8 Best Heaters For Drying Clothes

There's no way to get around washing your clothes without drying them afterward --unless you can wait hours for them to air dry. So what do you do if you don't have a full clothes dryer available? What are the best heaters to use to dry your clothes? We have looked into some of the best options in the marketplace. And then this post, we will go over them.

Here are some of the best heaters to use to dry your clothes:

  1. GYAM Portable Fast 1000W Dryer
  2. Yescom Electric Wardrobe Dryer
  3. Costway Portable Clothes Dryer
  4. KASYDoFF Warm Energy Saving Dryer
  5. Lattice Two-Layers Electric Dryer
  6. Costway Portable Ventless Dryer
  7. Nekithia Portable Travel Dryer
  8. KOFOHON Adjustable Warm Dryer

If you're looking to save energy costs or reduce the number of large appliances in your home, you have several options to heat your clothes without a traditional dryer. In this article, we'll also discuss ways to save on energy costs when using standard front and top-loading dryers. Continue reading to learn more!

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8 Best Heaters For Drying Clothes

1. GYAM Portable Fast 1000W Dryer

This 1,000-watt clothes dryer has a 360-degree convection temperature heater that allows the clothes to dry relatively quickly without damaging them.

The heater features a timer that allows you to easily set it to your desired time up to 240 minutes, which may vary by material type. It's made of a stainless steel base that helps to provide additional strength and durability to support your wet loads.

You can't go wrong with this reliable silent operating dryer. It will fit perfectly in laundry rooms, small apartments, and other tight spaces.

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2. Yescom Electric Wardrobe Dryer

The Yescom electric dryer is a multifunctional clothing dryer that can dry loads up to 44 lbs. It also features a durable and long-lasting shelf for added convenience. The dryer has three manual modes and a timer that can be set anywhere from 15 to 180 minutes.

It also features a convenient automatic start mode and preset temperature changes to allow you to create various drying times for different materials and textures.

If you are looking for a convenient drier that has multi-functionality and can dry various types of garments, including delicate underwear, uniforms, and towels, here is one to consider.

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3. Costway Portable Clothes Dryer

The Costway portable clothes dryer is perfect for small apartments and temporary living spaces. It comes with a quick dry mode and a wireless remote for added convenience. This dryer is compact and easily folds into one piece.

It also has an impressive load holding capacity of 33 lbs if you need to dry more than one load at a time. It's also one of the best units that you can purchase for removing wrinkles. The Costway can dry your clothes in under 30 minutes.

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4. KASYDoFF Warm Energy Saving Dryer

This unit has a convenient 3-level design for added convenience and space-saving. It can hold up to 33 lb of laundry and its most unique feature is portability. So if you need a dependable dryer while you are traveling on the road, look no further.

The dry also includes a waterproof screen and a sensitive control panel for easy operation. It also has an air intel grill to protect the heater from dust and other air pollutants.

The dryer has a temperature range from 50 to 70 degrees, so you don't have to worry about it overheating and causing a big mess.

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5. Lattice Two-Layers Electric Dryer

Are you looking for a clothes dryer that also functions as a steam iron? Well, look no further. The Lattice is perfect for cold or damp weather, and it is great for disinfecting clothes and getting rid of pollutants such as pollen and dust.

It comes with a timer that can be set up to 180 minutes, and it has an automatic shut-off, so you don't have to worry about checking it every few minutes. Whether you have a small load or a large load, this electric dryer can get the job done.

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6. Costway Portable Ventless Dryer

The portable clothes dryer by Costway is both energy efficient and very easy to use. It can dry your clothes, leaving them wrinkle-free and soft.

All you need is a 120-volt outlet plug to power this dryer, and you're good to go. The control panel is easy to operate, and this unit is one of the highest performing dryers in the marketplace.

It has a very quiet operational process, and it is small enough to fit into tight spaces such as basements and small apartments. It can hold up to 13 lbs of laundry.

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7. Nekithia Portable Travel Dryer

If you don't need a big dryer, but something that is both portable and has a good reputation, check out this dryer. This small clothes dryer can hold loads up to 22 lbs, and it only uses 100 volts of energy--which saves you from excessive energy usage.

It also comes with a timer that can go as high as 180 minutes, as well as additional operational features including fixed and manual modes. This unit is both lightweight and easily foldable for added convenience.

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8. KOFOHON Adjustable Warm Dryer

Here is another top-tier clothes dryer that's worth considering. This adjustable dryer has a top drying time of 240 minutes and an easy-to-use control panel. It's perfect for portable wardrobe heating while you're on the road, in a small apartment, or in a cramped laundry space.

The dryer has stainless steel construction and is both rust and water-resistant. The unit features a flame-retardant base, so you don't have to worry about it overheating. It also includes a thermostat and sensor to help maximize safety during operation.

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Will a heater help dry clothes?

A heater can speed up the drying process for clothes. However, it's not advised to place it directly in front of a space heater as it can be harmful to the material.

If you plan to use a heater to help dry your clothes, it's best to simply place it in the room with the clothing item, but at a distance of about five or six feet away from them. This will allow the heater to heat the room so that it will dry faster.

What kind of heat do clothes dryers use to dry clothes?

Clothes dryers use electricity or natural gas to power their motors. The motor runs by a blower fan and a drum that creates and blows out hot air.

Most American clothes dryers will get anywhere from 125 degrees to 130 degrees Fahrenheit during the heating process. The average time to dry one full load of clothes will vary from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

What is the most energy-efficient way to dry your clothes?

There are a few steps that you can take to increase the efficiency at which you dry your clothes. Here are the most common ones.

Switch to natural gas

Dryers that use natural gas will always be cheaper than units that use electricity. Unless you have a home powered by solar energy, switching to a gas-operated dryer can help save you a bit of money.

Only dry full loads

Clothes dryers operate at their maximum efficiency when they are working with full loads instead of partial loads. So be sure to always fill the dryer with a full load.

Lower the heat setting

It's easy to think that you always need the highest heat setting when drying your clothes, but this isn't true. Try switching your dryer to low heat, permanent press, or delicate setting depending on the clothes that you're drying.

This allows you to lower the water temperature without having to increase the drying time. A shorter time means less energy usage.

Do dryer balls really work?

Yes, they do. Dryer balls are used to keep your laundry from clumping together while it is tumbling in the dryer. This is especially helpful for extremely light or heavy laundry that has a lot of layers.

If you often experience issues with your laundry drying with damp spots in certain areas, these balls may be helpful.

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Wrapping Things Up

As you can see, there are quite a few options available if you don't have a full traditional clothes dryer on hand. The portable air drying clothes dryers are eco-friendly, economical, energy-efficient, and more importantly, they work wonderfully!

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