Ecobee Thermostat Feels Warm – Is It Overheating?

Ecobee thermostats are smart devices that simplify your cooling and heating demands. That's why when your Ecobee device feels warm; this could resort to questions like overheating or something else.

This problem creates much more stress and frustration for a homeowner. Don't fret; we have scoured the internet to get the answer you need!

Generally, your Ecobee thermostat surface will feel or get warm during its regular operation. In addition, the device will get even warmer depending on the power of the appliance it serves.

This event is normal, and certainly, it's not the result of overheating or harming the Ecobee thermostat's operation and functionality.

Below, we'll discuss the other common problems with your Ecobee thermostat. We will also provide some fixes to prevent your Ecobee thermostat from ruining your satisfaction.

So without further ado, let's start this article!

Ecobee style installed on the wall, Ecobee Thermostat Feels Warm - Is It Overheating?

Why Does My Ecobee Thermostat Keep Losing Power?

You may have seen that your Ecobee thermostat occasionally loses its power. This odd behavior often occurs while requesting heating or cooling. This is exactly the result of insufficient power supply to support its operation.

Remember that the ideal power supply for your Ecobee thermostat to work effectively is 24 VAC.

In addition, you should also check your boiler or zone valve system to determine whether it can serve multiple thermostats.

You may have to face the following indication of insufficient power, which we've listed below:

  • Often, the thermostat screen turns dark or off and on again.
  • The phrase "Calibrating: Heating and Cooling Disabled" is regularly displayed on the thermostat monitor.
    • This indicates that the Ecobee has resumed its power and is readjusting its temperature sensor.
  • The Ecobee app or Ecobee Webpage shows a temperature rate of -500F or "N/A,".
    • An indication that temperature readings are incorrect while the Ecobee is tuning its temperature sensor.

How Do I Correct My Ecoobee Thermostat's Temperature?

Ecobee smart thermostat in a home

If you find your Ecobee thermostat reading is somewhat off the mark, you wish to adjust it for any other reason. You can change it easily by +/- 10° using the temperature Correction setup.

Here's how you correctly configure the Ecobee thermostat temperature readings:

  1. Tap the MENU key on its main display screen.
  2. Next, tap the SETTINGS menu.
  3. Then move to the INSTALLATION SETTINGS menu.
  4. Select the THRESHOLDS key.
  5. Then proceed to the TEMPERATURE CORRECTION key.
  6. Change its temperature reading accordingly to your desire.

NOTE: This requires your Ecobee thermostat to be fully functional, meaning it is already set up.

Why Is My Ecobee Thermostat Not Turning On?

Your Ecobee thermostat might not be operating for a variety of reasons. One of many reasons is the faulty wiring, which prohibits your Ecobee device from taking power from the circuit.

The following are the common reason why your Ecobee thermostat won't turn on:

Tripped Breaker Box

Check your Ecobee thermostat breaker box to ensure that the circuit sufficiently supplies the furnace unit. Otherwise, it will trip the breaker, which eventually shuts off your thermostat, preventing it from turning on.

Blown Furnace Fuse

Burned fuse in disassembled condition

Securely open the door on your furnace unit to access the control panel and thoroughly examine the cables for your thermostat connection.

Now, most control board systems use a purple three amps or orange five amps fuse.

See this furnace fuse on Amazon here.

You must ensure this fuse is in good condition and replace a blown fuse if necessary. After the replacement, check the thermostat. By now, it should be operating correctly.

The High-Limit Temperature Sensor Is Tripped

This frequently happens when a request for heat results in your thermostat rebooting in the process.

Also, this could cause the thermostat to lose power entirely, which leads to its system not turning on.

Tripped Float Switch

In addition to requesting heat, when you call your thermostat for a cooling cycle. This could also lead to shutting off the thermostat's system completely.

Suppose there is any buildup of water or obstruction stopping the water from draining. Check the furnace float switch, condensation pump, and drip pan.

The Ecobee should turn back on once this has been taken care of.

