11 Great Kitchen Ceiling Fans With Lights

Are you browsing for the perfect ceiling fan with lights for your kitchen? You don't need to look any further. We researched the top-rated products from different home interior brands based on customer ratings and reviews, and here's what we found.

Below is a list of top-rated and customer recommended indoor ceiling fans with lights:

  1. 17PinHut's Caged 3-blade Iron Fan With Lights
  2. Hunter Fan Company's 53237 Builder Plus Pull Chain Fan
  3. Prominence Home's 51593 Saybrook Country Rustic
  4. Portage Bay's Stannor Bronze Pull Chain With Frosted Lights
  5. Honeywell's 50504-01 Royal Palm
  6. Hunter's Haskell Pull Chain With Swirled Marble Bowl Light
  7. CJOY's 4-blade Modern Design In Brushed Nickel Color
  8. Ohniyou's Wooden Vintage Rustic Chandelier
  9. OCIOC's Propeller Quiet Ceiling Fan With LED Light
  10. Fansose's Industrial Fan In Brushed Bronze Finish 
  11. Hykolity's Oiled Bronze Wooden Industrial Fan  

Read on to learn why customers are raving about these ceiling fans. We'll give you an overview of each product's best features and why customers love them.

Ceiling fan with compact florescent light bulbs, 11 Great Kitchen Ceiling Fans With Lights

Best Ceiling Fans With Lights For Any Kitchen

According to customer reviews, a good ceiling fan should run silently, have adjustable speeds, be easy to assemble, secure installation, and be aesthetically beautiful. 

Stylish home interior with kitchen

1. Caged 3-Blade Fan With Light by 17PinHut

Check out this 41-inch 3-Blade Fan on Amazon!

If you want to match your kitchen's rustic style and interiors, this 3-blade, silent, and energy-saving fan by 17PinHut is ideal. It has a remote control, timer, and reversible DC motor that operates at six different speeds. Its material is high-quality iron with four bulb bases, and customers love that it's so quiet and easy to install.

2. Brushed Nickel Finish with LED Lights by Hunter Fan Company

Check out this 52-inch Nickel Finish Indoor Fan on Amazon!

Do you want a traditional-style pull chain ceiling fan with lights? Hunter Fan Company's 53237 Builder Plus is a classic-style indoor fan for low ceilings that will look beautiful in your kitchen or dining area. 

This fan's unique feature is the brushed nickel finish blades specially coated with Hunter Fan Company's Dust Armor nanotechnology. It has three LED light kits that require incandescent light bulbs. Customers love its craftsmanship, quiet motor, easy installation, and ease of assembly.

3. Saybrook 51593 Country Rustic by Prominence Home

Check out this 52-inch Rustic Espresso Fan on Amazon!

If you want to merge modern with a country rustic style, the Saybrook 51593 espresso-colored indoor fan by Prominence Home is one of the favorites to achieve a farmhouse feel. It has three light kits encased in glass, a pull chain feature, and a reversible motor.

The Saybrook 51593 is easy to install with two mounting options—downrod and angled. It is ideal for a 12 x 12 up to 18 x 18 square feet kitchen size. Customers love that it's easy to find a bulb replacement for the lights and gives good airflow for bigger rooms.

4. Stannor Bronze Pull Chain With Frosted Lights by Portage Bay

Check out this 52-inch Traditional Style Fan on Amazon! 

If you're looking for a traditional style with a bit of contemporary edge, Portage Bay's 52-inch Stannor indoor fan with three lights in frosted glass encasements. It has five reversible blades—one side is ebony-colored, and the other is barn wood. You can change blade colors to match the kitchen interiors.

5. Royal Palm 50504-01 by Honeywell

Click here to see the Royal Palm Ceiling Fan on Amazon!

Give your kitchen a tropical vibe with Honeywell's 50504-01 Royal Palm design. It has five blades made of dark cherry hand-carved wood, a pull chain feature, four LED lights, and three mounting options—downrod, angled, and closemount. Customers love that it's silent and provides a lot of air circulation even on the lowest setting.

6. Haskell Pull Chain With Swirled Marble Bowl Light by Hunter

Click here to see the Haskell fan with bowl light on Amazon!

