How Long Do Amana Air Conditioners Last?

Amana has been making air conditioners ever since the 1950s and has since been an enduring brand throughout the decades. But what's the life expectancy of an Amana air conditioner? In this article, we have asked the experts and scoured the internet for solid facts, so you can know how long Amana air conditioner units actually last. 

The average lifespan of all HVACs is 15-20 years. This includes Amana air conditioning units as well as other brands.

Even though some brand warranties give you a lifetime warranty for compressors, some parts will eventually break down and need replacing. Outdated AC units can also have performance issues, especially as they age. 

Continue reading as we discuss in more detail how long Amana AC lasts. We will address other common questions related to the topic, including AC service, determining when to replace your AC, and many more related questions. Keep reading to learn more about Amana AC units!

Airconditioner under maintenance by a technician to check, replace and cleaning air, How Long Do Amana AIr Conditioners Last?

Are Amana Air Conditioners Reliable?

Amana has been around ever since 1934 and is one of the oldest HVAC companies still operating today. With nearly a century of legacy under its belt, it has already built a renowned reputation in the HVAC market. They continue to be one of the standards when it comes to HVACs.

The life expectancy of Amana AC units will still rely on how they are taken care of. Careless use of the AC will result in it failing to achieve its maximum lifespan. It pays to also study and understand well the user's manual. 

With regular care and maintenance, you should not have to worry as Amana has already established itself in making good and high-quality AC units that will surely last you for a long time.

Amana PTAC unit installed under a window, control panel door

Are Amana Air Conditioners the same as Goodman?

In 1997, they were bought by Goodman Global who has since sold some divisions of it to Maytag which is now owned by the Whirlpool Corporation. Goodman still supplies the AC for Amana but other appliances are now under the supervision of Whirlpool. 

This means that the reliability of Goodman ACs is also the same when it comes to Amana, so much so that their compressors are interchangeable.

Although Amana ACs are marketed a bit more expensive compared to the budget-friendly Goodman as they offer better technology. If likened to a vehicle brand, Amana is the luxury brand of Goodman. 

There are currently eight models in the range units for Amana. They start at 13 SEER and go up to 24.5 SEER. The cream of the crop models the AVXC20, ASXC18, and ASXC16 all come with ComfortNet technology systems. This makes the AC be able to connect to the internet where you can access and control it completely. 

The high seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of Amana AC units also makes them efficient power saver HVACs. Higher SEER ratings on an AC that it can do its job better while maintaining a lower usage of power.

Air conditioners rated at least 14 SEER and up are considered highly efficient. But with brand innovations, some Amana AC units have the same efficiency at a 13 SEER rating. 

How do you know when your air conditioner is going out?

old rusty AC device on the wall of an old abandoned house renew or repair

There are many signs that your air conditioner is already going out, but these are some of the most common symptoms that AC owners experience.

  • Very weak or almost no airflow at all
  • No cold air
  • Foul Odors
  • Strange Sounds
  • Leaking

If these problems continue after getting them repaired then it may be a sign that your AC is going out, especially if all of these persist at the same time. 

How long does an Amana furnace last?

The average lifespan of a gas furnace is anywhere between 15-30 years. In some very rare instances, some gas furnaces can reach even up to 40 years but this is very rare, even with good maintenance.  

With proper care and regular maintenance, you can be certain that your furnace will last you for at least nearly two decades. Assuming that your unit is not defective and has does not incur damage from external forces while being used.

Proper installation of your furnace also helps in maintaining it. That is why you must have someone qualified to install it on your property. This will not only assure you that it will help prolong its lifespan but also you can be sure that it will function and serve its purpose to you properly.

Although one caveat with Amana HVACs is that they are more expensive when it comes to price and also additional charges when installing them. On average, the cost to have your Amana AC unit installed is anywhere between $3,854 to $6,345.

Ultimately, the prices will still vary depending on the size of your unit. With this data, you can expect something similar when installing your Amana furnace. 

How long is Amana's warranty?

Must ensure warranty of an amana ac is bought one

Without having your Amana AC unit registered, right off the store, you can expect a five-year warranty for your Amana AC. But if you register your unit with Amana, you get a total of 10 years of warranty coverage for your unit.

Having a longer warranty means that whenever your unit malfunctions or breaks down (without any damage caused by you) you can have free service from the company. This will potentially save hundreds of dollars in repair as a warranty means that you will have your troubles with your AC unit fixed without spending a single dime.

You can also be sure that the repairmen fixing your unit are well oriented with the machine and will not cause further damage. This eliminates the probability of having your unit be checked up by untrained persons who cannot solve the problem. 

One note to remember is that you would have to register your unit within 60 days or roughly two months from the time you purchased your Amana unit. Exceeding this window will only give you five years of warranty. 

How often should AC be serviced (cleaned)?

Back view of a PTAC unit on a cart outside, compressor, coil and copper pipes seen

This all depends on how often you use your unit. There are many opinions when it comes to how frequently should you service your AC. But the general rule of thumb is if you are using it every day, it is advisable to have them serviced at least three times a year. If you live in a more urban area and have heavy usage, you can even go four times or every three months. 

However, if you are only using your AC unit every summertime, having it cleaned or serviced once a year is enough to maintain your air conditioner. Sometimes, an unclean air conditioner can lead you to think that it is already breaking down and needs to be repaired, when in fact you only need to clear out some dirt buildup.

Routine cleaning is also a way of inspecting if there are already some problems with your air conditioner. Catching problems early can save you money on repairs.

Should I repair or replace my AC unit?

Newest GE PTAC unit installed under a window

We have mentioned above the telltale signs that your AC needs to be replaced. If you are already experiencing these problems, repairing your AC may cost you more than buying a brand new one.

Similarly, if your AC's refrigerant is already leaking, replacing it may make more sense than repairing it. 

Another component of your AC that if broken is almost impossible to be repaired is its compressor. The compressor is like the heart of your AC. If damaged, it renders your AC useless. While some AC parts like its air guide and buttons are easy to be replaced if broken, especially if it is still under warranty. 

Do Old Air Conditioning Units consume more electricity?

Yes, older ACs do consume more electricity as their parts are more worn out due to time and usage. This is especially true with the electronic components of older air conditioners. Older parts require more electricity to operate and become electricity hogs as they age. 

Technology also plays an important part. Innovations and technologies found in new models were simply not available in the past. Because of that, older models are not as efficient as the AC units of today.

This is also one good reason to upgrade to newer models. They are now more power-efficient when it comes to electric consumption. This saves you money on your electric bill and also reduces your carbon footprint!

In Review

Airconditioner under maintenance by a technician to check, replace and cleaning air,

With proper care, Amana AC units can last two decades before any major repairs or unit replacement. They have been in the HVAC business for nearly a century and has been one of the most solid brands when it comes to air conditioning, refrigerators, and furnaces.

Amana ACs, as well as their furnaces, are reliable and will last you a long time. The key is proper care and regular maintenance.

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  1. I’m on my 2nd unit in less than 10 years. First was Goodman second is Amana didn’t know both are same. Both of these are junk and the company doesn’t even care. They don’t even have ther condenser in stock both of my units have had same problems. People please stay away from these units .They call them coffin models for a reason

  2. I had a Amana HVAC unit professionally installed three years ago. the coolant is low because of a damaged pressure relief valve . The unit is three years old . The labor to repair valve and coolant are not covered under Warrenty. The unit is three years old. It cost 12k. I still carry its loan . Should I stop pay8mg on the loan?

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