How Do You Change A Lightbulb In A Duraflame Electric Heater?

A Duraflame electric heater provides a realistic imitation of real flames as you enjoy the warmth from it. For your heater to continue displaying these flames, change the bulb when it burns out. We researched to provide you with a guide on how to do this and more. 

There are many Duraflame electric heater models, but how to change the bulb is similar in all models. The steps to follow are:

  • Unplug the heater
  • Unscrew and remove the access cover or panel 
  • Replace the burnt bulb
  • Screw back the access cover or panel
  • Plug back the heater and test the bulb

Replacing the bulb in your Duraflame electric heater is not difficult. Keeping reading to find out how to replace it. Included are the common reasons your heater does not produce the flame effect. In addition, we have provided reasons your heater keeps shutting off. Lastly, we have explained how to reset your unit. 

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How To Replace The Light Bulb In Your Duraflame Electric Heater

The flame effect of a Duraflame electric is beautiful to watch, but when the bulb burns out, there's no flame display. If you don't know how to change the bulb, you might find it helpful if you learn how to do it. Below are the steps to replace the bulb:

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Unplug The Heater

To prevent any potential electric shocks while working on your heater, switch off and unplug the heater. If it's still warm from use, allow it to cool before you attempt to remove the bulb. 

Unscrew And Remove The Access Cover Or Panel 

The bulbs are usually located at the back of the heater. You must remove the access cover or back panel to reach the bulb. Some units have a small access cover, while you'll have to remove the entire back panel in other units. 

Replace The Burnt Bulb

The bulb is located close to the mirrors that create the flame effect. Turn the bulb anti-clockwise and free it from its holder. Take your new bulb and screw it clockwise until it is firmly secured. Take care not to screw it too tight.

Screw Back The Panel

Take the access cover or the panel and screw it back in place. 

Plug Back The Heater And Test The Bulb

After replacing the access cover, plug back the heater and switch it on. If the bulb is working, you can once again enjoy seeing the flame effects. If it is still not working, troubleshoot and find out which components have malfunctioned. 

Why Does Your Duraflame Heater Have No Flame?

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When your Duraflame heater has no flames, then something is wrong with it. The most common reasons for this are:

Burnt Bulb

When the bulb inside your heater has burnt, the flame effect will not show. The broken filament inside the bulb is a sign it has burnt. You'll therefore need to replace it. 

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Faulty Flame Controlling Switch 

If you turn on the switch that controls the flames and nothing happens, the switch could be faulty. An electrician can check it out and repair or replace it. 

Faulty Rod

There's a rod with mirrors attached that rotates to create the flames. One end is attached to the motor, and the other is connected to bearings, allowing it to rotate. 

If the heater is on, but there are no flames, this rod could have seized. You might even hear squeaking noises as the rod tries to move. Call a technician who will diagnose the problem and do the necessary repairs.

Malfunctioned Motor

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The motor is responsible for turning the rod that turns the mirrors to produce the flame effect. But, if you turn on the switch controlling the flames, and the light comes on, but the rod does not turn, it's best to check the motor. 

Reasons Your Flame Electric Heater Is Shutting Off

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Your Duraflame electric heater, like the one shown above, is your best friend during winter. It keeps your home warm and cozy, but sometimes your heater can experience problems and stops running efficiently due to the following reasons:

Lack Of Power Supply

Your heater may not work due to a lack of power supply. The switch in the socket could be off. For it to work again, just turn it on.

If the power is on and the heater still does not work, unplug your heater and connect to another electrical outlet. If your heater still does not work, then the socket has a problem. Call a technician to check and repair the socket.  

Faulty Cord

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The cord connects your heater to the electrical source. It can break or fray due to wear and tear. When you see this on your cord, you need to replace it immediately.

Such a cord is dangerous because the internal wires could be exposed and can cause an electric shock. If your heater still does not light up after replacing the cord, your answer is probably in the next paragraph.

Blown Fuse

Brown damaged fuse that has blown and defective.

Your heater has a fuse that prevents it from overheating. If the current is too high, the fuse will melt and shut off your heater. Unplug the heater and open it to check the fuse. If it has burned or melted, replace it immediately. 

Faulty Heating Element

The heating element produces the heat that you feel when you are in a room. When it malfunctions, it may not produce warmth efficiently. So, you need to check if it is faulty. 

The heating element should produce a bright orange glow. If it's glowing faintly or not at all, this is a likely sign that it has malfunctioned.

You can also unplug the heater and remove the heating element. This is another way to check if it is still working. Use a multimeter to check for resistance. Touch each end with a probe. If it reads zero, the heating element needs replacement.

Faulty Shut-Off Sensors

Your Duraflame has a shut-off system that will shut off the power if it overheats. This is a way of protecting the internal parts from being damaged by the high heat. Open it up and check what has caused this. 

If the shut-off sensor is faulty, it can send a wrong signal causing the heater to shut down. One way to solve this problem is to clean the sensors. 

A blocked vent can also shut off the system. This prevents the flow of air into the heater. To prevent this, remove all the obstructions near the vent to allow air to freely flow in and out of your heater. 

Malfunctioned Circuit

If the circuit is overloaded, it will stop the excess current from flowing to your heater. It's a way of protecting the internal parts from being damaged. If this is the situation, flip the breaker switch on. If the breaker is damaged, have it replaced.  

How To Reset Your Duraflame Electric Heater

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If you switch on your heater but no heat comes out of it, you can first try resetting it. There might be nothing wrong with your unit. To reset it, turn off all the switches and unplug the heater. Wait for five minutes, then plug the heater back in and switch it on.

In Closing

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The Duraflame electric heater is a unit that not only heats your home but also produces a enjoyable flame effect. When the flame is no longer displayed, you can usually solve the problem by changing the bulb.

However, sometimes it's not the bulb that has burnt, and there are other issues that may need troubleshooting. It's even possible there is nothing wrong with your heater and it just requires a quick reset.

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