How Long Do Nature Fresh Bags Last?

You've heard great reviews about Nature Fresh Air's bamboo charcoal air purifying bags, making you wonder whether it's worth buying. How long does one bag last until you need to buy a replacement? To answer this question, we skimmed through product reviews and testimonials from actual users, and here's what we discovered.

According to the Nature Fresh Air website, their activated charcoal bags will last for about two years before losing their ability to absorb harmful air particles. However, some reviews claim it can last up to three years.

Now that you know how long they last, you're probably wondering how effective they are and where to purchase one. Read on as we tell you more about this popular air purifying product.

An air purify bag charcoal activated carbon moisture absorber, How Long Do Nature Fresh Bags Last?

How Long Do Nature Fresh Air Purifying Bags Last Before Replacement?

Nature Fresh Air states that their purifying air bags can last up to two years. However, to prolong its usage, you need to reactivate it at least once a month so that you can reuse it. Another review site claimed it could last up to three years, but gave no other details and sources.

You will notice that the bag needs to be replaced if the odor absorption power has diminished even after reactivating the bag several times. When this happens, dispose of it properly, and it's time to purchase a new batch.

How Do You Reactivate A Charcoal Bag?

To keep the purifying bags working at their best absorption rate, place them under the sun and let them sit out for at least one hour. Make sure it's fully dry before you bring it back indoors for reuse. This can be done at least once a month or as often as needed.

This process of placing it under the sun's heat helps open up the bamboo charcoal's pores, sanitizes itself, and rejuvenates its absorption capabilities, so it can continue to suck in pollution and air toxins.

Uses And Benefits Of Nature Fresh Air Purifying Bags

Air purify bag charcoal activated carbon moisture absorber and odor eliminator hanging on kitchen

Nature Fresh air is the brand name of this air purifying bag. This product is made from 100% natural bamboo charcoal, that can naturally absorb:

  • allergens in the air
  • molds and excess moisture
  • unpleasant odor
  • air pollutants

This is a ready-to-use product. Simply take it out of the package and place it anywhere that requires air purification. It can be used in any room of the house, office, or vehicle.

This product is ideal for families with sensitivities to air pollutants and allergens. It is also best used inside nursery rooms, kids' rooms, bedrooms, and the kitchen.

Where Should I Use My Air Purifier Bag?

Nature Fresh air purifying bags are ideal for removing the smell of cigarettes, pets, smoke, and paint. You can place them in the car to prevent the musty smell and absorb molds and moisture.

It helps clean air in a room and absorbs odor in closets, lockers, pantries, or even gym bags. The bathroom is also an ideal room to put it, but just make sure it's in a safe spot that won't get wet.

What happens when the charcoal bag does get wet?

Simply place it under the sun for several hours until it dries up completely. If the bag is relatively new, it should be able to regain its absorption powers.

How many bags do you need per room?

Ideally, you can just place one bag inside a regular-sized room. However, if the room is big or exposed to various odors such as the kitchen, you can place two or more bags as needed.

How Long Does It Take For Charcoal Bags To Work?

Air purify bag charcoal activated carbon moisture absorber and odor eliminator hanging on the door

The average time a charcoal bag will start to work once you take them out of the packaging and on a designated spot is 30 minutes. Unfortuntately, there's no way of telling whether it's already starting to work. There are no controls or sensors to work with it. You can only do your own observation and see if the product is starting to work by assessing the air quality inside the room.

What Are The Ingredients Of Nature Fresh Air Purifying Bags?

Bamboo charcoal water filter sticks and green leaf

Inside every Nature Fresh Air air purifying bag are activated bamboo charcoals. Compared to other types of charcoal (coconut shell, charcoal briquettes, coal, etc.), bamboo is more effective. It is highly porous and has a higher absorption rate than other materials.

Activated charcoal means it has been subjected to high temperatures to make it more porous, allowing it to absorb toxins and air pollutants.

Is Activated Charcoal Edible?

Before we continue, let's answer this question so we can set it aside, because it probably crossed your mind whether this product can be used for emergency purposes or not. Is activated charcoal edible?

You've probably heard of activated charcoal being ingested to relieve poisoning, lower cholesterol levels, relieve bloating, and improve kidney functions. It is also mixed with products such as toothpaste to clean and whiten teeth.

Below is an example of a product with activated charcoal.

View this activated charcoal toothpaste on Amazon.

Activated charcoal is an emergency poison treatment in many medical care facilities. The charcoal absorbs the poison and prevents it from being absorbed by the stomach and spreading into the bloodstream. However, there is a safe amount to take depending on the person's body weight.

Does this make you wonder whether you can use Nature Fresh Air bags in case of an emergency? To be on the safe side, it is not advisable because the product was made to absorb toxins and air pollutants. Ingesting it would mean also taking in along all the harmful pollutants sucked up by the charcoal.

Are Charcoal Bags Safe?

Yes, these charcoal bags are safe because it's made from 100% natural bamboo charcoal. They are fragrance-free, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. The bag is made from natural hemp fabric, and the charcoal is woven inside.

Nature Fresh Air bags are safe to place inside a baby nursery room or pet area. However, it's best to keep it away from the baby and pet's reach to prevent them from playing with the bag. It might already contain negative particles from the air, which can be harmful to them when ingested.

Does Nature Fresh Air Purifier Remove Dust?

Dust on woman finger taken from wooden table

This product can absorb small amounts of dust, but not the way a vacuum would. It can absorb dust within it's immedaite surroundings and when the wind blows the dust towards it. Nature Fresh Air purifier bags can absorb very small particles similar to pollen and dust mites.

Dust particles can cause numerous health issues such as respiratory and cardiovascular problems. It can also trigger asthma and allergies that can affect the eyes, nose, throat, and skin. air purifying bags can help improve indoor air quality and consequently the family's health.

Can Chacoal Bags Be Washed?

The best way to clean charcoal bags is to wipe it with a damp cloth to remove dust and particle buildup on the outer cloth. You can also use a soft brush and shake off any dirt stuck in between the hemp cloth.

It is not advisable to wash it under running water because the charcoal will lose its efficacy faster even if you try to reactivate it under the sun for hours.

Where Can I Purchase Nature Fresh Air Purifying Bags?

The Nature Fresh Air brand can be exclusively purchased on their website. You can purchase the bags in the following order quantity:

  • 3-Pack Bags (3x200g)
  • 5-Pack Bags (5x200g)
  • 10-Pack Bags (10x200g)
  • 20-Pack Bags (20x200g)

Payment methods are via credit card or Paypal only based on the website. The delivery time within the various U.S. states is between 2-3 days.

You may try to look for these products on popular online shopping platforms such as Amazon. However, the Nature Fresh Air brand won't be there because, at the moment, it is exclusively sold on their website. You may encounter other products with the same type of branding and think it's the same product, so be careful when purchasing.

In Closing

Nature Fresh Air purifying bags are a worthy investment because they can last up to two years. With monthly reactivation, it can prolong it's efficacy and help improve indoor air quality.

We hope this article answered your question on how long Nature Fresh Air bags last. You can read more about air purification in these articles:

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