Heatilator Vs Heat And Glo: Which Is Right For You?

Heating systems can be an integral part of your home's interior design, but it is also a very important home feature that is responsible for keeping the house warm and comfy in chilly to below-freezing temperatures. Both Heatilator and Heat and Glo are top brands in the heating industry. In this article, we will discuss all the necessary information that will help you decide which heater brand suits your needs the best.

If you want an entry-level, simple fireplace design with basic pricing, Healitator has a wide range of fireplace models that can accommodate your budget. Heat and Glo also offer entry-level-priced fireplaces, although the brand focuses on fireplaces with a more customized appearance.

If you have a bigger budget and would prefer a unit with more specifications and upgrades, Heat and Glo has a wide variety of fireplaces you can peruse.

Both Heatilator and Heat and Glo have great features that any homeowner can benefit from. However, each homeowner has different needs, so it is best to discern which brand can offer you the best heater that has all the features you want. Continue reading as we discuss all the important details that can help you decide when choosing between the two heater brands. 

Which Should I Choose Between Heatilator And Heat And Glow?

Heat and Glo and Heatilator are both popular brands that offer all types of heating systems. From fireplaces down to mantels and accessories, both brands offer a wide range of products to choose from.

To figure out which brand is actually best for you, it is essential to figure out what you expect and need in a fireplace. Again, both Heatilator and Heat and Glo are big players in the heating industry, so each brand has capable products. There is no straight answer to figuring out which brand is better than the other.

Before we discuss all the necessary details you will need about each brand. It is important to note that these two names belong to the same parent company. Because of this, you can expect some similarities in their products. This does not escape even some of their most popular units and series, such as the Heatilator's Caliber series and Heat and Glo's CLX models.

To help you decide which fireplace brand can accommodate you and your home's specific needs, we will discuss the capability of each brand according to a list of common questions you should be asking yourself when looking for a fireplace. 

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What Is The Main Purpose Of Your Fireplace?

Traditionally, fireplaces are meant to produce heat for a limited area. However, modern designs and features have transformed fireplaces into more than just your home's main source of heat. Nowadays, fireplaces add to the overall aesthetic value of your living space just as much as it brings your family warm during the cold season. 

Before you choose which fireplace brand suits your needs the best, you must first figure out what the main purpose of your fireplace is. Your fireplace could be installed to complete the visual design you want to achieve for a certain area in your home.

You can also simply want a capable fireplace that can warm up a room when you need it. It is also possible that you would want a healthy balance of both style and efficacy to get the best fireplace for your home. 

Both Heatilator and Heat And Glo offer fireplaces with various degrees of BTU to fit your home's heating needs. Both brands also carry a wide range of sizes and styles that you can choose from. Once you have decided what the main purpose of your fireplace is, you should discuss it with your fireplace dealer so that you can choose which model from either brand fits your specific preference. 

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What Type Of Fireplace Do You Want?

Heatilator and Heat and Glo both offer different types of fireplaces. Both brands carry wood, gas, and electric fireplaces, and both offer fireplaces with classic looks, as well as modern designs.

Choosing which type of fireplace you want in your home will help narrow down the wide range of choices each brand can offer you. Below is a list of fireplace styles that you can consider, as well as the products that both Heatilator and Heat and Glo carry in each style.

Electric fireplace

Traditional Fireplace

Traditional fireplaces burn wood or coal. Nowadays, this type of fireplace design can be a statement piece and a great addition to the interior design of a period house. Below is a list of Heatilator and Heat and Glo traditional fireplaces you can choose from.

Heatilator Traditional Fireplaces

  • Reveal Gas Fireplace
  • Novus Gas Fireplace
  • Novus nXt Gas Fireplace
  • Caliber Gas Fireplace
  • Caliber nXt Gas Fireplace
  • Corner Gas Fireplace
  • See-through Gas Fireplace
  • Pier Gas Fireplace
  • All Gas Fireplaces in the Heirloom Series

Heat and Glo Traditional Fireplace


  • Northstar
  • Rutherford
  • Exclaim
  • Energy Master
  • Royal Hearth


  • Castlewood
  • Montana
  • Villawood

Linear Fireplace

A linear fireplace is a gas fireplace that showcases a contemporary style compared to its traditional counterpart. Linear fireplaces are usually in-wall and can become a great addition to a modern home's interior design. Linear fireplaces also have direct vents, which means that they expel their combustion gases through vents instead of chimneys. 

