Goodman AC Vs Day & Night: Which To Choose?

A quality air conditioning system will keep temperatures optimal in your home for years, so choosing a suitable unit is crucial to ensure comfort.

Many recommended brands, including Goodman and Day & Night, come in varying types, but which of these should you choose? We've looked these up and gathered all the information that you need to know in this post.

Goodman air conditioners are a good choice if you're looking for a reliable and cheaper unit. They also have a warranty on par with other premium or pricier AC units.

For an option focused on efficiency that comes with more features, you would want to check out Day & Night units. Even at higher prices, their air conditioners are still of excellent value.

Finding a suitable air conditioner that effectively cools your home is essential for continued comfort and savings. Keep reading as we compare Goodman and Day & Night and discuss a few pointers when shopping for a unit.

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Comparing Goodman AC And Day & Night

Goodman HVAC unit on the outside of a vacation house.

According to several reviews, Goodman and Day & Night air conditioners are options that provide the perfect balance of quality performance for an affordable price. While both are excellent choices, each offers distinct features that cater to one individual's needs more than the other.

Below is a brief comparison of Goodman and Day & Night to help you determine which brand is suitable for you:

Overall Efficiency

SEER ratings measure air conditioner efficiency, wherein units with a SEER rating of 16 or more have higher efficiency. Goodman air conditioners offer a SEER rating of up to 24.5 while Day & Night units cap at 19.

Best Features

Regarding features and advancement, Day & Night offers a broader range of functions similar to most premium models.

They boast a lineup of AC units balancing affordability and top-notch performance. Another great feature they offer is Wi-Fi compatibility and system control, specifically for their Ion series.

Even using older systems to function, Goodman air conditioners are great if you prefer a lower-cost unit. Despite some of its outdated designs, it continues to exceed quality expectations.

Goodman units also come with simple functions, making them great for individuals looking for effortless operation.

Sound Rating

Many homeowners prefer a quieter air conditioning system for added comfort from day to night. Both brands aren't significantly loud, but they occasionally make a bit of noise.

Goodman units typically operate on 40 decibels and reach up to 70 decibels when the system is under stress. On the other hand, the average for Day & Night models is 56 decibels.

Option Variety

Both brands offer models that cater to both small and large spaces at different efficiency ratings. However, Day & Night has a better set of features available for each model compared to the simplicity provided by Goodman.

Installation And Set Up

Generally, you will need a professional to help you install a Goodman or Day & Night air conditioning unit to ensure it functions correctly. They are also equally easy to set up and operate.

Maintenance And Warranty

Goodman and Day & Night have support services for when you need to get replacements, repairs, or inspections and maintenance. Their air conditioners also come with standard limited warranties for as long as ten years.

Failure to register a purchase within a certain number of days, 60 days for Goodman and 90 days for Day & Night, will reduce the length of the warranty to five years.

Unit Costs

Goodman air conditioners are known for being good quality at a low cost. The average price of their units goes from approximately $3,100 to as much as $4,300 with installation.

For Day & Night, their AC units are made specifically to compete against cheaper markets, so they come in similar price ranges but offer performance that's identical to expensive AC brands. You can expect to pay up to $5,600, including installation costs.

Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Close up shot of newly installed white air conditioner. Working AC hanging on the pastel color wall

An HVAC system should be able to cater to your needs in the best way possible. HVAC experts suggest shopping for air conditioners with high energy-efficiency ratings to ensure you save on both power and costs.

You might want to consider a few of these factors when looking for an air conditioner to purchase:

Model Or Type

Air conditioners usually come in three major types: portable, window or through-the-wall, and mini-split.

Out of these options, a portable unit offers flexibility because it doesn't require any permanent installation to function. Window or through-the-wall air conditioners take up less floor space and are easy to install, while a mini-split is an excellent ductless option closest to a central air conditioning system.

Read this post for more options if you have a windowless room: What Air Conditioner For A Room Without Windows?

Unit Size And Cooling Capacity

For some models, the unit size of an air conditioner doesn't determine its cooling capacity. So if you need to cool larger spaces, you should look into these.

Window and through-the-wall air conditioners come in different sizes that can cool from 100 to 550 square feet, depending on the unit size. Although they take up wall or window space, they give you extra floor room for furniture and other items.

Portable units are ideal if you can't install an air conditioner in the window or wall, but they take up much floor space. They also cool the most effectively in small to mid-sized rooms.

Mini-split air conditioners offer the broadest range since they're closest to central-air systems but without requiring ductwork installation. Compared to wall air conditioners, they tend to be bigger, taking up about twice as much wall space as other AC types.

Filter Accessibility

Technician cleaning air conditioner. Hand holding air conditioning filter

Regular cleaning is vital to keep your cooling system functioning in top condition. So an accessible filter is a bonus. While not all units need frequent cleaning, a quick-to-access filter makes it easier for you to evaluate the AC if a problem arises.

If you're wondering if a ductless AC comes with a filter, read this post: Do Ductless Air Conditioners Have Filters?

Installation Requirement

To get the most from your air conditioner, you should install it correctly. But to do this, you need to have the appropriate requirements, from location to drainage.

You can contact an HVAC professional to assist you further when evaluating which AC unit will best fit your current space.


Hand with remote control directed on air conditioner. Home air conditioning concept

Air conditioners now come in manual and smart variants, meaning you can either adjust the unit yourself or do it by remote or Wi-Fi. If you're usually busy or away from home, a smart model would be convenient if you prefer flexibly controlling your unit.

When Should I Get A New AC Unit?

Air conditioners can last up to 15 to 20 years or longer with proper maintenance and care. If you have an existing air conditioning unit but are debating whether or not to replace it, here are some signs that indicate you should:

Major Damage Or Failure

Any extreme damage to your AC is enough reason to replace your unit, especially if you can no longer fix it or the repair cost is equal to or more than the price of a new one.

If possible, it's also good to check your unit's age to see if it goes over the average lifespan. Some air conditioner failures may be due to the system being too old to perform efficiently.

Read this post for a deeper discussion on the lifespan of an air conditioner: How Long Do Air Conditioners Last?

Excessive Repair Costs

You might have to pay thousands for some repairs on newer air conditioners, which won't always be the best deal available. If you don't mind the time it takes, it's more practical to purchase a new unit if the repair total goes over the replacement price.

Energy Bills Total

Because of recent HVAC system advancements, an older unit will probably not operate as efficiently as a newer unit. As a result, you'll be paying higher energy bills if you keep them longer.

However, not everyone can replace their AC as soon as possible. Instead, consider switching to a different model once your power costs seem too high for you.

Final Thoughts

Exterior AC unit in the morning after a night of snowfall. Cooling unit of a townhouse.

Even air conditioners within the more affordable range provide exceptional results if you find a unit that fits your needs! Most recommend Goodman and Day & Night as brands that offer premium quality air conditioners at a low cost.

When choosing between these two brands, go for Goodman if you want a reliable and easy-to-navigate unit regardless of its technology. But if you favor an AC closer to modern models with tech-savvy features, Day & Night units may be best for you.

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