Grandaire Vs Bryant: Which To Choose?

When it's hot outside, you want an air conditioner to keep your house as comfortable as you dream. Grandaire and Bryant are your greatest choices, but it can be difficult for you to decide between them.

Since both brands offer their air conditioner unit with individual features, fortunately for you, we've done a series of studies and reviews to assist you on this matter. Let's dive right into this below!

If you're looking for a company with an affordable and long-lasting air conditioner unit, Grandaire can be your best option. The company focuses on simple yet comparable to other high-class brands.

In contrast, Bryant outlasts Grandaire in terms of air conditioner features. Bryant is also an excellent option if you want an air conditioner unit that has great warranty offers.

Deciding which brand of air conditioner you want to install is a critical matter just as much as you may think. So keep reading as we walk you through both brands' basic air conditioner information.

A comparison between Grandaire and Bryant air conditioner brand, Grandaire Vs Bryant: Which To Choose?

An Overview Of Grandaire And Bryant

Grandaire is currently the best-value maker of heating and cooling systems. Grandaire builds its HVAC systems using premium components and streamlines them by taking out the "bells and whistles."

Baker Distributing Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Watsco Inc., handles Grandaire. In 2009, Watsco Inc. and Carrier agreed to form a partnership to launch CARRIER Enterprise LLC.

On the other hand, since Charles Bryant founded Bryant Heating & Cooling in 1904, Bryant has constantly been enhancing the performance and durability of his products.

The business works even harder by conducting a ton of testing and improvement to provide your home the satisfaction you want.

The Quality Of Both Companies' AC Units

Excellent rating
NASHVILLE, TN-MAY, 2015: HVAC system for a new home under construction.

When buying an air conditioner, you must consider the quality of the unit. Air conditioners from Grandaire have respectable Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings.

Additionally, this brand is ENERGY STAR certified.

The company has a decade of partnership with the notable company Watsco Inc. Therefore, their AC units will surely last. With Grandaire's product, you may pick from various air conditioner models with SEER values of 13–16.

On the other hand, Bryant is one of the most innovative air conditioning manufacturers.

Their Premier Series can function from 66 or 100 percent capacity, which outclasses most of the Grandaire current air conditioner models.

Premier Series can reduce indoor humidity levels while also saving energy. Furthermore, the Bryant Preferred™ Series model has a SEER rating of 17, surpassing all Grandaire models available today.

Notable Features From Each Brand

The Grandaire's WCA34 model is an unexpectedly energy-efficient air conditioner. Its fan can spin at a speed of about 1,100 RPM, boosting its power without affecting energy efficiency.

They create the exterior cabinet cover out of steel and add an extra safety feature to their split system register grill. Moreover, all their air conditioner models use a nonpolluting refrigerant known as R410A.

In contrast, Bryant Evolution™ 186CNV is famous for its quiet operation. Some air conditioners run with a lot of noise, which is very upsetting.

This is one of the noiseless air conditioner units they sell with a 51dB sound level.

Moreover, this model operates smoothly and soundlessly, as low as 50% against their closest competitors. Bryant's other great feature is the Intelligent Evolution® Connex™ Control.

It can sense the status of your home's interior and exterior online to provide maximum comfort. Internal intelligence supports learning management, enabling your system to operate at peak efficiency.

BTU Sizes For Grandaire And Bryant AC Systems

The right unit size is vital in every cooling or heating system. An air conditioner unit that is too small won't be able to cool your home adequately.

Otherwise, if you buy a larger AC, you'll risk wasting too much energy on your bills.

Considering the air conditioner unit's cooling efficiency is the fundamental method for choosing the appropriate air conditioner for your needs. Grandaire's HVAC system's BTU capacity varies from 18,000 - 60,000.

As you expect, Grandaire maintains its reputation of having a straightforward yet dependable AC unit. Meanwhile, Bryant produces their HVAC unit with a wide range of BTU capacity from 50,000 - 120,000.

Availability Of Air Conditioning Units By Brand

Grandaire stays up to its brand name to produce simple and durable products. They keep their brand as plain as possible without sacrificing product integrity.

Here below are Grandaire's four main air conditioner models:

  • WCA3 model
  • WCA4 model
  • WCA5 model
  • WCA6 model

In contrast, Bryant, a well-known brand worldwide, offers a variety of high-tier air conditioner options. You'll find their AC products in Evolution™, Preferred™, and Legacy™ Line series of models along with various features.