Heatilator Linear Fireplaces

  • Cave See-Through Series Gas Fireplaces
  • Crave Series Gas Fireplace
  • Rave Series Gas Fireplace

Heat and Glo Linear Fireplaces

  • Primo (Both see-through and indoor fireplaces)
  • Mezzo (Both see-through and indoor fireplaces)
  • 8000 Modern
  • 6000 Modern
  • Scion
  • Scion Trinity
  • Cosmo
  • Allusion
  • Allusion Platinum
  • Format
  • SlimLine Fusion
  • Wall Mount
  • Plaza

Fusion Fireplace

The fusion fireplace is a blend of contemporary and traditional fireplace designs. This style of fireplace eases the needs of some homeowners who want to combine the classic look of a fireplace with the advanced technology of modern heating systems.

Heatilator Fusion Fireplaces

  • Cave See-Through Series Gas Fireplaces
  • Crave Series Gas Fireplace

Heat and Glo Fusion Fireplaces

  • Primo
  • Escape
  • Fortress
  • Twilight
  • Twilight Modern
  • Mezzo
  • Corner
  • Pier Three-Sided
  • See-Through
  • Lanai See-Through

Where Will You Have The Fireplace Installed?

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Just as important as figuring out what the purpose of your fireplace is, you should also plan ahead where the fireplace will perform its intended purpose. This should go beyond figuring out exactly which room you will have the fireplace in. You can choose to visualize exactly where in your home you would want a fireplace installed. 

Fireplaces can be installed in-wall, or you can also have a new panel created. Wherever you choose to install a fireplace, you must be sure that the area can follow the proper regulations required when installing fireplaces. 

What Special Features Do You Want In A Fireplace?

Heatilator and Heat and Glo have customizable fireplaces you can choose from.  Each brand has its own designs and some with noticeable similarities. For example, the Heatilator Caliber Series and the Heat and Glo 6000 models are nearly identical in the product's basic design.

Just as we mentioned before, Heat and Glo tend to have more models available for customization, and their fireplaces have more upgrades compared to Heatilator. If you are choosing between the Heatilator Caliber and Heat and Glo 6000, there is not much difference between the two.

However, if you are looking at the Heat and Glo 6000/8000CLX, which are the upgrades of Heat and Glo 6000, that is when you will get some noticeable upgrades like the anti-glare glass and the illuminated ember bed feature. 

Which Fireplace Is The Best For The Environment?

Perfect fireplace for your home pellet fireplace and electric fireplace, Heatilator Vs Heat And Glo: Which Is Right For You?

Electric fireplaces and pellet fireplaces are the best for the environment. Both heating systems are efficient in providing heat while keeping their environmental footprint low. 

Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces do not make use of natural gas, which is non-renewable and toxic to the environment. Unlike most traditional fireplaces, electric fireplaces make use of a sustainable energy source that does not result in a significant negative impact both on you and your family's health. An electric fireplace can reduce your monthly heating costs to up to 20-40%.

Pellet Fireplace

Pellet stove fireplaces are much more eco-friendly compared to traditional heating systems that burn fossil fuels or emit hazardous chemicals into the atmosphere. Wood pellets are renewable and make use of natural materials that would most likely end up in a landfill.

How Much Heat Can My Fireplace Produce?

Burning biomass stove pellet fireplace

Electric fireplaces come with different BTU levels that can heat small to large areas of your home. BTU is the level of heat required to warm up a place, and modern heating systems are designed with adjustable BTU levels to accommodate your personal temperature preferences. This means that an electric fireplace can produce less or more heat, depending on the model you brought and the settings on the unit. 

On the other hand, an average traditional fireplace can only provide a specific area with 10% of the heat it produces because most of the heat escapes through the chimney. 

To Wrap Up

Perfect fireplace for your home pellet fireplace and electric fireplace

Heatilator and Heat and Glo are both popular heating brands. Both brands belong to a single parent company, and they have products that have a lot of similarities upon comparison.

In this article, we discussed which brand could best accommodate your fireplace needs. We also discussed which heating system is the best for the environment and the amount of heat a fireplace can produce. Make sure to choose the best fireplace for your home so that you can enjoy its heat during the cold winter months.

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