Fireplace Glass Turning Black – What To Do?

  • Wipe with a damp paper towel.
  • Create a white ash paste.
  • Mix the lye or caustic soda.
  • Spray with oven cleaner.

Keep reading to learn more about how to apply these techniques using different cleaning materials safely. We will also discuss the causes and prevention of blackened fireplace glass and answer other questions in your mind. Let's get started!

A glass covered circular fireplace, Fireplace Glass Turning Black - What To Do?

Burnt fibers accumulating on the side panels of a fireplace

Soot is one of the toxic chemicals from burnt wood. If left uncleaned, it will contribute to air pollution, resulting in the deaths of thousands of people yearly in America. Based on a study, it induces symptoms and illnesses such as breathing difficulty, asthma, bronchitis, heart disease, and cancer.

Apart from this, soot exposure will also lead to immediate problems. These include bad fumes emission and stains. The accumulated soot will affect the functioning of your fireplace and eventually damage the structure.

In addition, soot is a combustible material that blocks the air supply in your chimney. Read this to understand more: 

Is Chimney Soot Flammable? What Homeowners need to know.

Soot Vs Creosote

A tall black glass covered fireplace

Along with ashes, soot and creosote are both byproducts of poor combustion of wood or gas fireplace. Thus, however confusing these particles are, they signify an underlying problem. 

Creosote is a crusty or gooey residue that accumulates inside the chimney and flue liner. Similarly, creosote is a fire hazard you need to clean before thickening. Unlike soot, it is much more difficult to remove.

Manufacturers designed the latest types of fireplaces to address this common problem. Thus, if you want to be free from the dangers of soot and creosote completely, convert your traditional fireplace into an electric one. An electric fireplace is cost-efficient, ventless, and space-saving.

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