Goodman AC Vs. Amana: Which To Choose?

Goodman and Amana air conditioners both made a top-notch AC unit. Choosing between these two excellent brands can be challenging for you to decide. Luckily, we've researched these brands extensively and will share what we found below!

When it comes to quality, Goodman and Amana are pretty much equal. However, if you're on a tight budget, Goodman offers a more affordable AC unit.

In contrast, if you want durability, Amana is a good option. In addition, Amana has better warranty offers than Goodman.

So, Amana is more worth it if you value a warranty period.

After reading this topic, you'll be confident which among these great AC brands you will have and install yours. We'll ensure you know we cover each brand's best features. We'll also address the other significant factors influencing your choice between them for an AC unit. So, keep on reading!

Amana PTAC unit installed under a window. outdoor compressor unit of Goodman. Goodman AC Vs Amana Which To Choose

Goodman Vs. Amana Overview

In 1934, George Foerstner founded the Amana company and later became famous for producing great refrigerator units. However, in 1954, the company began manufacturing its innovative air conditioner units.

In 1997, Amana was acquired by Goodman Company. Yes! You're right; Goodman has owned Amana since then.

On the other hand, in 1954, Harold V. Goodman himself took steps to establish the Goodman company. He became a contractor in the progressive city of Houston, Texas.

After that, He became one of the most recognized HVAC contractors across the U.S. Goodman began venturing into the HVAC industry in 1975 and gained honor for producing cutting-edge central air conditioner units.

However, in 2012, Daikin Industries, Ltd acquired Goodman Company. Therefore, this makes Amana and Goodman a subsidiary of Daikin, making it their parent company.

Air Conditioner Quality

Goodman is one of the top-tier brands in the home cooling and heating industries. The company is responsible for producing air conditioner units that are certified energy-efficient and eco-friendly machines.

In addition, the company's outstanding reputation has achieved ISO certification from Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

This means Goodman has reached the ISO standards for implementing environmental policies without degrading the AC unit quality.

male electrician checking a home air conditioner

Regarding their AC model, Goodman has a wide range of certified SEER rating models ranging from 1924 rate values.

In contrast, the Amana company has teamed with the Energy Star to identify some of the company's high-efficiency furnaces, Air-source heat pumps, and central air conditioner units.

The target of this program is to denote how energy-efficient Amana products include their AC units. Amana also has a SEER rating of 24, which is on par with their nearest rivals in the business.

Air Conditioner Features

You can expect your Goodman air conditioner units to perform exceptionally well for many years. Employing cutting-edge methods and materials, you can be confident in your home and enjoy the consistent comfort you deserve.

The pleasant and even temperature you experience is a cost-saving trend that will last many years.

The Goodman Filter-Driers absorb extra moisture in the refrigerant, eliminating air particles such as dirt and moisture.

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The job of this filter is to keep the refrigerant system dry and clean. Moreover, Goodman AC unit such as GVXC20 has variable-speed Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM).

Depending on your desired demand, the fan can run as high as 0% to 100%.

In contrast, Amana has ComfortNet, quiet performance, and energy-efficient air conditioner units. ComfortNet controls provide an edge in home comfort and management over non-programmable thermostats.

Thanks to customizable, pre-set thermal settings, remote control system, ongoing operational monitoring, and regular maintenance alarms.

The company's latest unit, AVXC20, can operate as quietly as 57 decibels and has a cover coating baked-on finish, making it very durable.

Moreover, this unique design of high-quality foam controls compressor noise.

BTU Cooling Capacity

Most homeowners need to pay more attention to this crucial part; when choosing an AC unit size, they tend to forget how significant it is for achieving their cooling demand.

If you want a comfortable home while minimizing power usage, choose the unit that fits your room size. An improper AC BTU capacity can result in costly energy usage in your bills.

In general, Goodman can cool the size of the room to around 2,500 to 3,300 square footage with a BTU of 60,000. Their residential furnace units also have a BTU range of 40,000 to 120,000 BTU/h.

A 25,000 BTU/h Amana AC unit is enough to cool a room size of 1,300 to 1,500 square footage. Amana also serves a BTU capacity for their furnaces ranging from 40,000 to 110,000.

AC Unit Life Span

A Goodman air conditioner unit is about 1015 years old. However, with appropriate use and management, you may increase its lifespan to 2025 years!

In contrast, Amana HVAC systems have an average life service of 1520 years. This includes proper handling and following regular check-ups.

Two workers in uniform, air conditioning masters using ladder while installing a new air conditioner in the apartment

Average Installation Cost

A new air conditioner is a worthy investment, primarily if you reside in severely hot places. The average installation cost varies on the model, type, and size in tonnage.

A Goodman 1.5 and 5 tons is around $3,260 to $5,562 installation cost. An Amana 2.5-ton AC can cost you between $3,854 and $6,345.

Note: This average installation cost may vary depending on your local installer/dealer or market.

AC Unit Maintenance

Besides cleaning the AC air filter once a month. Goodman also suggests to their clients that their HVAC systems should undergo tune-up maintenance at least once every year.

The check-up includes the following AC components:

  1. Fan
  2. Heat pump
  3. Compressor
  4. Refrigerant lines
  5. Indoor and outdoor coils

On the other hand, like most rival brands, Amana also requires their equipment and routine service. The company recommends servicing your Amana appliance, including AC units, twice yearly.

They also add that you should change your air filter every 30 to 90 days of its service. Moreover, a regular AC filter replacement can guarantee a reduction in your power usage to 515%.

Man hand hold air conditioner filter cleaning concept.

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Doing so will help your unit extend its life cycle while running properly and efficiently.

The inspection includes the following components:

  1. Electrical
  2. Fan motor
  3. Thermostat
  4. Condenser coils
  5. Condensate drain

Warranty Coverage

The warranty application for your Goodman HVAC system should comply within 60 days of installation. Registering your HVAC unit within the said time frame will qualify you for the best warranty offers.

Goodman guarantees their clients the following warranty:

  • All parts service warranty for ten years.
  • A limited unit replacement for ten years.
  • If you own your home, you will enjoy a lifetime warranty.
  • Models such as GSH10, GSC10, GSC13, and GSH13 only have five years of warranty.

Similarly, Amana guarantees their HVAC owners have a warranty when registered within 60 days of installation.

  • Amana brand AC covers for a limited 5-year warranty.
  • You'll have ten years of parts replacement if you comply with their specified agreement.
  • You'll qualify for a lifetime compressor warranty if you're a homeowner.

NOTE: You don't need to register your equipment for those Amana clients living in California and Quebec.

What Is The Most Reliable Air Conditioner Brand?

There are many brands to choose from to figure out the best AC for you to take a look at. Those with a budget should get an air conditioner from one of the highest AC brands.

However, there are a few more essential factors to consider when selecting one to have yours in your home. Nonetheless, everything should fall into a high-quality and practical air conditioner system.

See below the other highly rated brands of air conditioner producers today:

  1. Daikin
  2. Hitachi
  3. Bluestar
  4. Carrier
  5. Whirlpool
  6. Voltas
  7. Panasonic
  8. LG
  9. Samsung
  10. Electrolux

two outdoor compressor units installed on the white wall of a house. Goodman AC Vs Amana Which To Choose

To Wrap Up

Deciding to have an investment in an air conditioner between these two good brands can be challenging, as you might expect. However, Goodman and Amana are one and share a goal to give their clients high-quality and efficient AC units.

Throughout this topic, we've discussed both brands' histories. You also learned the best key features of their AC products. We also touch on both company's installation cost and their most excellent warranty services.

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