If the Ecoobe thermostat still won't turn on, after you perform a thorough check-up on all the above causes. Probably you've got an incorrect VAC capacity.

A power supply lower than a 24 VAC is insufficient for your system.

So this is another vital takeaway for you to address properly operating your Ecobee thermostat.

How To Fix An Ecobee Thermostat That's Blowing Warm Air Instead Of Cold

Woman felling hot during summer setting her thermostat

This issue often occurs after installation when you first switch ON the Ecobee thermostat. You'll immediately notice that your thermostat will blow warm air when you need cool air.

Here below, we've shared a checklist to fix this issue:

Check The Wiring

Hand installing modern thermostat plate on wall

Take the thermostat out of the wall to check the wiring properly.

Ensure that all wire in the Y1 terminal is properly in place. This is crucial for keeping your compressor running effectively when the Ecobee activates it.

Check whether the Ecobee wiring fits the wiring at the control board for your furnace or air handler. Those who have heat pump systems.

You must ensure that the thermostat O wire is in the O/B, not the W1 terminal.

This is a very typical mistake, so please be aware of that. Furthermore, the O wire is often linked to a terminal on many other thermostats labeled W and O or O/B.

The W terminal is for the furnace usage setting, while the O/B port is for the heat pump connection.

Check The Heat Pumps O/B Reversing Valve

Suppose that you have a heat pump system. O/B reversing valve may likely be activated on the incorrect setting. The easiest way to determine this problem is to check the thermal output to verify if the air is hot or cool.

If you operate the thermostat with the heat pump incorrect O/B reserving valve setup, you'll get the wrong cooling or heating output.

Thankfully, you can fix this problem by simply adjusting your O/B reserving valve.

Follow us below to correctly set or change the valve's setting on your Ecobee thermostat:

  1. Tap MAIN MENU and go next to SETTINGS MENU.
  2. Moving on to INSTALLATION SETTINGS and right after to EQUIPMENT.
  3. Proceed to HEAT PUMP, then O/B RESERVING VALVE.
  4. Change the current setup to reverse setting to correctly set it to the right heating or cooling output.

NOTE: This works for all Ecobee thermostat models except for Smart, Smart SI, EMS, and EMS SI.

How Do You Enable Auto Heat/Cool On An Ecobee Thermostat?

The Ecobee thermostat's auto mode feature is excellent for keeping your house at a pleasant temperature, especially in mild weather conditions or between heating and cooling.

The Ecobee will show two set points during this mode setup: one for cooling and one for heating. The heating set value is orange, and the cooling set value is blue.

Follow us through to explore how you activate them:

  1. First, press the MAIN MENU, proceed to SETTINGS, and then go to INSTALLATION SETTINGS.
  2. Right after, tap THRESHOLDS, move to AUTO HEAT/COOL, and choose ENABLE.
  3. Activate the AUTO mode by pressing its icon on the main screen or MAIN MENU > SYSTEM > HVAC.

This process ensures that your home has constant satisfaction in whichever mode you need. It activates your cooling system to bring the temperature down to the desired level once it rises above the set value.

Similarly, if the temperature falls below the heating setpoint value, the Ecobee will activate the heating system. Ecobee has many surprises in its system features, as you can modify its setpoint minimum gap with both set modes.

To do this, you'll have to:

  1. Go to HEAT/COOL Min Delta threshold.
  2. Next up is MAIN MENU and then SETTINGS.

In Conclusion

Your HVAC system operates at its best when the Ecobee thermostat is in good working order. Use every knowledge at your control to maintain your Ecobee thermostat functioning properly.

This entire post is about preventative steps and guidelines on keeping your Ecobee thermostat operating effectively by learning why it keeps losing power or by knowing how you correctly calibrate its thermal setup.

After all, this will always determine your Ecobee thermostat working at its greatest efficiency. Please use this knowledge to your benefit and advantage to prevent your Ecobee thermostat from facing serious issues.

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