Does Flex Seal Liquid Work On Wood?

Wood is an excellent material for most DIY projects. It is also a go-to material for construction and other household items. But before you start on a project using wood, do you know that applying sealant can protect it from the weather and harsh UV rays? There are a variety of wood sealants on the market, and today we will discuss what we've learned about Flex Seal.

Flex Seal Liquid is known to be a thick, rubberized liquid that works on almost any surface. It is used to seal out water, air, and moisture. It protects the wood from external elements, such as mildew, and UV rays, providing a longer lifespan for your wood projects.

Flex Seal has different varieties of products. They have glues, tapes, paste, and sealants. Now, stay with us and let's take a look at Flex Seal Liquid and its use with wood.

Cans of Flex Seal on a Store Shelf - Does Flex Seal Liquid Work On

How long does Flex Seal last on wood?

 Flex Seal Liquid Sealer Lubricant

As you know, several factors may affect the longevity of wood, whether treated or not. Having said that, you have to consider the type of wood, how they are used, or where the wood is placed. 

Some woods are stronger than others. You may find that some furniture made of wood lasts longer when they are in the living room than when they are placed in the garden. Environmental factors like water, air, and humidity affect the quality and durability of wood products.

Depending on the environment, Flex Seal Liquid can last for years. 

What is the best waterproof sealer for wood?

flex seal on wood

This was mentioned earlier, whether you are using wood for home construction, household items, artwork, or other equipment, it is important to seal it. 

Varnish is not enough to protect the wood from wear and tear, so it is essential to use a waterproof sealer to increase its lifespan. There are a lot of waterproof sealers on the market. 

One of the best that came out on searches is the Thompson Water Seal.  This product comes with different opacities and colors, which makes it good for any wood type. According to their website, all of their waterproofing wood sealers prevent water damage, while the coating resists mildew and UV damage. It is also available in most hardware stores.

Check out Thompson's clear wood sealer on Amazon.

Now, this is just one product, you can, of course, choose among similar ones on the market. If you are looking for options and see what’s best for your project, can check out this list.

Which is better: Flex Seal Spray or liquid?

lex Seal spray as seen on TV for sale on store shelf inside of Kmart.

Since these two are of the same family of products, let us look at usage and cost for comparison.

Among the variety of Flex Seal products are the liquid and the spray. Some may find it easier to use the spray than the liquid. It's similar to painting. It is easier to pick up the can, shake and spray away rather than using a brush to paint-- at least for small surfaces.

The Flex Seal Spray may be more convenient to use, especially for sealing small leaks, in the roof and gutter, for example. It is easier to use-- just shake and spray.

You may need to apply it two or three times or until you see that no light is passing through. You also need to let it sit for at least 24 hours to see maximum results. The spray is available in 14 and 17-ounce cans, which cost between $14.99 to $16.99.  

If you are working on bigger projects, like concrete and asphalt repairs, Flex Seal Liquid is more appropriate to use. If you choose to buy the liquid one, you’ll have more control, as you can use a brush or a roll, or you can simply pour the liquid on the surface.

It is better to use a paint tray and save the remaining liquid in the can by simply replacing the lid. If you store it properly, it will be usable for up to 24 months. The curing time is also up to 24 hours to see maximum results. The liquid comes in Large (16 ounces.), Jumbo (32 ounces), 1 Giant Gallon, and 2.5 Gal Max with a price range of $17.99 to $239.99

So, whether one is better than the other, depends on your needs. For more information on how to use Flex Seal Liquid, check out this video

If you are new to using Flex Seal Spray or you haven’t tried it yet, check out these tips:

Is Flex Seal stronger than Gorilla Glue?

This question can be subjective. Some may lean more toward Flex Seal than Gorilla Glue, some may go the other way around. To see an actual comparison of the two products, a YouTuber, named Tyler, put these two to a test. See how it turned out, below.

According to the manufacturer, ">Flex Seal Glue can hold up to 1,000 lbs (as seen in their commercial too), but you’re supposed to let it dry for 7 days to reach its maximum strength. 


On the other hand, upon searching the web, Gorilla Glue sticks on most surfaces and holds up to 30 lbs. Its drying time is 1 to 2 hours.


Cans of Flex Seal on a Store Shelf

If you want to protect your outdoor wooden structures or furniture pieces from the elements, you can use FlexSeal Liquid. Apply as directed, and your wooden pieces will look like new for years to come. 

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