The Haskell 42-inch pull chain ceiling fan is ideal for contemporary-style small rooms and kitchens. It features a LED bowl light kit that's energy-efficient and dimmable to set the ambiance in the dining area. It has five reversible blades, a brushed nickel finish, and a 3-speed 'whisper wind' motor.

pull chain ceiling fan

7. Modern Ceiling Fan In Brushed Nickel Color by CJOY

Click here to see this CJOY 52-inch modern design fan on Amazon!

This remote control ceiling fan by CJOY will look perfect in a modern-style kitchen. It can provide airflow on a 12 ft x 12 ft size kitchen. It has four reversible 52-inch blades with three speeds, a quiet motor, and 8 hours timer. Customers love that it operates very quietly, even in a high setting.

8. Wooden Vintage Farmhouse Style Rustic Chandelier Fan by Ohniyou

Check out this Farmhouse Rustic fan by Ohniyou on Amazon!

This interesting farmhouse vintage ceiling fan by Ohniyou will surely be a design highlight in your kitchen or dinner table. It is a flushed mount installation and has a remote control with three speeds. You can use any bulb type (LED, CFL, incandescent) so replacing them is very easy. This 20-inch rustic chandelier fan is ideal for small kitchens.

9. Quiet Ceiling Fan Propeller Design With LED Lights by OCIOC


Check out this OCIOC 22-inch Quiet Ceiling fan on Amazon!

This modern propeller-blade fan by OCIOC has a reversible motor to switch wind direction, a six-speed quiet fan with remote control, and an LED light encased inside a nano-frosted plate. Customers love that it is only 22 inches but provides a strong airflow.

10. Industrial Fan In Brushed Bronze Finish by Fansose

Check out this Bronze Industrial Fan on Amazon!

If you're looking for a classy, industrial type of fan to match your equally classy kitchen interiors, this 36-inch fan by Fansose is a beauty to behold. It has reversible wooden fan blades, iron lamp chassis, three glass lamp shades, a silent motor with three wind speeds, and a pull switch.

11. Oiled Bronze Wooden Industrial Fan by Hykolity

Click here to see this Hykolity Wooden Industrial fan on Amazon!

Another classy and wooden industrial-style ceiling fan is this beauty by Hykolity. This 52-inch classic traditional bronze fan has three LED light kits in clear glass, a silent reversible motor, and uses a pull chain for multi-speed settings. Customers love that it is very quiet even at high speed.

How To Choose A Good Kitchen Ceiling Fan

Contemporary Yellow Open Kitchen

Choosing the right ceiling fan for the kitchen is not all about aesthetics. You need to consider the fan's size, material, room size, and key functions. Here are some of the features that customers look for in ceiling fans:

  • Quiet motor
  • Energy-saving
  • Fan size
  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of assembly
  • Remote control
  • Good airflow
  • Warranty
  • Replacement bulbs are easy to purchase

You can read more about why it's an advantage to put a ceiling fan in your kitchen: "5 Good Reasons To Put A Ceiling Fan In Your Kitchen."

Are 3, 4, or 5 Blade Ceiling Fans Better?

Bay Window Kitchen Eating Area With Wooden Table

It is a common misconception that the more blades a fan has, the better airflow it can provide. The fact is, the number of blades does not affect the fan's performance, and it's just a matter of aesthetics. However, it is known that if a fan has more blades, the unit operates more quietly, but it is also heavier and puts a lot more stress on the motor.

The performance of a ceiling fan can be due to its blade tilt, blade shape, and the speed and power of the motor. For instance, a four or five-blade ceiling fan will give good airflow, but so does a three-blade fan with a powerful motor.

If your kitchen is well ventilated and you just need the ceiling fan to move air around, you can choose to have a big five-blade fan that would circulate less air and will have less noise.

In Closing

Ceiling fan with compact florescent light bulbs

Always check the product details and choose a fan size that is suitable for the size of your kitchen. Consider the fan's measurement and how low the fan will drop after installation so you don't need to worry about reaching the pull chain or if the blades will create shadows around the kitchen.

We hope you liked our list of 11 great kitchen ceiling fans with lights. If you want to learn more about modeling and decorating your kitchen, you will surely enjoy reading the other articles we have below:

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