Dyson Vs Shark Air Purifier: Which Is Better?

Dyson and Shark are two reputable brands that manufacture top-of-the-line air purifiers which provide several health benefits. If you're having a hard time choosing between the two brands, we've researched both of them to help you decide. 

The brand that seems better will depend on your preference. A Dyson air purifier uses air multiplier technology and an HEPA13 filter that captures 99.97% of air pollutants and allergens. A Shark air purifier operates quietly while filtering up to 99.97% of air pollutants and allergens.

Both brands employ the latest technology, allowing users to operate their air purifiers through their smartphones. However, Dyson is considered more expensive compared to Shark.

There are other factors to take into consideration before you decide on a brand. In this post, we will discuss each brand's advantages and disadvantages, as well as product specifications, so keep reading to learn more. With that said, let's jump right into it!

Dyson Vs. Shark: Which Is Better?

difference between two air purifier one is dyson and the other is shark, Dyson Vs Shark Air Purifier: Which Is Better?

Air purifiers can serve several benefits for your home or workspace. Aside from getting rid of bad odors, air purifiers also keep a room free from air pollutants and allergens that could cause numerous health issues, such as:

  • Respiratory ailments
  • Ischaemic heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Lung cancer

Luckily, brands like Dyson and Shark have taken the game to the next level by making sure that even the tiniest air pollutants get filtered by their air purifiers. 

Although both brands have made their name on the market, you might be having a hard time choosing which one is best for your household, so we'll cover a few things that you should consider to help you decide.

Dyson Air Purifiers

black color bladeless purifying tower fan is on the floor of the living room to create fresh air ambient in the summer

When it comes to home appliances, Dyson is one of the top leading companies. From vacuum cleaners to air purifiers, Dyson has established its name on the market. But what makes Dyson air purifiers stand out among the competition? 

We've listed some of the qualities you will probably love about Dyson air purifiers.

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Whole-Room Purification

Air flow of the room using the air purifier has big difference and benefits on the air

The number one reason many users mention for purchasing an air purifier is to improve the air quality circulating in a space. Dyson's technology allows its air purifier to do whole-room purification.

A Dyson air purifier can automatically sense when harmful gasses and air particles are present. After reporting the current air condition, the device will begin purifying the air to get rid of the following:

  • Harmful gasses
  • Allergens
  • Mold particles
  • Dust
  • Dirt

With its top-of-the-line filtration system, a Dyson air purifier can purify every corner of a room, from the ceiling to the floor, making it an ideal brand for most households, especially those in areas that experience extreme air pollution.

Can Be Remotely Operated

Dyson's latest technology allows users to control their air purifier by accessing the Dyson link app.

The air purifier and your smartphone just need to be Bluetooth and Wi-fi enabled in order for you to access your air purifier even when you are not close to the device.

Real-Time Air Quality Reports

Dyson air purifiers come with an LCD screen that allows users to see the current air quality of a room.

The device will show if harmful pollutants and allergens are present, allowing you to decide whether it is time to purify the air or not.

In addition, the LCD screen installed in your air purifier will also show the filter's life, so that you know if it's time to change the filter. Changing the filter is important, because it keeps your air purifier working efficiently.

Uses HEPA Filter

Aside from its innovative design, Dyson air purifiers also contain a HEPA filter.  This mechanical air filter can capture up to 99.97 of harmful air particles and gasses present in the air.

Unlike regular filters, Dyson's HEPA filter can trap tiny air particles—even those that are in 0.3 micron in size.

Shark Air Purifiers

Shark is an established brand that manufactures household appliances such as air purifiers. Their innovative designs and technology allow users to operate their products with ease.

Mostly known for their vacuum cleaners, shark also produce air purifiers that can help users to purify the air in their household or office spaces. 

Air purifier in cozy white bed room for filter and cleaning removing dust

To help you decide if Shark is the right brand for you, let's take a look at the benefits of having a Shark air purifier.

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Quiet Operation

Shark air purifiers operate in a quiet mode, making it ideal for sleeping areas.

Studies show that leaving your air purifier on during bed time improves the quality of your sleep. It is because air purifiers clean the air we breathe, giving us a better air quality while sleeping.

However, some air purifiers make noises, causing us to have a hard time sleeping despite the good air quality within the room.

Shark air purifiers, on the other hand, function and clean the air without making any hissing sound that can ruin your sleep.

Excellent Filtration System

Shark uses a layer of carbon that traps and neutralizes odor and harmful gasses while its HEPA filter captures 99.97% of air pollutants that can cause health problems when inhaled.

Its multi-staged filtration system helps improve the air quality within the air while being energy efficient.

It also uses six-fan technology, which makes it possible for the device to purify the air in up to 1,200 square feet of space.

Clean Sense IQ

Shark air purifiers come with a clean sense IQ sensor that tracks the air quality within the space.

It helps users to choose whether to turn the device in energy-efficient mode or to allow all the fans to work in order for the device to purify the entire space. 

In addition, the sensor also shows the filter's lifespan, allowing users to know if it's time to replace the filter or not.

How Often Should I Change My Air Purifier Filter?

Air purifier filter for pollutants and micro organisms before and after use for a month

This will depend on the type of filter that your air purifier uses and how frequently you run your device.

If your air purifier uses a HEPA filter, you should replace it every 6-12 months to make sure that the device can perform at its best. In addition, failure to replace your HEPA filters can cause problems with the device.

When the filter is clogged with too much dirt, some particles can pass through the worn-out fibers and reach the motor system, causing a failure in the circuit. 

You can avoid these problems and prolong your device's lifespan by making sure that you replace the HEPA filter when needed.

Are Dyson Air Purifier Filters Washable?

Air purifier dyson on a white table brand new setup

The answer is no. Although Dyson uses washable filters in their vacuum cleaners, they do not apply the same technology to their air purifiers.

Dyson air purifier filters should not be washed or reused once the device shows that the filter needs replacing. Dyson also recommends using the exact filter that comes with the device to ensure that the air purifier will function properly.

Although Dyson air purifier filters are not washable, if you are using your Dyson air purifier for 12 hours a day, your filter can last up to 12 months before the device indicates that you need to replace it.

Are Air Purifiers The Same As Humidifiers?

It may be confusing at first, but air purifiers are not the same as humidifiers. While air purifiers filter and purify the air circulating in a room, humidifiers add moisture to the air to prevent dryness.

Air purifiers have a filtration system that allows the device to capture harmful air pollutants present in the air.

A humidifier does not have the ability to catch air pollutants or get rid of bad odors because it does not have the same filtration system as an air purifier. A humidifier simply adds water vapor to the air circulating in a space.

However, both devices have their fair share of health benefits and help improve the air quality within a room.

Final Thoughts

difference between two air purifier one is dyson and the other is shark

Both Dyson and Shark are reputable brands that produce reliable air purifiers. The one that seems better will depend on your preference.

Although these two brands have a lot of similarities, it is up to you to decide on the one that stands out the most and suits your needs. 

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