How To Control A Dyson Fan Without A Remote

The Dyson fans are highly effective for circulating and purifying the air indoors, which are excellent features for maintaining an allergen-free and climate-controlled home. Do you own a Dyson fan? If so, you probably have wondered how to control it via WiFi? We've researched these questions and have found informative answers to share with you!

The Dyson purifying fan or heater models are compatible with the innovative Dyson Link App, allowing users to adjust airflow speeds, modes, timers, oscillation speeds, and other settings remote-free via WiFi. 

Are you interested in learning more about how the Dyson Link app works and how it could make your life a little easier?  Perhaps you are wondering if you could leave the fan on continuously? Or why does my fan shut itself off randomly? Please continue reading; we have great information to share with you!

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How to control a Dyson fan via WiFi

You can control the Dyson fan via WiFi with the Dyson app available at the Appstore and Google Play. Please note that if there is an interruption in internet services, you will not be able to operate the fan through the app. Instead, use the remote controller or adjust the fan manually until WiFi services are restored.

Please note the not every Dyson fan is equipped with WiFi capacities. Only the Dyson purifying fan or heater models are equipped with WiFi and are compatible with The Dyson app, which allows you to control various convenient features from the palm of your hand.

Install the Dyson App

Firstly, double-check to ensure that the app is compatible with your smartphone, then download the Dyson app. Please note that it requires the Android version five or above or the iOS version ten or above. Also, your phone must have Bluetooth 4.0 enabled to use the Dyson app effectively.

Operating Using the Dyson App

Operating the fan is simple with the Dyson app. Open the app and tap the appliance you want to manage. Scroll through the options and select various settings for fan speeds and modes. Suppose you are monitoring the air quality in your home. You can easily access your home's air quality from the app and monitor the results with daily and weekly graphs.

Set a Schedule

One can set a schedule for circulating and purifying air a week in advance. Tap the schedule button and adjust the running times, fan speeds, and the exact hour you would like the appliance to purify the air in your home.

For example, you are working until 7 pm. Tap the app and adjust the fans' schedule to start running at 5 pm. The indoor air will be cleaner and more inviting after two hours of quality air circulation and purification when you arrive home.

The Dyson Link app innovative features

  • Monitor indoor and outdoor air qualities
  • Research historical air quality information and statistics
  • Adjust airflow speeds, modes, timers, oscillation speeds, and other settings
  • Create a schedule tailored to your homes unique needs
  • Receive continual software updates and access to product guides
  • Reminders for appliance maintenance
  • Monitor the filters in realtime

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How do you reset the WiFi on a Dyson fan?

The Dyson users manual stated, resetting the appliances' WiFi requires less than 30 seconds of your time.

Remove the WiFi network

To get started, press and hold the on/off button on the fan continuously for 20 seconds or more to reset the WiFi. The WiFi symbol will flash green and white to indicate that the networks' information has been removed. Now you have removed the previous network.

Add a new WiFi network

According to Dyson, the best method to change the WiFi network on your Dyson fan is to exit the Dyson app on your smartphone and access the phone settings. Also, make sure your fan's Bluetooth and WiFi settings are enabled with the flight mode turned off.

Then, select the WiFi options in settings and tap the new network to which you would like to connect your fan. Double-check the network to ensure that it isn't your Dyson fan or a public network.

Get Started

Once connected to your chosen network--go back to the Dyson app and tap the "get started" prompt. The Dyson link app will scan for Dyson products within the range. Images of your appliances will appear on the phone screen. Tap the device you want to connect to in the queue.

Press power on your fan while the Dyson app is open on your phone, and the appliance will automatically pair via Bluetooth.

Enter the Password

If your home WiFi has a password, the Dyson app will prompt you to enter the password to connect the fan. Now your fan will be connected to the new network, and you can adjust the fan speeds, create schedules, and monitor your home's indoor air quality via the Dyson app.

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Why does my Dyson fan turn itself on?

The Dyson Hot and Cool and other fan models are equipped with auto settings and sensors that will only turn the fan on when required to maintain the room temperature. Otherwise, the fan is shut off for energy-saving purposes.

Furthermore, you could manually change the fan's modes and speeds by pressing the standby button to change the fan speeds and settings.

Suppose your fan is WiFi-enabled. You could tap the Dyson app, select fan setting speeds to adjust the fan's air output and cycle frequencies to prevent the fan from shutting off randomly during its automatic cycles.

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How long can you leave a Dyson fan on?

How long you could safely leave a Dyson fan on will depend on a few variables. Firstly, which Dyson model you have and where it is in the home. Secondly, if you use a fan with a heater, the unit will automatically shut off the fan once the appliance has reached the programmed temperature.

Leaving a fan or any secondary appliance running when you are not home is not advisable for several safety reasons. Also, to note. The Dyson company does not directly state whether its fans should or can be left on continuously.

Instead, they mentioned using the digital programming features to achieve comfortable temperatures and excellent air quality in your home via timed usage rather than continually running the fans.

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How do I change the speed on my Dyson fan?

The Dyson company's continual commitment to innovative and user-friendly designs has made this task very simple. To increase the fans' speed, press and hold the standby button. The fan will automatically accelerate its speed until it reaches its highest speed before slowing down to the lower speed settings.

To decrease the fan's speed, press the standby button, hold and wait until the pace slows to your desired low fan setting.

Suppose you try to adjust your fans' speeds, and the fan does not respond adequately. Double-check the wall outlet for electrical issues. If the problem persists, contact Dyson's customer service for further instructions.

In closing

The continual efforts required to maintain an allergen-free home are labor-intensive tasks. However, Dyson fans are essential for having an inviting home with dust-free air circulation to ensure keeping your home clean is a bit easier. We hope this article was helpful to you.

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