Goodman Heat Pump Troubleshooting

A Goodman heat pump may run into some problems, so it’s a good idea for owners to know what to do in case certain issues arise from this appliance. You may wonder what you can do to troubleshoot your Goodman heat pump. We researched the information for your convenience and here’s what we found.

The troubleshooting steps for Goodman heat pumps often depend on the specific model. Certain units, such as the N2H3 heat pump, have a built-in diagnostic tool to help owners identify the sources of specific problems quickly.

On the other hand, units like the GPC1336M41 may require some teardowns to get to the bottom of their encountered issues.

Applying the correct solution based on the troubleshooting steps allows Goodman heat pump owners to save on expensive repair and replacement costs. Continue reading as we talk about the troubleshooting and repair steps of different Goodman heat pumps in greater detail.

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How Do You Troubleshoot A Goodman Heat Pump?

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Goodman offers different heat pump models and each unit might encounter specific errors that require unique troubleshooting steps. In this section, you’ll learn how to find relatively common problems with different Goodman heat pumps. You'll also find out some possible solutions to these issues.

Goodman GPC1336M41 Heat Pump

Take note that you should disconnect the heat pump from its power source before attempting any troubleshooting procedure. Failure to remove the power from the heat pump may result in serious health and property issues.

After taking out the power from this Goodman heat pump, here are some fairly common problems and the possible solutions:

Unit Isn’t Running

Some of the possible causes of a Goodman heat pump not turning on include a loose electrical connection, an incorrect thermostat setting, and a defective transformer. If the unit doesn’t turn on even when connected to a power source, check for loose wiring or visible damage to the connections.

If you find the source of this issue to be an incorrect thermostat setting, resetting the heat pump may solve the issue. However, you will need to replace the transformer if it’s the cause.

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Compressor Has Frequent Power Cycles

Only two potential causes of this issue exist: (1) a faulty overload protector and (2) low-pressure control.

Replace the overload protector if this component is the cause of the problem. Otherwise, check and recharge the unit's refrigerant.

High Suction Pressure

A Goodman heat pump with a high suction pressure may need its load recalibrated. However, this problem may also come from a damaged compressor or an incorrectly sized reversing valve.

Replace the compressor or reversing valve if these items are the source of this issue.

Goodman N2H3 Heat Pump

This Goodman heat pump has a built-in diagnostics device in its control box. Checking this module allows users to identify sources of different issues without the need of tearing the appliance apart. If problems appear, an LED indicator will flash with a displayed error code.

Some of the error codes that may appear on a Goodman N2H3 model and their possible fixes are:

Yellow Flashing LED With Error Code 1

This error means that the heat pump has been running extensively. It could then lead to other issues, such as low coolant reserves, a dirty and/or frozen evaporator coil, and an evaporator blower that won’t run.

Shutting down the unit and cleaning its internals, particularly its evaporator coil, may help remove this error code. But you may need to replace some parts, including the evaporator blower if it acquired serious damage.

Yellow Flashing LED With Error Code 2

If this error code appears on the heat pump’s diagnostic tool, it can mean one of three things:

  • An overloaded compressor
  • Discharge on the system’s pressure
  • Suction pressure is out of limits

Owners should apply the appropriate solution based on the source of this error code. For instance, cleaning the condenser in the air compressor for dirt can increase the unit's performance.

On the other hand, remove and fix any leaks found within the system to resolve this error code.


A red and stable LED on this Goodman heat pump means that the compressor isn’t running despite power being detected. This issue can mean different things, such as that the compressor's encasement is open or its circuit breaker is exposed.

Generally, closing the exposed components may restore the appliance’s serviceability and remove this error. But it might also be possible that a broken connector or wire is present, which may require an immediate repair or replacement.

Goodman R410A Heat Pump

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It’s important to note that this heat pump also has cooling capabilities. So it means that users may experience some problems with this model that might not be present in other similar units manufactured by Goodman.

Some of these issues and their possible solutions are:

Motor Doesn’t Start

Turning on the heat pump may result in little to no activity from the appliance. If so, it may have a blown fuse, its motor might be faulty, or the installation is incorrect.

Start the troubleshooting by checking if the fuse is blown. If so, replace it with a new model. You may also need to replace the motor if it’s the source of this problem. Otherwise, rewire the 24 Vac wires and check if it solved the concern.

Unknown Noises During Operation

A Goodman heat pump should only produce a low hum while it’s running. Something might be amiss with the unit if you hear sounds like static, puffs, or bangs. If so, you might need to do one (or more) of the following:

  • Clean or replace the filter
  • Adjust the blower speed setting.
  • Tighten loose parts, such as the panels and blower housing.

How To Reset A Goodman Heat Pump?

First, check your Goodman heat pump’s owner’s manual to search for the location of the reset button. If this button exists on the unit, press it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Otherwise, you can reset the system by turning it off for about 1 minute from the thermostat or circuit breaker.

How Often Should I Service My Heat Pump?

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An HVAC professional should check your heat pump at least once per year. However, the frequency to have the unit serviced may increase if it’s the main appliance supplying comfortable heat to the house.

Do I Have A Goodman Heat Pump Or Air Conditioner?

Users can find out if they have a Goodman heat pump or AC unit by turning on the ‘Heat’ function of the connected thermostat. Then, wait until the area fills with warm air before stepping outdoors to check the outside unit. If the outside component is running, the appliance is a heat pump.

Another way to know if the Goodman appliance is a dedicated AC or heat pump, or if it's a device that has both cooling and heating features, is to check the owner's manual.

You may also find the type of device by looking at the label on the outside unit. If it has 'HP' in its model number, it's likely a heat pump. Otherwise, the unit is an air conditioner.

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Can Heat Pump Replace Air Conditioner?

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Property owners may replace their old air conditioners with a quality heat pump. Doing so can provide households with comfortable indoor temperatures without significantly relying on different appliances. This can cut costs on energy bills.

However, replacing an AC with a heat pump may not be an ideal option if the heating unit currently installed already has cooling functions. Going through with the replacement may demand high installation and maintenance costs, particularly if your current unit is still in relatively good working condition.

The location of the property may also play a vital role in finalizing this decision. Replacing an AC with a heat pump may work well for those who live in colder regions.

On the other hand, houses in warmer climates, such as those in Florida or Hawaii, may want to stick with their air conditioning systems.

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Final Words

Goodman heat pump owners should pay attention to the symptoms experienced by their specific models. Doing so allows the careful assessment and verification of specific problems, allowing owners to apply the correct solutions.

Now you know more about some of the common problems that can occur in a Goodman heat pump, as well as how to diagnose and address them.

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