Honeywell Air Purifier Makes Clicking Noise – How To Fix It?

A Honeywell air purifier is a health-friendly home appliance that makes a room particle-free. If you have a Honeywell air purifier in your room, and it's been making a clicking noise, you might wonder what the problem is. We've gathered information that can answer what the clicking sound is from a Honeywell air purifier and how to fix it, and this is what we found.

The reasons a Honeywell air purifier makes a clicking noise are as follows:

  • The filters are clogged or dirty and need cleaning.
  • The system may have malfunctions that require a system reset.
  • The wires or vanes are bent.

If the sound persists, call a technician or consider replacing your old unit.

An air purifier is a must-have when you live in an urban area. To fix your Honeywell air purifier, you need to follow clear and precise steps. Read on to learn more about the parts of your Honeywell purifier before cleaning, how to reset your unit correctly, and how to look for bent wires in the unit.

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How To Fix Honeywell Air Purifier Clicking Noise

Any annoying or loud sound your air purifier produces is a problem. But there's a fix to it. Learning more about the brand, why, and how long it creates the noise makes it much easier to repair your unit.

Below are the reasons behind the clicking noise of a Honeywell air purifier and possible solutions:

Dirty Filters

photo of an air purifier air filter showing new filter used 1 month 3 months air filter

An occasional clicking or snapping noise is not alarming, but continuous clicking is something to check. The best advice is to clean it.

The brand recommends users clean their filter every three months. There are two types of filters Honeywell makes based on the model. Check your air filter and the cleaning procedures for each filter below:

Permanent Filter

The permanent filter is usually round in shape with foam. Regular cleaning is needed if your Honeywell air purifier has a permanent pre-filter. Here's how you can clean it step-by-step:

  1. Turn off the Honeywell air purifier.
  2. Remove the filter carefully.
  3. Use a vacuum to clean the interior and the filter.
  4. Rinse thoroughly.
  5. Wash with non-chemical soap recommended by the manufacturer.
  6. Dry with ventilation for quick drying.
  7. Place everything intact back together.

Check out this Honeywell air purifier with a permanent filter on Amazon.

Replacement Filter

The other type of Honeywell air purifier filter has a replacement filter. It is usually a flat panel filter. If three months have passed or your filter is clogged, it's high time to change it to a new replacement filter.

It may sound expensive, but having a clean filter makes the unit work most efficiently. Drop by your local store or get the product online.

Check out this Honeywell pre-filter on Amazon.

True HEPA Filter

Some Honeywell air purifiers are installed with a true HEPA filter. You can clean it by checking the label of your HEPA filter, though the general recommendation is it should be replaced instead. It can have a washable or permanent label.

Check out this Honeywell HEPA replacement filter kit on Amazon.

For a washable filter, rinse it in water. As for a permanent filter, never use water; only clean it by vacuuming.

Find out more about Honeywell HEPA filters in this post: How Often To Change Honeywell HEPA Filter

Reset Required

photo of a man hand touching the air purifier buttons to turn on the machine

Troubleshooting or rebooting the Honeywell Air Purifier can do the fix. Some may think there's nothing to worry about if their Honeywell air purifier is producing sound. But any sign of appliance error calls for a reset.

Here's how to reset a Honeywell air purifier:

  1.  Unplug the unit for safety.
  2. Wait for a few minutes before plugging the unit back in. It will let the system reset itself.
  3. After plugging it back in, press down the power button for five seconds.
  4. While pressing, the unit will turn off and on. It means it's resetting.
  5. The unit has finished resetting. Turn the power on and use it as normal.

Bent Wires Or Vanes

photo of a man opening an air purifier air filter cover replacing air filter

Another cause of a clicking sound in a Honeywell air purifier is that some wires or vanes are bent or not spaced well. Even a slight degree will make the air purifier produce a clicking sound.

Search meticulously for every bent wire and vane. Having only a strand of wire or vane bent can cause a snapping noise. Here's a tip on how to fix bent wires: 

  1. Turn off the unit. Unplug it for safety.
  2. Remove the cells and look for bent wires and vanes on every side.
  3. Gently adjust and reinsert.
  4. Plug the unit in again and hit the power button. There should be no more clicking sound.

Common Parts: Honeywell Air Purifier

up close photo of an air purifier air filter two air filter clean brand new unused

Honeywell air purifiers may have slight differences in parts and features depending on the model. But there are common parts to all Honeywell air purifiers.

Be aware of it to detect possible causes when the unit has errors. The parts are listed below with their functions:

  • The charcoal filter catches air particles and odors as the air moves through the air purifier.
  • A collector cell is set in the interior with ionizing wires that suck in dirt, pollen, and fumes.
  • The fan motor activates the fan blades that let the air move around as it passes through the filter.
  • The front grill serves as a cover to the filters while allowing ventilation with its brace.

Does An Air Purifier Help With A Cough?

Yes, air purifiers can ease a cough, be it a regular cough or a cough as a symptom of allergy or respiratory illness.

An air purifier works to clean air. Clean air means fewer viruses, bacteria, or pollutants present in the air. Therefore, it helps a person with a cough breathe better.

Running an air purifier with a humidifier helps prevent cough from spreading in the room. A HEPA filter can help a child with asthma, so it's advised to have an air purifier placed in the child's bedroom.

Where Is The Best Place To Put An Air Purifier?

photo of an air purifier inside a clean neat white bed room wood floor tiles

Placing your air purifier in a good location can improve its efficiency by 20%; correct placment raises the efficiency by 50%.

Some brands have recommendations on where to put air purifiers. Find out locations where it is ideal to put your air purifier for its maximum usage:

  • Nearby mold
  • Smoking area
  • Near the windows
  • Bedroom
  • Doorways and walls
  • A place with a high concentration of air pollutants

Should I Sleep With The Air Purifier On?

photo of an air purifier on the living room of the house huge single sofa green

It is recommended to leave your air purifier on during bedtime, as it promotes better breathing. It is advised for people with asthma or allergies.

Make sure to place your air purifier away from any hazard that can cause fire or accident. Avoid obstructions around the air purifier because they can impede good air circulation in your room. 

How Long Does It Take An Air Purifier To Clean A Room?

photo of an air purifier inside a close room 3d purified air from air purifier

The shortest possible time to clean a room with an air purifier is from 30 minutes to two  hours at maximum speed. If you cannot run it for 24 hours, at least let your air purifier run for 12 hours a day.

Make certain to turn on the air purifier at a maximum speed after a minimum of half an hour or wait for the green indicator to light before entering the room.

The green light signals that the airflow is clean enough. Remember that air pollutants circulate continuously throughout the day.

Do Air Purifiers Use A Lot Of Electricity?

photo of a modern type air purifier inside the children bedroom beside the bed

Generally, an air purifier does not use a lot of electricity. Most air purifiers run at a maximum of around 200 watts and have high energy efficiency.

Running an air purifier at a high-speed setting all the time will result in more energy consumption. Vary your speed setting from low-medium-high whenever needed.

In Closing

photo of a minimalist clean neat bed room master bed room with air purifier

An air purifier is a high-technology device that makes helps make a home healthy. A clicking or snapping noise coming from your Honeywell air purifier lessen those benefits.

But applying the expert tips of cleaning the filters, resetting the unit, and fixing bent wires or vanes will maximize your air purifier's use to the fullest.

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