The following are some of the greatest AC series and models that the Bryant company offers:

Evolution™ Series

  • 186CNV and 189BNV models.

Preferred™ Series

  • 127A, 127T, 126SAN, 126CNA, 126B, and 124ANS models.

Legacy™ Line Series

  • 116B, 115SAN, 105A, 114CNC, 114C, and 113A models.

See this Bryant Legacy AC on Amazon.

Grandaire Vs. Bryant Pricing

The Grandaire air conditioner is designed for use in the major American States. They provide 13 to 16 SEER AC units and a range of BTU output levels.

Although its installation expenses are slightly higher than average, the company provides extensive products at fair prices. You'll find below the average costs of all Grandaire's models, excluding installation fees.

  • WCA3 - $1,590 to $1,890
  • WCA4 - $1,650 to $1,950
  • WCA5 - $1,780 to $2,200
  • WCA6 - $2,180 to $2,660

Grandaire's Average Installation Cost

  • WCA3 $3,590 to $3,890
  • WCA4 $3,650 to $3,950
  • WCA5 $3,780 to $4,200
  • WCA6 $4,180 to $4,660

NOTE: The company's price per unit and installation fee may differ in your state or market.

Considering Bryant is a well-known manufacturer of premium air conditioning systems, you should budget a little more for it.

Please refer to the Bryant Evolution series per unit and installation pricing below:

  • Bryant 186B model - $1,682
  • Bryant 187B model - $1,838
  • Bryant 189BNV model - $2,190
  • Bryant 180B model - $2,499

Bryant's Average Installation Cost

  • Bryant 186B model - $2,895
  • Bryant 187B model - $3,222
  • Bryant 189BNV model - $3,540
  • Bryant 180B model - $4,225

NOTE: These averages cost may change depending on your local market.

Grandaire Vs. Bryant AC Lifespan

Knowing that Grandaire manufactures durable air conditioning systems. Their air conditioning unit is sturdy since the outdoor unit's casing is covered with steel.

You can expect the Grandaire AC system to last 15 - 20 years.

On the other hand, if you consistently keep your Bryant air conditioner in good condition. You can estimate its lifespan by 15 years with regular maintenance.

Air Conditioner Units Maintenance

Air conditioner maintenance

Negligence is the cause of the majority of air conditioner problems. Regardless of your AC brand, the key to your cooling system working effectively is to service it regularly.

Like its air filter, clean it every month or two.

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In the long run, your Grandaire air conditioner units will certainly need proper maintenance.

Furthermore, you'll prevent the following AC components problems just by performing regular maintenance.

  • Damaging the motor
  • Poor cooling performance
  • Defective coils
  • Compressor issues

Bryant's air filter maintenance comes every three months. According to them, you will need to add a thermostat to save up on utility bills annually.

Besides, they recommend servicing your system twice yearly to ensure efficiency.

Warranty Coverage For Grandaire And Bryant Air Conditioners

Best quality assurance with golden five stars for guarantee product

Grandaire's warranty offer is quite particular and always stands for simplicity.

The warranty coverages include:

  • Grandaire product replacement with a 1-year advantage.
  • A 10-year Limited Warranty that covers only parts.
  • The compressor warranty is limited to 10 years.

However, Bryant will also provide you with an amazing warranty offer:

  • You'll qualify for a standard 10-year components warranty when registering your device within 90 days.
  • If you don't register during the specified application period, your warranty will only last five years.
  • In addition to your standard warranty, prepare $100 to $1,000 for labor and repairs.

What Is The Most Reliable AC Brand?

Woman choosing air conditione

Always choose the most reputable and reliable brands in the HVAC industry when you decide to purchase one.

Aside from Grandaire and Bryant, the following list represents the most trustworthy manufacturers:

  • American Standard
  • Amana
  • Lennox
  • Frigidaire
  • Rheem
  • Coleman
  • Heil
  • Trane
  • York
  • Carrier

To Wrap Up

Installing a new air conditioner can cost more than you might anticipate. Your choice will determine your entire house's indoor air quality and comfort.

Electrician installing air conditioning in client house

Choose wisely which AC brands you want to install based on your needs.

This post reveals which brands produce top-notch air conditioners with great features. You also learned both companies averages unit prices with the installation cost.

We hope that using this information; you'll decide which brands you want to have according to your cooling needs.

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