Goodman Furnace Error Codes And What They Mean

Do you have a Goodman furnace, and you’re wondering what the LED error codes mean? Wonder no more, for we have researched this question, and we have the answer for you.

Here are some error codes from Goodman furnaces and what they mean:

  • LED blinks on and off – System lockout
  • LED blinks once, stays on for a time, then blinks once more – The system cannot detect any signal from the thermostat
  • LED blinks twice – Problem with draft blower
  • LED blinks three times – The system detects a pressure switch that is still open
  • LED blinks four times – System detects an open limit circuit
  • LED blinks five times – Systems detect the presence of a flame, but there has been no request for heat
  • LED blinks seven times – The system has detected gas pressure that is below the accepted standard

The succeeding sections have additional information regarding the LED lights of your Goodman furnace and tips on how to resolve the errors above. Read on!

Technician cutting wires in the Goodman furnace due to error codes, Goodman Furnace Error Codes And What They Mean

Where to find the LED indicator of a Goodman furnace

The LED lights are often found inside the furnace cabinet. Turn off your furnace and unscrew the front panel. Set aside the screws and carefully remove the panel cover.

Look for the control panel once you’ve removed the front cover. The control panel looks like a circuit board that is no bigger than the screen of a laptop. It is where most of the wires are connected.

The LED indicator is usually found in the upper right corner of the control board. The LED will light up as soon as you turn the power of your furnace back on. Watch out for the number of blinks as soon as you switch back the power.

In most error codes, the LED will turn itself off for a few seconds before blinking the code once more. Count the number of times that the LED turns on before staying off for a few seconds. The number of blinks is your error code.

Refer to the list above for the error corresponding to the number of LED blinks. The sections below provide brief instructions on how to resolve the errors above.

How to resolve LED blinking on and off on my Goodman

A continuously blinking LED on your Goodman furnace means that it has attempted to ignite multiple times but failed. In this situation, your Goodman will lock itself out for an hour and then automatically reset itself. Your Goodman will not activate during the time that it is locked out.

However, if an hour is a too much time to wait for your Goodman to reset itself, you can manually reset it yourself.

How to manually reset a Goodman furnace

  1. Turn off your Goodman from the thermostat. Ensure that your thermostat is at the “Off” position or status.
  2. Go to your circuit breaker and turn off the switch that provides power to your Goodman.
  3. Open the front panel cover. This should still be open if you checked the LED for the error code earlier.
  4. Locate the reset button. Press it and hold the button for five seconds, then release it.
  5. Go back to your circuit breaker and flip the switch back on for your Goodman’s power supply.
  6. Go to your thermostat and turn it back on. Your furnace should now work.

How to resolve Goodman LED blinks once, stays on for a few seconds, then blinks once more

An opened Goodman furnace checking for any damages

There are several reasons why your thermostat cannot communicate with your furnace. Each of these causes has different solutions that we provided below:

Problem With The Thermostat

Check the batteries on your thermostat. A thermostat with a dying battery will no longer function properly and can fail to communicate with your Goodman.

Check the thermostat settings and make sure that it is set to “heat” and not “cool.”

There is also the rare possibility that your thermostat is not compatible with your Goodman. Check the thermostat’s website and check for compatibility issues with your Goodman model.

Problem With The Wiring

If the thermostat has been installed recently, there could be a problem with the wiring. A loose connection or wires connected to the wrong terminal can prevent the thermostat from communicating with your Goodman.

Check the wires and make sure that they are securely connected to the correct terminals.

How to fix Goodman LED blinking twice

A home high energy efficient furnace in a basement

The LED on your Goodman will blink twice if it senses that the exhaust fan is not running.

Turn off your Goodman from the thermostat and then switch off the power from the circuit breaker. Check the exhaust fan for any blockage that prevents it from running and clear these blockages.

If the fan still doesn’t run after clearing it, have an HVAC expert check the issue. It could be a bad exhaust fan or the power supply to the fan has been compromised.

How to resolve Goodman LED blinking three times

This error code tells you of a possible problem with the circuit where the pressure switch is connected. The steps below will allow you to troubleshoot the pressure switch and the cause of the error.

  1. Follow steps 1 to 3 from the section “How to manually reset a Goodman furnace?” above.
  2. Look for a flexible black tubing that goes to the induced draft blower.
  3. Disconnect the tubing from the draft blower.
  4. The other end of the tubing goes to the pressure switch. Disconnect it from there too.
  5. Clear the inside of the tube of any debris that might be trapped inside.
  6. Reconnect the tube to the pressure switch and the draft blower.
  7. Check the wires leading to the pressure switch and look for any physical damage or loose connection. Secure any loose connection that you might find.
  8. Turn your Goodman back on. If you get the same error code, have an HVAC professional check the pressure switch.

How to resolve Goodman LED blinking four times

This error code means that your furnace’s high-limit limit switch is open. This switch is responsible for turning the fan on or off during regular heating cycles.

It is also responsible for regulating the internal temperature of the furnace. It will shut down the furnace if the internal temperature is too high. This is to prevent damage to your Goodman.

This problem is often caused by a limited airflow within the system that traps warm air that triggers the high-limit switch. This points to a possible dirty air filter or a faulty blower motor.

Check the air filter and the blower motor. Another possible culprit is a blown 24-volt fuse on the control board.

A less common possible cause is a duct that does not fit your Goodman system.

How to resolve Goodman LED blinking five times

This error code means that your Goodman furnace is detecting the presence of an open flame, but there is no call for heat from the thermostat.

This can be caused by a problematic gas valve that doesn’t close completely or closes very slowly, leaving a lingering flame inside your Goodman. It is also possible that there is a gas leak inside your furnace that feeds a small flame.

This problem is best handled by an HVAC professional that can work on gas lines because the problem potentially involves the gas line. In some states, it is illegal to work on the gas line unless you have special training, certification, and a permit. Any work that involves the gas line is considered very dangerous.

How to resolve Goodman LED blinking seven times

Usually, this is caused by very low gas pressure that results in a low or weak flame.

Unfortunately, a dirty flame sensor can also cause this error code. A dirty flame sensor will not be able to accurately tell if the flame is burning at the standard size. If it barely senses the presence of a flame, the system might think that the gas pressure is weak and give off this error code.

Most flame sensors look like an L-shaped rod inserted into the bottom part of the cavity where the burners are located. It usually has a single wire going to it.

Loosen the single bolt that keeps it in place and carefully remove the flame sensor. Scrub it lightly with a clean and unused scouring pad.

Reinsert it and check if you’re going to get the same error code. If you get the same error code, have a professional HVAC person that can work with gas lines check your Goodman.

In Closing

Technician cutting wires in the Goodman furnace due to error codes

There are many error codes that Goodman furnaces use to provide information about possible problems with the system. These codes can change as newer models with additional features are released by Goodman.

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