and to be real, it is tiring to do it manually without a guarantee that you can remove it all. That is why you should have your air purifier to save time and get a more efficient result. 

A Dyson air purifier at an appliance showroom

Having an air purifier at home will not only sanitize the air that you are breathing, but it will also improve your health, as well as your pets! A win-win situation, right? There is nothing to worry about because it is safe for everyone. 

How do you remove pet hair from the air?

A Dyson modern appliance showroom

Isn’t it annoying sometimes to see your pet’s hair floating in front of you? Or when you clean your pillows, blankets, and sofa, their hair is suddenly everywhere. Even when you ask other pet owners, the majority will agree that pet hair is the least favorite thing they like about their pets. 

Apparently, there are lots of ways to remove pet hair from the air, and yes, an air purifier is a top choice! But then, you would love to know some alternatives too, wouldn’t you? Alright, let’s get into it!

Use Tape

It’s kind of irritating to be sitting on your soft sofa when there is pet hair sticking to it. 

Of course, we want to use something that we already have at home – a wide tape. Yes, use a wide one for greater coverage. So, use packing tape instead of adhesive tape. This can help remove it quickly. 

Rubber gloves

Wearing protective rubber gloves

This tip is also a quick solution in removing pet hair. 

All you have to do is dip your gloves into the water and rub it to the surface where the pet hair is visible because what is one thing that pet hair hates? Water! 

Now, if you don’t have rubber gloves, don’t worry, we got you. Get a sponge as a substitute and use it like the gloves.

Use old clothes

Another trick is using your old clothes, but not dirty! Get some clothes off your wardrobe that you have already outgrown. Just like the rubber gloves, dampen it with the water and lightly clean the area. The hair will get onto it like magic.

Groom your pets

A young woman combing her dog

This one is an alternative but is also a must. Always take care of your pets by maintaining their usual hair. Don’t let it grow too long to avoid excess, stubborn hair in your house. 

Do Dyson air purifiers remove odors?

Definitely! Dyson air purifiers remove odors. It has an activated carbon filter that is responsible for trapping gas and odors. The best air purifiers for removing odors are:

Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde TP09

This is their air purifier that is designed to project 50% cleaner air. One of its features is a sensor with a catalytic filter that detects and takes away odors. 

Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool HP07

One feature of this device is its integrated sensors that monitor air quality. It has an advanced activated carbon filter that eliminates odors.

Dyson air purifiers can be linked to their own phone application. This app can serve as the remote control of your air purifiers. You can also set a timer if you want to turn it on or off. 

How long does a Dyson air purifier filter last?

A gray Dyson air purifier

It is recommended to change your air purifier filter every year. This is because it can stop the filter from being blocked with pollutants that may cause a displeasing smell.

Also, with its fantastic quality, the purifier will notify you on the display if it is time to change your filter. The link app will also let you track the remaining life of your filter, written in hours. 

Keep in mind that the filter must be replaced because if you don’t, all of the contaminants it has absorbed will spread again or float into the air, which you might inhale. 


A Dyson air purifier at a Dyson showroom

To sum it all up, pet hair and odor, if cannot be avoided, must be taken as an important thing to get rid of. It is necessary to be a responsible pet owner. That is why you should always choose what’s best for your home. 

Dyson air purifier is the finest one out there that can help you take away unwanted hair and odor from your pets. It is the perfect choice because of the product’s amazing details, like it was made for making your home better, not just for you, but for your pets too.

Investing in a Dyson air purifier is worth it! Picture how it will make your life ten times easier. Imagine the feeling of not working too much to remove pet hair, the smell of unpolluted air, and not even worrying that you might be breathing your pet’s hair. 

Do not hesitate to have one. Live a good life with your fur babies by breathing fresh and clean air.

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